Thursday, December 6, 2007

If the shoe fits, wear it!

December 07, 2007 1:56 PM

08-1207shoe3.jpgToday, Big Brother ushered in the spirit of giving for its time to give the 800 pairs of shoes the HMs sacrificed for to the less-fortunate kids. The housemates dressed up in their shoe store uniforms and served as sales men and salesladies to help the kids find the shoes that best fits them. Just the thought of making lots of kids happy this holiday season made the housemates feel proud of themselves. However, the real challenge was going back and forth to check all the shoe boxes for the right size.

Yayo, Riza, and Gladys were the ones to take charge of fitting the shoes to the kids. But Ruben later joined them to speed up 08-1207shoe2.jpgthe work. Still, they were not allowed to talk to the kids, who remained concealed behind a wall. The only thing the HMs will see are their feet sticking out of a holel. Will and Baron, on the other hand, supervised the grouping of the shoes according to size. The two also segregated the boys' shoes from the girls' shoes. Unfortunately, Jon was unable to join the charity task as he was assigned to prepare lunch, while Donnie is sharing the punishment with Gaby in the pigpen.

Mommy Yayo was on a roll as she began her task as a shoe fitter. She carefully coordinated with Baron in finding the right sizes. Meanwhile, Will handed out whatever shoe size that Riza and Gladys would request from him. While doing the task, the 08-1207shoe4.jpg"fitters" could not help but to talk to the kids to check if the shoes they were given fit them perfectly. The kids, on the other hand, were very much delighted upon hearing the voices of the celebrity housemates.

After the first round of shoe giving, the housemates took their lunch break to rest and recharge. However, there are still more than a hundred children waiting for their shoes. Be sure to catch Uber this afternoon at 5:30 for a preview of this task. Also, get to see the final show of our housemates wearing their respective anime costumes. Will they pass this weekly task and win their 100% bet? Stay tuned and find out!

Gaby spends the night with the piglets

December 07, 2007 1:44 AM

PBBCE2_anime1206.jpgTonight may be devoid of any tiring games but the celebrity housemates remained busy in creating their anime skit. They were given a five-minute clip from an episode of Naruto to guide them on the actions they have to mirror. However, their script should not be based on it but an entirely different story. To make it easier, they used their anime characters as a basis of their plot. It would feature a long-standing family feud between the Wasabis and Lees. You can expect a love triangle between Sashimi, Bog-lee and Saske on this performance. But for now, Gladys is still leading the group in writing their spiels.

Meanwhile, Gaby’s punishment is currently in progress. As seen on the primetime episode earlier, they were given a task to teach their piglets some tricks. White sand was even laid around the garden where Peggy’s brood can play around. But as soon as Porkchop was freed in the area, it started to run in circles, leaving the Racing Godess hard on her ‘godpig’s heels! Unfortunately, the chase ended in the pool where she drenched her lapel mic. Everybody knew that this meant a serious consequence for her to gain a new one just like Will's experience.

The Racing Goddess humbly admitted that it was her responsibility to take good care of her lapel mic even amidst pressing situations. Unfortunately, herPBBCE2_loveteam1206.jpg punishment did not only include sharing Donnie’s lapel mic. As it happens, the rest of the housemates were given a chance to make their suggestions to Big Brother. And the winning penalty was Jon’s, “Live with the pigs for one night.” She began to enact this after their nerve-wracking game earlier. She was all by herself at first but Donnie eventually joined her in the pigpen. What’s more, he promised to stay there throughout this 24-hour task! Can the Racing Goddess last without feeling bad about it?

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Unraveling the housemates' secrets

December 06, 2007 11:40 PM

PBBCE2_gwengarci1206.jpgIt was not Jon but Gaby who won the Memory Game yesterday. But aside from sharpening their skill in remembering things, Big Brother took the cue from Ruben’s curiosity why Janno Gibbs was included in the set of giant photos of themselves, their loved ones and some ex-housemates. Gladys was sick so she wasn’t in attendance during the contest. Hence, the Komedyanteng Promdi asked her about it. But Gladys refused to add anything to Yayo’s statement that the singer-actor was once linked to her.

Later on, Big Brother enabled his residents to learn more about each other through the pictures in the giant deck of cards. First, he asked them to pick the ones who are closest to their hearts. Next were the hilarious baby pictures of Ethel Booba, Toni GonzagaPBBCE2_derekramsay1206.jpg and Mariel Rodriguez whom they didn’t recognize at all. Lastly, they selected some photos of celebrities, who seemingly don’t have any connection with them.

Why were there snapshots of Gwen Garci and Derek Ramsay in the lot? Obviously, Big Brother anticipated their interest on this. Baron immediately volunteered the information about Will’s former relationship with the Viva Hotbabe. However, the True Lover denied it, saying that he merely dated her a few times. This resulted to much heckling towards him and Riza.

What’s most surprising to them though was Derek Ramsay’s connection with the Racing Goddess. Will, who was holding the said actor’s picture, thought that the link was Mariel’s attraction towards the ‘sexy chef from Ysabella’. PBBCE2_gabyonderek1206.jpgNo one had a clue about the truth so Big Brother had to nudge Gaby about it. But all she said was good friends. Naturally, her ‘showbiz response’ only made them conclude that Derek may be a former flame of hers!

All these teasing may be amusing but on the offset, the Racing Goddess had to face punishment after she jumped in the pool to save Porkchop last Monday, wetting her lapel mic in the process. Apparently, this is the reason why she and Donnie are sharing the latter’s lapel mic these days. What will be the consequence of her mishap? Find out tomorrow on Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2’s primetime episode. Also, keep watching PBB Uber for the latest happenings inside the big yellow house.

Baron and Jon.. Mano-mano!

December 06, 2007 7:13 PM

PinoyBigBrotherThe other celebrity housemates watched in amazement as two of their friends fought each other in the ring. The friendly boxing match was apparently Big Brother's answer to Jon's long-time request of having someone to spar with. Being a boxing enthusiast, Jon was given this privilege since he is this week's Head of Household. Baron also confessed the same liking for the sport making them perfect rivals. But to ensure that the match will remain safe and friendly, Kuya hired a professional referee and judge to facilitate the square off. The match was composed of three rounds, each lasting three minutes.

TPinoyBigBrothero start off, master of ceremonies Ruben called in the first round, and Riza stepped inside the ring, serving as the eyecandy round girl. Baron and Jon took their respective positions, both eager to give their best punch. After three minutes, however, the Wild Child advanced with four points compared to Jon who only had two. Then in the second round, the Fil-German released more punches to defeat the Fil-British who had the height advantage. Baron earned five points in the second round, while Jon only had two. In spite of Baron's surprising advantage, Big Brother still called in a third round, but to no avail, the Wild Child was still declared as the winner. Jon, however, proved to be a true gentleman and accepted his defeat.

But can we really expect this two men to get over this fight? Keep it locked here for the aftermath of the Geisler-Avila bout. Speaking of fight, be sure to catch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 tonight right after Lastikman for the concluding part of the unfriendly encounter between Will and Gladys and also the accident that sent Gaby plunging into the swimming pool.

Anime fun with the Housemates!

December 06, 2007 5:16 PM

08-1206narutovideo.jpgTuesday proved to be a day of great fun when our celebrity housemates got on their colorful costumes and created their unique anime characters. Now, it's time to take the fun to the next level as the housemates create their own live anime presentation! For this task, the housemates must make a skit based on the popular Japanese anime series, "Naruto". Big Brother provided them with a video of "Naruto", and from there, the housemates must make a similar story. They should also come up with their own costumes and sound effects for the skit. Last night, the Lee Family of Yayo, Will, Ruben, and Donnie showed the other housemates a sample of an anime skit. However hilarious, the other housemates gained an insight on how to go about with the 08-1206hnarutogabydoni.jpgassigned task.

There is indeed no doubt when it comes to the HMs talents and antics, but for this task, we will get to see all of them do cute voices like true anime characters.

Gaby spearheaded the drafting of the story while the rest closely watched the video over and over again. Gladys once again made her Chuchay voice and other impersonations to match some of the characters in the anime. On the other hand, Ruben just played around and effortlessly gave life to the characters through his creative voice over.

08-1206narutorubengladys.jpgIf you want to see how the housemates progress on their anime skit, watch Uber later at 5:30 PM. Also in this afternoon's episode with Bianca and Mariel, see how Gaby lost her lapel mic and why the Racing Goddess had to stay right beside Donnie.

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A Demand on Respect

December 05, 2007 11:59 PM

PBBCE2_dudes1205.jpgDay 51 was pay-back time for Jon and Will who repeatedly disobeyed Big Brother’s rule about speaking in Tagalog or Taglish at all times. As such, Baron, Gaby and Gladys were asked to think of an appropriate punishment for the English-speaking dudes last Sunday. In the garden, the trio had decided to require them to create a poem using ten specified Tagalog words. It was definitely a challenging task because every misuse of which will result to a harder penalty—eating sliced ampalayas (bitter fruit)and carrying heavy encyclopedias on their palms!

As soon as the difficult consequence began, Will grew more frustrated in grasping the right terms and building coherent sentences. But he attempted to humor himself even in the midst of his struggle. However, Gladys took his quips in a bad light as he accused him of playing around. Offended, the True Lover explained that he was just trying to make things easier for him since the ordeal that they went through was wearisome as it was. And the heated argument further rose up.PBBCE2_respect1205.jpg

Apparently, the Queen of Patawa felt disrespected because of the way Will answered her back. In her thinking, she did not deserve such treatment since it was not her idea to make them suffer anyway. It just happened that she was assigned to oversee the whole thing, hence he should bring his complaints to Big Brother and not to her, she maintained. Moreover, she thought that Will refused to follow her as she’s only a newbie.

On the other hand, the True Lover was merely attempting to justify his actions to her since she mistakenly thought that he’s not taking the poetry test seriously. Unfortunately, he was not getting through to her. This obviously bothered him as he looked ready to burst his emotions anytime during the tension-filled incident. He was at a loss as to how he could clearly communicate what he wanted to say. Good thing Yayo and Ruben were there to lend their support and faith in him. They also reasoned out that PBBCE2_support1205.jpgperhaps, Gladys was so conscious of being stern and all since she’s fairly new and doesn’t want to commit a mistake.

When their anger subsided, the celebrity housemates helped the two thresh things out. The True Lover apologized for his actions while the Queen of Patawa reiterated that she simply did her job and it was nothing personal. And for her final words, “From now on isaksak natin sa mga ulo natin bakit tayo asa bahay ni kuya. We’re here for a competion.” Hm…Will this cause a notable repercussion during the next call for nominations? Keep watching Pinoy Big Brother Primetime Bida for more drama and intrigue! Also, tune in to PBB Uber for the daily thrills inside the big yellow house, live, every 5:30 p.m.

English Outcast vs. Racing Godess

December 05, 2007 9:07 PM

PBBCE2_gabyNdon1205.jpgIn tonight’s Memory Game, a deck of giant cards were shuffled across the activity area. The housemates have to match a pair of similar photos of their loved ones including some charming childhood snapshots of their own! This definitely distracted them during the challenge, which was why Big Brother had to remind them over and over to focus on unveiling as many perfect pairs as they can instead of staring at the pictures. In fact, they were only given 30 seconds to find one at every turn.

It was a battle between the genders this time and the ladies headed for the contest first. Each member took turns in striking a match while the ones who were able to hit the right cards would continue their search until a mismatch is made. Gaby excelled the most in finding the perfect pairs during their round. Then came the boys’ turn wherein the same rules apply. The only difference was they were reprimanded more for being so impatient and careless in dealing with the cards especially Ruben. At the same time, their momentum was somewhat broken as they were asked to take shelter for a time due to the moody weather.

PBBCE2_jonserious1205.jpgAfter an hour or so, the game was finally completed, with Jon as their team’s winning representative for the championship. Each minute grew more nerve-wracking as the Racing Godess and the English Outcast fought for the win. The rest of the housemates even showed their support by staying silent throughout the final memory test. However, another interval was given as the rains started again. Who do you think will win in this final face-off? Stay tuned on PBB Uber and Pinoy Big Brother Primetime Bida!

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