Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pseudo Nomination???

November 18, 2007 11:55 PM

PinoyBigBrotherSurprise, surprise, Kuya has got another trick up his sleeve. In tonight’s mock nomination with a twist, the big man of the house first let the HMs each pick a chip placed on a table beside the black medallions. 8 of those chips would be blank and 2 will contain Xs. The Xs actually stood for a face to face nomination and Mariel and Mcoy had no choice but to reveal their chosen nominees. Mariel gave one point to Mcoy for she felt he was too liked by the HMs to be voted. She gave her 2 points to Donnie, who was already longing to see his son. Mcoy, on the other hand, PinoyBigBrothernominated the Geislers and Victor. Baron received a point for being too maselan and Victor got 2 for Mcoy felt he has already accomplished his mission inside the house. Mcoy added that Vic has already an advantage over the other two models, Jon and Will, for he has a string of projects waiting for him still outside.

The housemates are actually in a jolly mood tonight and all have probably adjusted to nominating. The Geisler brothers took their nomination announcement in stride being veterans of this PinoyBigBrotherprocess. Jon uttered a very loud ‘no’ but it was actually all in jest. Riza smiled after hearing her name called but tears began to fall as she sat down with the other girl HMs. Of course, the seriousness of being a nominee for eviction will sink in later within the week. But how will Baron, Donnie, Jon and Riza feel when they later on discover that the nomination that occurred is null and void and that voting is actually still off?

Just keep it here for the developments of the mock nomination with a twist! What tasks await our bogus set of nominees? Also don’t dare miss the final week of Mariel’s saga inside Kuya’s house. She may be leaving at the end of the week but she received a 100 second encounter with a special someone. Who is this mystery man? All this and more on PBB Uber, weekdays at 5:30pm and Primetime, right after Lastikman.

Lighter side of dreaded nomination

November 18, 2007 2:26 PM

PBBCE2_ruben1118.jpgA leisurely chat has now become a routine for the housemates especially on a Sunday. But instead of worrying over the nomination process, the Musikerong Daddy made it hilarious by sharing his observations during the dreaded weekend nights. Will and Victor were his first targets as he recalled how they looked when Toni made them stand up while she proclaimed the possible reasons why they may get nominated. Mcoy noted that the Lonely Dreamboy indeed appear like a little boy while the True Lover looked so paranoid about it.

As it happens, he also noticed that among them, it was always Jon and Will who are mostly bothered every time they do the usual rounds for nomination. Since the two always feel that they will be placed on the ‘death row’ next. But then again, Mcoy distracted them this time by imitating the English Outcast’s British accent while portraying an exaggerated plea towards the viewers if ever he got nominated. Knowing PBBCE2_jon1118.jpgJon’s twisted grasp of the Filipino language, everyone started laughing at Mcoy’s antics coupled by Ruben’s additional quips.

In the midst of their heckling, they mused that perhaps they could attempt a jolly attitude when they reel in for the at-risk block. They even thought of a cheer which they will showcase later tonight. Mariel even laughingly dared them to do that. But of course, they can easily talk about it now but facing the ‘real thing’ is totally a different matter. We will soon see if they will be true to their jokes. For now, the group broke off to catch some rest before plunging on another HOH challenge if things go on schedule. Who will take the honor this time around? And more importantly, who will be in peril for next week’s eviction? Keep it here for the latest happenings on Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2.

HMs Learn Some Flight Tricks

November 17, 2007 4:05 PM

05-1117mcoy.jpgIf there's one thing that a housemate will learn inside the PBB house, it's learning how to improvise during desperate times. During the presentation of the "Lipad Chopper Lipad" task, our celebrity housemates used their wild imagination in winning this weekly task. Instead of using the remote control in flying the toy choppers, everyone, out of frustration, just held the choppers in their hand and passed it from one helipad, then through the series of loops, and finally, to the landing helipad. However, Big Brother did not allow the housemates to fly away with cheating, and he declared the weekly task a failure. But Kuya admitted that he had a great time watching the wacky flight tricks, so he handed the housemates a prize for their creativity.

Baron was the first to take the control, but on his first try, the blue chopper lost power, so the Wild Child tried his luck on the red chopper. But right after starting the control, the red chopper 05-1117jon.jpginstantly crashed to the ground. Convinced that he will not be able to do the task, Baron frustratingly picked the chopper guided it across the loops and into the landing pad with his bare hands. Everyone laughed at Baron's foolish antics, but realizing that the trick made sense, they also employed the same tactic.

In the end, the housemates just decided to play around with the task without even worrying about the 75% bet that they were about to lose, as if what was more important was for all of them to have fun. Ethel even reasoned that according to Kuya's instructions, the choppers must get through the loops and land on the helipad, but there was no mention that they must use the control. Jon even took the helipad and used it to toss the chopper through one loop to another. But of all the madness in the crazy task, it was Will and Baron's act that was the winner. Will moved the chopper around like a true helicopter in an action flick, and as added fun, Baron stepped up on one building and pretended like King Kong. It was an 05-1117baronwill.jpgimpressive acting that Big Brother later commented "Baron, may hawig!"

But all in all, Kuya was disappointed with the turn out of the task. He then announced the heartbreaking crash failure of all the housemates. At first, Kuya thought of handing Php 1,500 worth of budget for next week. But to everyone's surprise, Big Brother decided to give out two special awards worth Php 500 each. Baron was hailed as Best Supporting Actor for his King Kong performance, while Will earned the title of Most Creative Flight. As a total budget for next week, our celebrity housemates will have Php 2,500.

It's the end of the line for Megan

November 17, 2007 10:50 PM

PinoyBigBrotherIt's been a punishment week for the housemates for all of them committed a violation one way or the other. Kuya showered them with personal tasks left and right. And aside from the hardships they also lost their weekly task this afternoon. Will the housemates' luck pick-up in the coming weeks?

The moment Ethel, Ruben and Megan dread arrives with Toni asking each of the nominees why they should remain and extend their stay. Ethel gave a loud laugh for she is actually longing to see the outside world. "Parang baliktad ata!" she exclaimed and just thanked her supporters. PinoyBigBrotherMegan goes next and she shares that being a housemate is one big journey for her and she feels she has still a lot to accomplish inside. Ruben on the other hand tells everyone that everyone will miss the Probinsyanong Promdi if ever he gets the boot.

Toni then lets Ruben of the hook and frees him of his black medallion. Relief flooded the comedian’s face while the two ladies remain in the hot seat. Ethel's looks of anticipation to see her 'baby' was erased when Toni announced Megan as this season's third evictee. Megan tearfully hugged everyone good-bye and made her way to the eviction hall to meet Toni. After PinoyBigBrothergetting a warm welcome hug from her mom, Megan proceeded to leave her footprints in the Celebrity Walk of Fame.

Ruben accumulated a total of 54.76% of tonights votes while Ethel received 23.72%. Megan was actually hot on her heels with 21.52% of the votes.

Who will be following Megan's exit next week? In only a few hours the housemates will be choosing the next set of nominees for tomorrow's nomination night. However, Kuya will be applying an extra-ordinary nomination process for this one. Hmm...what could his new scheme be? Yayo's daughter's birthday, the results of the chain punishment and the 5th set of nominees -- all that on tomorrow's edition of Pinoy Big Brother after That's My Doc. Don't miss it!

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