Friday, November 16, 2007

Stick w/ U

November 17, 2007 12:09 AM

Will the housemates lose their seventy five percent bet this week? If they don’t want to scrape their budget, then they better make it good in their 'Lipad Chopper Lipad Task'. But they are yet to master the technique in flying the toy choppers for them to land specific spots. They’ve been practicing mostly during the day but various distractions have kept them from perfecting the whole assignment. Just think of all the punishments they have faced these past few days. It makes one think that Big Brother is kind of sabotaging a possible win. Whatever it is, let’s just keep our fingers crossed for them.

Here they are though sitting pretty the whole night without a care for what tomorrow will bring. Without Big Brother’s signal for rehearsal, they’ve got a long stretch of spare time on their hands. Will, Riza, Megan and Victor spent it by finishing off a penalty for a still unknown violation. All four of them were bound inside a giant pajama bottoms for the whole day. They were forced to synchronize their movements since they have to be together at all times. As usual, they weren’t allowed to share the story behind their condition no matter how curious the others were.

Then a while ago, they were called one by one inside the confession room perhaps to discuss their respective offenses. The Princess of Charm was the last one who had a one-on-one talk with Big Brother. And when she came out, she announced that they are free to go except for her! She’s not totally alone however because a giantPBBCE2_stick1116.jpg stuffed toy was given to her as company inside the equally big pajamas. At one point, Victor commiserated with her by the floor but Baron’s teasing eventually made him go away.

As for now, they are all at a loss as to what they are going to do next. Yayo feels that Big Brother will suddenly land them a task or something when they are sleepy already. Will and Riza on the other hand are still missing somewhere inside the house. Sigh… What are Kuya’s plans anyway? Keep it here for the latest happenings on Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2.

Learning from Mistakes

November 16, 2007 10:37 PM

PBBCE2_dayna1116.jpgYesterday’s wake up call signaled the 18 Roses Marathon of the celebrity housemates for Mommy Yayo’s fresh debutante. It was kind of funny how she recognized the Waltz then later realized that it’s her daughter’s birthday! Much later, Big Brother conveyed through Mcoy how she’s entitled to give her grown up girl a present after accomplishing a nonstop 18-hour cotillion dance. Fortunately, everyone enjoyed doing their part until way after midnight.

On the other hand, Victor’s absence during the day was a result of his detainment after taking some chips from the storage room, beyond the allotted time given to them last Sunday. Somehow mirroring Will, Mariel and Marylaine’s imprisonment before, Victor was asked to peel off heaps of small potatoes inside the punishment room. Naturally, he felt bad since he missed all the action outside. And while doing the chore, he dozed off, only to be awakened by Big Brother’s booming voice which he mistook as God’s! It was only after 11 hours before he was finally free to join all the fun. But even as he took his place on the dance, he managed to cook mashedPBBCE2_victor1116.jpg potatoes for them to eat!

Meanwhile, Baby Poshy’s having a difficult time with all the baby talk as well as her cramped condition inside the crib. Good thing she had her “parents” to look after her well-being. However, it became clear that she preferred Daddy Will more than Riza who happens to be a mere step-mom according to her. The Desirable Diva even shared this to Big Brother since she’s uncertain how to implement discipline on her “child” if the latter’s rejecting her affections. Then the True Lover came to his conclusion that perhaps Baby Poshy ‘has a crush on her daddy’!

Big Brother merely warned them though about their young one’s unexpected behavior like being able to stand by herself while singing. By this time, Ruben even quipped, “Baby ka ba or G.R.O.?” Despite all these hilarious antics, Ethel later revealed in the confession room how depressing her situation is, knowing that she has been desperate to have a baby ever PBBCE2_babydepression1116.jpgsince. And Yayo’s sacrifice for her daughter further rubs her inability to do so, she tearfully uttered. Moreover, she disliked being a burden to both Will and Riza, who lost their chance to get to know each other more because the Ultimate Pasaway was with them during their movie date.

In the meantime, you can decide who among the nominated housemates deserve to be saved. Simply key in BB 2 for Megan, BB4 for Ruben and BB13 for Ethel then send it to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless subscribers or 231 for Smart and Talk N Text subscribers. Vote now!

Mariel takes the stage

November 16, 2007 7:05 PM

PinoyBigBrotherMariel first did a tap dance number with Victor and Megan. Victor was the one who taught Mariel how to tap dance since the Lonely Dreamboy had been studying the moves since he was in high school after seeing the Australian film "Bootmen." At first, Mariel was reluctant in learning tap dance, but after a series of rehearsals with Victor, she managed to put on a great show for her housemates.

Afterwards, Mariel faced her worst fear when she took the microphone and sang with McoyPinoyBigBrother. Mariel sang "If Ever I See You Again," the housemates' eviction-theme originally composed by the Musikerong Daddy himself. Mcoy played the guitar and sang back-up to help Mariel. Despite a couple of mishaps, Mariel was able sing, although she failed to hold back the tears because of the song's touching lyrics. Finally, Mariel showed her tough side as she showcased some basic taekwondo moves with Donnie. With Donnie's 7th place win in the 2004 PinoyBigBrotherAthens Olympics, there was no other housemate who can best teach Mariel all those kicks and punches. Despite her size, Mariel proved that she can also be rough and hard. After the show, all the celebrity housemates cheered Mariel for the simple yet meaningful achievement of hers. Mariel thanked everyone for she wouldn't have been able to perform without their help.

But when will Mariel actually bid her housemates good-bye? Stay tuned to PBB Uber and check this site for more updates! Also, catch Yayo's 'cotillion' and Baby Posh's reason for depression on Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2, later after Lastikman

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