Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bigbro believes in cooking without seeing?

November 01, 2007 4:55 PM

week031101ethelmegan.jpgIn the past weeks, our celebrity housemates have all proven that they are willing to stick by each other regardless of their differences so they can accomplish any given task. Today, our housemates paired to do a very exciting cooking show hosted by Toni Gonzaga. But the twist was, those who are expert cooks led the task with their toques covering their eyes. They were only allowed to give out the steps in preparing the dish, and their partners who are mostly kitchen dummies, were the ones who did all the chopping, mixing, boiling, and stirring.

Although Riza is a master in cooking Kare-Kare, all she did was guide Will through the entire cooking process. Ruben can be called the king of the kitchen but his young partner, Zara was totally clueless in making a simple dish like Pancit Bihon. Unlikely partners Ethel and Megan united to make their own version of Caldereta. Last but not the least, Mariel blindly taught her prince charming Jon Pasta Aligue.

To help our pairs, Mcoy, Baron, Victor, Yayo, Gaby, Donnie all served as the base support of the glass table while the others cooked. This was everyone's punishment after Baron accidentally broke the glass table in the living room. Which cooking pair will present the best dish to Big Brother? Find out the results on Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2, weeknights after Lastikman. But for the latest happenings inside the house, catch Uber later at 5:30pm.

Gaby's Dispute With Big Brother

November 01, 2007 2:17 AM

PBBCE2_vicmcoyriz1031.jpgDay 16 inside the big yellow house did not only mark the kiddie scarefest which we have seen on Uber yesterday. Tonight, we have witnessed how the Trick or Treat was just a part of the four meaningful sacrifices that they made to cover the funeral expenses of the late Jerry Roxas Santos. His cousin Mang Digno recounted how the deceased’s hopes to find better opportunities here in the city was gone in a flash after he suffered from a fatal heart attack.

To finally lay him to rest in peace, Kuya asked for his residents’ cooperation in this heartwarming cause. For starters, Victor, Mcoy and Riza were sent to the funeral home where they personally saw through the motions of preparing a dead body for his wake. In this way, Jerry’s family can properly bid him their last farewell. But the trio’s visit only entailed them to helpPBBCE2_hmsoncostume1031.jpg pray for Jerry’s soul.

Back to PBB House, three more sacrifices were prepared to be done. Gaby and Ruben owned up to emulate the statue-like pose of St. Michael The Archangel and The Devil which lasted until the given lighted candle totally melted. On the other hand, Baron unknowingly volunteered to have the back of his palm burnt by hundred teardrops of a candle. Then for the last and fun part, the remaining housemates shouldered the Halloween tradition of Trick or Treat.

PBBCE2_candle1031.jpgAt the end of the day, they managed to come up with a roaring success. However, it soon became evident that the greatest burden was carried by the Racing Godess and the Probinsyanong Promdi. Staying still for six hours was definitely numbing and tiring which perhaps made Gab more sensitive than usual. Not only were they the latest to finish the task but they were also ravenous by that time.

But what triggered Gaby’s aggravation was the fact that Big Brother did not even inform them whether they were done or not. It was a matter of knowing where they stand so they can move on and join the others -- which they have waited for yet did not receive. Later, she brought this up on the confession room but Big Brother merely explained that he hasn’t acknowledged their feat since he wanted to give his verdict together with the results of the other challenges. But Gaby felt disrespected after the whole ordeal.PBBCE2_gabrub1031.jpg

Then for the moment of truth, Big Brother gathered them once again to say his heartfelt gratitude with regards to their selfless project. He stressed that whatever contribution they had made were duly recognized as a whole, though the load varied for each one. Up to this point however, Gaby believed that Kuya still misunderstood her grievance earlier. How did her second confrontation with him go? Has she finally made her peace with this issue?

Don’t dare miss the interesting clashes and blunders among the famed stars of PBB on your one and only Kapamilya, ABS-CBN.

Lloydie And Bea Party With The HMs!

October 31, 2007 10:37 PM

PBBCE2_columbarium1031.jpgThere’s no rule that says Halloween parties always involve spooking each other out. And after the fantastic success of the housemates yesterday, what better way to reward their efforts than with a raving party tonight!

As you know, Big Brother doesn’t easily reveal what’s up his sleeve especially during special tasks. Earlier, he simply called them inside the confession room to tell them about the fashionable black-tie suits and long gowns that lay in waiting for them inside the storage room. Though they remained guarded as to what they are about to face, they were obviously thrilled with the striking picture they made together in their glorious attire!

When it seemed like the girls would never finish making themselves beautiful for the occasion, Big BrotherPBBCE2_clearparty1031.jpg gathered them all on the living room for his instructions. As it happens, they found an enclosed horror booth where they have to complete a word game before they can get through the other side of the door. Inside the prop columbariums were hidden words which comprised the magic slogan that they have to utter.

After freaking themselves with thoughts of shocking stuff that they may touch inside the urn compartments, they eventually realized that there was no need to fear for all that they felt were sticky icings, a toy skull and other what-nots. At the end of it all, the English Outcast impressed them with his wits as he unscrambled the words correctly: “Tried It, Loved It, Switched To It”.

PBBCE2_ekiss1031.jpgAnd guess what this is all about? Nothing but the big switch of countless men and women to the newest Clear anti-dandruff shampoo! To welcome Kuya’s residents on a one-of-a-kind festivity were John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. Soon after the former uncorked the wine, he led them to a funny Spin The Bottle game with a twist. The ones who weren’t able to convince the very special celebrity guests with their ‘Big Switch testimonies’ had to kiss a housemate of their own choice!

The coolest turn was that of the Ultimate Pasaway who acted indecisively on whom to kiss. Ethel kept everyone in suspense if she’s going to chooseJon, Will or John Lloyd who happened to be her ultimate crush more than Piolo Pascual, she laughingly confessed. Much to everyone’s mirth though, she ended up giving Riza a peck on the cheek, leaving the others’ wonderingPBBCE2_parteh1031.jpg with her quip that the True Lover knew her reason for picking the Desirable Diva!

Just when things started get interesting, Big Brother suddenly told John Lloyd and Bea to bid them goodbye! Too bad… But at least they were given more time to enjoy the night after the two left. Who kissed who during this momentous happening? Standby for this wonderful laugh trip on Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2! And for latest tidbits on the celebrity housemates, just keep watching Uber at 5:30 p.m. only on the Kapamilya network, ABS-CBN!

House of Horor

October 31, 2007 6:40 PM

PinoyBigBrotherBig Brother made this Halloween the most frightening ever for our housemates. In a twisted activity similar to the Pasalog game of Wowowee, two celebrity housemates faced the greatest fears of their lives. At first, everyone happily passed around the large and colorful Pasalog ball. Eveybody was very excited with the activity as they all felt like they were really in Wowowee. But when Kuya gave the signal, Mariel and Toni retrieved the ball, and when they opened it, the pictures of Mcoy and Zara were revealed on two giant dice.

Toni and Mariel led Mcoy and Zara to the activity area where the two chosen housemates were asked to place their heads inside a PinoyBigBrotherglass box. Toni opened the lid and, to Mcoy's surprise, a bunch of slender snakes were placed right in front of his face. The Musikerong Daddy tried to stand his ground as he faced his greatest fear. Fortunately, after a few minutes, Big Brother was impressed and let Mcoy off the hook. Zara then took her turn, and same with Mcoy, she also had to face the snakes. Zara showed courage at first, but when the snakes started to get close her face, the Poor Beauty Queen began to shiver in fear! Will Zara be able to continue with Kuya's challenge? See for yourself on Uber tomorrow.

But before this creepy game, Kuya already spooked the hell out PinoyBigBrotherof our housemates in the confession room. All our celebrity housemates were called into the confession room where a scary computer trick brought the housemates to the edge of their seat. At first, each of them were instructed to follow a computer maze, but as they are getting the hang of the game, a picture of a scary monster jumped right in front of them. Most of the housemates freaked out , even the tough-looking guys Baron, Donnie, Will, and Victor. But to Big Brother's surprise, Mcoy, Ethel, Riza, and Jon remained calm unlike the rest. All the screaming, jumping, and cursing completed Kuya's Halloween prank.

Yesterday, Victor, Riza, and Mcoy left the house amidst the Trick or Treat party to do a special task. Tonight, we will all find out the "greatest sacrifice" that these three celebrity housemates did in exchange of a cause. Watch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 on Primetime Bida right after Lastikman.

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