Tuesday, October 16, 2007

On Pinoy Big Brother Primetime: Who's The Culprit?

October 17, 2007 1:42 AM

1016_CR.jpgEven hunks are not as perfect as they seem just like Will Devaugn who committed a hilarious crime which he did not immediately admit! The housemates stopped doing their weekly task just to pursue an inquest as to who among them forgot to flush the toilet bowl!

Acts like this one is expected among kids but not in full-grown adults! Not that he did this intentionally though. You see, the housemates are struggling for several days now over Kuya’s strict rule on water conservation. And their limited supply of water caused Will to leave his “marks of misdeed” for all to see, or more specifically, for Yayo and Ruben to take responsibility!

Yayo was just about to answer the call of nature when she found the "throne" filled with poop!1016_owns up.jpg Oddly, it was she who was embarrassed at first to call the attention of the culprit. So what she did was to flush the thing manually with the help of Will and Ruben. No one wanted to come clean about it so Kuya gathered them for an investigation. But he didn’t have to threaten them to spill the truth for Will instantly owned up to his dirty act!

As punishment, Big Brother wanted him to be under Yayo and Ruben’s beck and call for the day but the eldest resident implored him not to do so, anyway, it takes a man for him to be honest about it, though he took longer in admitting his offense, she adds.

1016_grocery.jpgAnother difficulty springs forth when Riza broke the news about exchanging their personal items for the goods inside the fridge. Kuya stressed that since they haven’t won any weekly tasks yet, they have to do this to obtain their groceries. However, only Victor, Ruben and Baron selflessly donated their shoes, slippers and other stuff. Marylaine explained that they decided to ask only a few to shoulder that responsibility since they have something to dole out anyway. The others would just make their share of sacrifices next time.

Tonight’s episode ends with Baron’s description on his housemates. For him, the girls are like flowers with individual characteristics. Jen is a ‘red rose with thorns’ whose struggles in life added to her beauty, Riza is the fragrant one just like a jasmine, Marylaine’s light-complexion makes her a white rose while Megan possesses the freshness of a sampaguita. The boys in turn are the pots filled with fertilized soil that cultivates the flowers’ growth. What a metaphor Baron!

Things will definitely become interesting by the end of the week after the list of housemates will be completed! Viewers are surely waiting for personalities to clash, trials to be conquered and relationships to be built. But first things first, who is the controversial celebrity who will arrive later tonight? Catch this much-awaited event on PBB Celebrity Edition 2, live, on Primetime Bida!

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Pinoy Big Brother Jackstone!!!!

October 16, 2007 12:49 PM

week011016jackstone.jpgTo perk the celebrity housemates this Tuesday morning, Big Brother decided to throw a familiar house game with a twist. Kuya called the task "Michael Jackstone" which referred to the fun children's game we know as Jackstone. The game may be a common game and it's mechanics very simple. But what made this task different and more complicated was that the ten "stars" that they used in the game were much bigger than what are usually used. Upon throwing the small rubber ball in the air, they would have to grab one big star at a time until the whole round is finished. If one star falls, the player would have to repeat the round all over again. Not only that, each player, after getting all the ten big stars, needs to show an "exhibition" move. The more creative and complex the exhibition move, the better.

Upon the signal of the "Pappy, Pappy" dance theme, all the players assumed the game mode. The first team composed of Yayo, Marylaine, Gaby, and Riza. Gaby took charge of the tiny ball while her teammates all helped out in picking up the big stars. At first, their play went smoothly, but as they tried to get as much stars as they need to, the game proved to be much challenging. They eventually moved one star, which meant that they lost their turn. The second team with Megan, Baron, Will, and Ruben then followed. But before they all could get the hang of the game, Will accidentally moved one star, hence, their team lost their turn. Then the team of Jen, Victor, and Donald played the game. Jen held the ball, but just like the second team, they also accidentally moved a star.

week011016jackstone2.jpgThe game then went on as each team figured out a way on how they will coordinate with one another to perfectly go through all the rounds. Each member of the team took turns in handling the ball too. In the middle of the game, though, Big Brother decided that only one member of the team will drop all the stars before every game. The HMs then tried their best to pick the stars by set without moving the other stars. Which team will emerged victor in this "big" game? Watch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition tonight on Primetime Bida for more of the fun yet challenging task. Also, be sure to catch PBB Uber this afternoon, 5:30 PM, to see the two new celebrity housemates who will make their grand entrance into the Big Brother house.

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