Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ethel and Mariel as Kuya's agents of change

December 12, 2007 11:55 PM

PBBCE2_sickchild1212.jpgContrary to Ethel’s flirtatious moves over Will, hitting on him is not her primary goal as Kuya’s houseguest. Tonight, we were given a closer glimpse to her chosen families whose lives will change this New Year. She personally went to Payatas, Quezon City to search for three direct beneficiaries of her PBB mission. Amidst the gritty heaps of garbage that surrounded the place, she met such lovable personalities of Albert Tora, Jovelyn Rupino and Joven Trambulo whose heart-rending conditions touched her to the very core. To remind her of them, she combed through the thrashes for three souvenirs that represented each of their condition—an empty bottle of medicine (for Albert’s pneumonia), a girly headband (which embodies Jovelyn as a rose among thorns) and a ruler (for Joven’s ambition to finish his schooling).

Alongside this meaningful endeavor though is her naughty wish for the True Lover’s heart. Now that she’s free again, Ethel set her sights on Will, which she repeatedly stated during her interview with PBB Uber Host Bianca Gonzalez. And here comes a complex twist in the scheme of things. We’ve learned that she would be sharing responsibilities with Mariel. In the confession room, Big Brother made sure that the two are willing to stay until the end of the program—the only stipulation that will ensure something good for their charity case. At the same time, he also asked them to help him bring out both the admirable andPBBCE2_toogood1212.jpg terrible traits of his seven certified residents. Their first project is to find out if Riza’s too-good-to-be-true personality is truly genuine or not.

As it was, the Desirable Diva is already feeling awkward with Ethel’s homecoming. Notably, she started hiding herself again, just when she’s starting to warm up to her co-boarders. She confessed to Big Brother that she sometimes feel uncomfortable with the Ultimate Pasaway’s piercing stares and intimidating air. Unbeknownst to her, things would become more trying as Ethel and Mariel prepare to test her limits. Together with the others, her only advantage now is the knowledge that the two are not their competitors, as Kuya assured them of this. The question is, will they be able to surpass the challenges and intrigues that Kuya’s agents will throw on their way? Tune in to the gripping drama of their lives only in Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2.

Big Brother says Jon is to be blamed

December 12, 2007 9:08 PM

PBBCE2_thelist1212.jpgThe housemates indulged too much in this afternoon's Boracay party that they forgot they have to work hard for any luxury that they wanted. As such, nothing prepared the English Outcast for the blame that Big Brother placed on him! Mariel returned from the confession room with a list of liquor expenses worth P20,000. Worse, Jon was appointed to shoulder the payment of which since he should have been sensible enough to stop the housemates from getting drunk as HOH for this week. Yayo suggested that perhaps everyone could simply chip in to lessen the burden on the English Outcast. But it seems Big Brother has yet to decide if this is possible.

Meanwhile, Mariel also brought with her a box of toiletries comprised of cold cream and soft loofas, to remove the face paint of the five 'scribble' violators. But to do this, Mariel and Ethel were assigned as their ‘therapists’ who scrubbed their faces clean by using their feet! Riza, Ruben, Will, Jon and Gaby didn’t have to worry though since the two houseguests are very meticulous when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness. In fact, Mariel claimed that her feet even smelled like oranges at the time. As such, their clients simply enjoyed the cold cream face massage they received.

PBBCE2_rizaface1212.jpgHowever, Big Brother refused to make it so easy for them at first by insisting that the five can’t wash their faces after their ‘spa treat’, which meant the excess of cold cream and paint should be left as it is. The Desirable Diva protested though since this may result to pimple breakouts. And since Mariel also agreed with her point, Big Brother signaled for their shower time, which totally lifted the punishment for the five offenders.

For now, let’s tune in to the progress of their giant Christmas lantern which Gaby and Ruben are so addicted to making. At the same time, be in-the-know about Ethel's constant pursuit of the apple of her eye as well as Mariel and Jon’s ‘Crazy Love’ moments on the PBB Multiply Site. Also, catch the full-blown adventures of Kuya’s stellar residents on PBB Uber and Pinoy Big Brother Primetime Bida.

Doing the Limbo Rock in Uber

December 12, 2007 6:58 PM

PinogBigBrotherThe exciting game was held in the garden where the white Boracay sand completed the whole beach ambiance. The housemates were allowed to choose who they want to face in the Limbo Rock competition. Ethel chose Riza, Mariel chose Gaby, Will chose Jon, and Yayo chose Ruben. The Ultimate Pasaway and Desirable Diva first raced under the sticks. The Limbo Rock game was composed of four rounds wherein the sticks were lowered after each round. On the fourth round, Riza's knees touched the sand, and hence, she lost the game. Riza was then ordered to finish the Big Brother 7-Shooter the ingredients of which are still unknown. Riza started smelling each shot glass, unsure if she can finish all seven drinks. Kuya then told Riza to PinogBigBrotherstep away from the table as she could not do the punishment.

Before the housemates could worry, the 7-shooter was actually a combination of different edible liquids like egg white, grape juice, calamansi, and others. The in the second round, Will and Jon squared off to see who's the "real man" between them. The two poster hunks tried their best to go under the stick, but in the final round, Jon was caught tilting his head under. The English Outcast then lost the game to the True Lover. However, Jon successfully finished the 7-shooter like a fearless man.

Be sure to catch tomorrow's Uber episode for the last part of this thrilling Limbo Rock game. Find out if Mariel will be able to beat Gaby and if Yayo will win over Ruben. Also, don't fail to miss tonight's Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 right after Ysabella to see Ethel's grand comeback into Kuya's house, and how the incident unfortunately made Riza feel out of place among the other celebrity housemates.

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