Monday, December 17, 2007

Big Brother's version of "Kris Kringle"

December 18, 2007 1:14 AM

PBBCE2_monito1217.jpgBig Brother inserted a different meaning to our concept of “Kris Kringle” when he required the housemates to accomplish a good deed for their respective “monito” or “monita” in this Christmas-inspired activity which started last Friday. The only hard part is the need to tell Kuya their planned acts of kindness for it to be counted. As such, their momentum sometimes escapes them. But now, they’re becoming better at sneaking their little surprises.

The thrill of Kris Kringle comes from the secrecy of the “giftgivers” identities, whom the housemates fondly call “Mommy or Daddy”. But it seems most of them already discovered their mysterious parents during the weekend! Mariel’s penchant for unraveling secrets is partly to blame for she’s unstoppable in finding out ‘who’s doing a good deed to whom’. Tonight, she discussed the ‘secret going-ons’ to Gaby who has also learned who her Daddy is.

PBBCE2_jon1217.jpgIn the girls’ bedroom, the two talked about Ruben’s efforts in preparing his mini-gift for Gaby. The latter was so surprised how he could have known that ‘12’ is her trademark number during her car racing competitions. Mariel on the other hand complained how her Daddy is yet to give her something nice this week. As if on cue, Jon swiftly placed a small pack of marshmallows and a flower in a high candle holder by the door. It was only Yayo and Riza who saw him do it with the help of Ruben. They didn’t have to clue Mariel in for she must have known that she’s Jon’s monita all this time. Oh well

In the meantime, Ethel arranged a simple dinner for her housemates to celebrate her actual birthday tonight. As soon as her mouthwatering caldereta was cooked, she lighted some candles and sprinkled petals of roses on their special dinner table. Her continued silence made the housemates speculate that she’s having a date with a guest. Only after she wore a stunning red dress did she reveal that the romantic setup was meant for them.

PBBCE2_bdaydinner1217.jpgThis gesture merely highlighted that she is definitely a nurturer, which shows on her attitude towards her relationships. She further demonstrated her fondness for giving by bestowing the housemates her tokens of love and appreciation for making her stay a truly memorable one. But since her gifts included caps, Big Brother reminded his residents not to use them since wearing anything that will cover their faces is prohibited.

Who will stand out as the best giftgiver in their Kris Kringle? Are there those who are feeling “dissatisfied with what they’ve been receiving? Lastly, have they decided on their wishlist for Christmas day? Stay tuned to their fun festivities only in PBB Uber for your afternoon habit and Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 on Primetime Bida.

Happy birthday Ethel!

December 18, 2007 12:15 AM
PBBCE2_concertdiva1217.jpgExtending help to certain charities has become a tradition for Ethel whenever she celebrates her birthday. Being PBB’s in-house resident didn’t hinder her from accomplishing this selfless feat as Big Bother honored her with a benefit concert for the Cribs Foundation last night. But before that, she met with several representatives of the said institution in the activity area to give them their gifts—something which also marks her yearly custom. She was even surprised when she saw that the kids she has been serving in the past are now grown ups.

After their private get-together, Big Brother asked her to rehearse her song numbers in the Eviction Hall. Will heard the commotion and inquired as to who may be performing. At first, his housemates refused to reveal the singer’s identity but when he finally learned that it was Ethel, he was surprised that his naughty suitor can also be a real diva!

PBBCE2_cotillion1217.jpgDressed in her spectacular costumes, Ethel took the stage by storm with her beautiful singing voice. In her opening number, she spotted her loved ones and friends in the crowd without missing a beat. Later, she even dedicated “Love Will Lead You Back” to her ex-boyfriend, whose name she didn’t mention anymore upon seeing her mother frown at her. The latter’s disapproval towards her choice of partners was offset though by the fact that Ethel also devoted a special piece just for her.

Back inside the famous yellow house, the guys surprised the Ultimate Pasaway with a cotillion dance, which Baron spearheaded. Knowing Ethel’s weakness for hunks, they left their torso bare and simply wore their fitted maong pants for a “dishy” impact. Of course, she was charmed by the True Lover the most for he had his rose on his teeth and he let her bite it away from him! More than that, she was also touched by his birthday wish that says, “Your personality shines through PBBCE2_caught1217.jpgthe stars and I know one of these days you’ll find someone who’ll actually suit you.” Her kilig feelings dimmed however when she later caught Will kiss Riza goodnight while she had to beg him many times before just to be treated that way.

But will Ethel persistence eventually bring down the True Lover’s guard against her advances? We’ll see about that in the coming days. But for now, Big Brother is inviting everyone to complete the remaining seven mornings of the misa de gallo right before PBB’s activity area every 4:30 a.m. Breakfasts will be served by the housemates themselves after the mass, with the English Outcast at its forefront as part of his payment for the enormous bill of their Bora party. See you there!

Housemates play the underwater charade

December 17, 2007 7:00 PM

PinoyBigBrotherEach actor must go under the water while acting out the title of the song. A camera was rigged under the pool in front of the actor, and guessers were in the living room watching their teammate from the plasma TV. The actor must hold his or her breath under the water for for as long as he could because once the actor surfaces up the pool, his or her team loses their turn to guess. The rival team, however, has the chance to steal a point.

It was yet another battle of the sexes for our celebrity housemates. Since the boys were outnumbered, Yayo served as referree of the game. Since the underwater set up limited the communication between the actor and the guessers, each teams devised some arbitrary hand signals to facilitate their guessing. Jon was the first to go into the pool, but he found it hard to act out the song "We Wish You A Merry Christmas." Ethel was also unable to make a point for the song "Oh Christmas Tree". Will, on the other hand, immediately rose above the water as he failed to hold his breath for a long time.

PinoyBigBrotherThe girls got their first point when they guessed that Riza was actually acting out "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus." Jon again took his turn as the actor for the boys' team however the boys were unable to guess the song title. The girls then got lucky with a second point when they guessed Jon's "Do You Hear What I Hear?" The girls managed to lead with four points.

In the second round, Big Brother allowed the actors to get up three times to catch their breath. This was when the boys reclaimed their honor with a couple of points when they guessed Jon's "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" and Will's "Pasko Sa Pinas." The studs came close to three points behind the girls with four. What will be the outcome of this game? Will the girl's take the honor of being charade queens?

Meanwhile, be sure to catch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 later after Ysabella for the fun and entertaining Thank You So Much: Ethel's Concert For A Cause and the heartwarming surprise of the housemates for the Ultimate Pasaway on her special day.

Housemates go on a journey to Bethlehem

December 17, 2007 4:17 PM

10-1217treadmill.jpgThe story of the first Christmas tells us that Joseph brought the pregnant Mary from Nazareth to Bethlehem when she was about to give birth to Jesus. The journey was said to have have been a 145 kilometer walk on a dark and cold winter night. To better understand and appreciate the true meaning of Christmas, the housemates will each reenact this ancient sacrifice by going on the tread mill and walk the 145 kilometer distance. The tread mill walk will be done by two housemates at a time, each dressed as Joseph and Mary. The two housemates may switch turns on the tread mill, but while one is doing the walking, the other one must stay on the side. The housemates were given the option to choose who will pair for the 10-1217walk2.jpgtask, however, they all must make sure that when doing their turn, the pair must be wearing the costumes and walk together or else their efforts won't be counted.

Realizing that since Christmas is due next week and that they need the money to have a grand celebration, the housemates once again made a 100% bet, believing that the tread mill weekly task is going to be another walk in the park. Gaby was even excited that because of the task, all of them may even shed some extra pounds by Christmas. Ruben and Will went straight into the tread mill to check it's distance-metering system. Mariel and Yayo, on 10-1217walk3.jpgthe other hand, became concerned of the costume. The two girls remembered the time when they all had to dance the cotillion for 18 hours with only a pair of costumes provided. Since they will all be sweating from walking on the tread mill, more likely that costume will stink after a couple of hours.

Will our celebrity housemates see a fruitful reward at the end of this journey, or will they have a not-so-merry Christmas?

Catch Uber later at 5:30pm for yet another exciting game inside Kuya's house.

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