Friday, October 26, 2007

Holloween Success

October 27, 2007 1:23 AM

PBBCE2_headline1026.jpgIn between the housemates’ weekly tasks are Big Brother’s interweaving daily challenges which we all look forward to since they enable us to catch a more personal glimpse into their varied personalities. Week 2 has been an exciting roller coaster ride for them as they struggled to rise above the emotionally-draining tasks as well as the ones that tested their physical capabilities.

Like a dam that suddenly broke, their heartaches flowed out of them as they learn to open up to each other. They also realize that being a housemate is no mean feat but most of them continue to fight for that right for the sake of their families or to simply prove their self-worth. Homesickness certainly took its toll on them so they grabbed the chance to send their love to their families yesterday after their Magic Carpet Ride.

But no matter how heavy their individual burdens are, nothing beats their moments of triumph after surpassing Big Brother’s valuable lessons. Through them, they discover their strengths and their responsibility to look beyond their own comfort zones. And tonight, they were surged with pride as Big Brother gave his verdict to their Kaishou Taishou presentation!

It featured a story of courtship between two ordinary people who met on a bar. But as the shadow play unfolded, it became evident that they are manananggals after all! The housemates performed this simple but amazing pantomime just recently inside the confession room where all lights were turned off to make it appear that their props are floating between the main characters Ruben and Ethel. All the others were responsible for holding the cardboard stars, hearts, wine glasses and the words that the couple exchanged while the song Can’t Take My Eyes Off You was played.

As it happens, they agreed on a specific criterion which equally comprised originality, coordination, entertainment value and choreography. After keeping them in suspense for a while, Kuya happily announced that they got 82% for all their efforts. And with that, they won their fifty percent bet which brought them a total of P12,000 for their weekly budget!

This joyous news however was linked with Big Brother’s unfortunate announcement that the cost of the glass (P500) and candelabra (P2,500) that Baron and Mariel broke few days ago would be reduced from their winnings! The two immediately felt bad but the others soothed their feelings by saying that they don’t blame for what was an honest mistake and besides, they still received a reasonable sum after all. Still, Kuya’s mole protested on the charged amount for the candleholder. But the master of the big yellow house only remarked that he would give her the receipt if she wanted proof of its price.

Presently though, things are looking well for the cheerful housemates! And despite the forthcoming first eviction night, the nominees are resolute to make the best of their last hours inside the most prestigious abode in the land! Who will become the popular choice of the public to be saved? Is it Megan or 2-in-1 housemates Jen and Marylaine? Don’t miss this episode tomorrow on Primetime Bida!

Hitting The Celebrity Target

October 26, 2007 7:59 PM

pbbce2uber102607-2.jpgBig Brother never runs out of creative and exciting games for our celebrity housemates.This afternoon in Uber, the housemates competed in the Celebrity Target challenge.Four teams with four members each battled it out to be hailed the fastest balloon poppers in tinseltown!.Each group must have one archer, while the three remaining members must wear a protective mask and place a water balloon on their head.The archer must use a bow and arrow to hit each balloon.

Group one was made up of Ruben, Ethel, Gaby, and Yayo.Group two waspbbce2uber102607-1.jpg composed of Jen, Will, Baron, and Riza.Group three included Marylaine, Mcoy, Megan, and Victor.The guys all agreed to be the archer for their respective teams.Then, on Kuya's signal, group one proceeded with the game.But it seemed that hitting the targets with a bow and arrow was not an easy thing to do.Minutes have passed and the teams have not yet popped the ten balloons needed to win finish the round.Which team will emerge the victor in this game?Big Brother plans on awarding the winners the choice to pick two of their members to go out on a very special date. Hmm...who will go out on a romantic night just for two?

pbbce2uber102607-3.jpgThis afternoon, Uber also looked at the latest heated argument that ignited between the 2-in-1 housemates Jen and Marylaine.After a talk with Kuya, Marylaine decided to step up and defend herself from Jen's bullying.However, Jen retaliated on the words of her ex-26K mate.Is there still a chance for reconciliation between the two given that they are nominated for this week's eviction?Be sure to catch tomorrow's episode for the live first eviction night to see if Jen and Marylaine or Megan will be making a heartbreaking exit.As of now, you still have the time to vote for the housemate you want to save.Just text in BB 2 for Megan or BB 8 for Marylaine and Jen and send it to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless subscribers or 231 forpbbce2uber102607-4.jpg Smart and Talk N Text subscribers.

On Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 tonight, watch the indulging pedicure treat for the winners of the Magic Carpet Ride game and the 'espasol' punishment for the losing team.Also, find out if Baron will be able to save his older brother from the bitter fate that he dragged Donnie into.

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