Thursday, November 22, 2007

Housemates build Kuya's tower

November 22, 2007 5:22 PM

06-1122tower.jpgTaking a break from their demanding short film weekly task and last night's heartstopping exit of Mcoy and Ethel, our celebrity housemates played a little fun game provided by Big Brother. For this challenge, the housemates must put together the pieces of two Globe Asiatique miniature towers. They were only given half a minute to construct all the parts of the two miniature towers. The parts have small light bulbs, all interconnected to a plug. The housemates will know that all parts are perfectly in place if the two towers entirely light up.

After putting on their black GA construction costume, the housemates started piecing together all the parts of the miniature. Although each part looked simple, everyone had a hard time figuring out which one should be placed at the base and what part should go next. The wiring connection was also tricky as some parts lighted up upon the switch while the other parts failed to light up. But in the end, our "resident builders" successfully presented to Big Brother their architecture, although the whole job took more time than what was expected.

06-1122barontower.jpgHowever, unknown to the housemates, one of their ex-mates was in the next room and is taking on the same project. While awaiting judgement inside the secret room, Baron's also ordered to build one GA miniature tower. Admiringly, the Wild Child was able to piece together all the parts on his own much faster than the other housemates all together. But both to Baron and the other housemates, the mystery still remained on the true reason behind this task.

Baron's fate still hangs in the balance! Save or evict Baron by texting POLL BARON YES or POLL BARON NO to 2366 for Globe, TM and Sun Cellular, or 231 for Smart, Talk N' Text at Addict Mobile. Meanwhile, be sure to catch Uber this afternoon to get a sneak peek into last night's shocking incident when Ethel and Mcoy, both at the height of their emotions, decided to leave Kuya's house.

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