Monday, November 19, 2007

"buhay na Nakaraan"

November 20, 2007 2:23 AM

PBBCE2_synopsis1119.jpgContrary to their earlier agreement, the housemates decided on a creepy plot for their short film. Mcoy created a murder story which relives a dark past of a fictional wealthy family in Europe. A Filipino couple (Mariel and Victor) is set to visit their friend (Baron) there who immediately relays the morbid history of his ancestral home. The next scene will be a flash back of his over-possessive grandfather (Jon) whose jealousy led him into poisoning his own wife (Riza) and a good friend (Will). Then back to the present, the owner of the house assures his guests however that his villa is not haunted. But the twist is history will repeat itself on them!

The housemates were certainly freaked out as soon as the Musikerong Daddy finished recounting this to them. They were convinced that it would be a hit especially if things worked as planned. First, Yayo persuaded Mariel to accept her role, insisting that it would be a piece of cake for her. Kuya’s spy who was initially uninterested agreed since she was enthralled with the plot. Then the next step was to write the synopsis down for Big Brother’s approval. The Mom in Distress took care of this. After which, she narrated it again for everyone to give their final comments. And now they will wait for Big Brother’s feedback.

Tonight would have been a restful stretch after the housemates’ challenging competition earlier. In fact, the winners have already feasted on their rewarding Japanese meal followed by the some of the boys’ soothing dip on the Jacuzzi. But just now, Riza, Jon and Mcoy were suddenly punished for speaking in English! For this, they are required to sing several pages from the Tagalog-English Exercises book. It is the one which Will and Jon usually read to broaden their knowledge on our country’s native language. PBBCE2_rhapsody1119.jpg

Whew! That will really prove to be a tedious task for them. To be sure, the True Lover is thanking his lucky stars for escaping it. After all, he has been following Big Brother’s rule about speaking in Tagalog most of the time. How long before the unfortunate will finally get tired of singing nonstop? Hmm… Be sure to catch bits of the latest events inside the big yellow house as well as their daily battles on Uber every 5:30 p.m. Then see their drama unfold on Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition at Primetime Bida with Ms. Toni Gonzaga!

Mariel's Special friend???? si Z. b?

November 20, 2007 1:00 AM

PBBCE2_ma1119.jpgPreviously, Mariel had a whole week to accomplish a series of crash lessons from the housemates which comprised her “Labor of Love task”. It was her final mission in the big yellow house which aimed to showcase the different faces of love towards one’s family or friends as well as lifetime passions. Her multiple endeavors (sewing, painting, puzzle-solving etc.) was marked by her talent showcase that we have witnessed, live in Uber last week.

Big Brother was too happy about it causing him to be extra generous to his ‘insider’. Afterfour weeks inside the house, our favorite celebrity housemate reunited with what seemed to be the love of her life: her mysterious ‘special friend’! With Big Brother’s signal, the two warmly hugged each other at the back of the drapes, leaving ‘him’ unseen by all.

I’m sure you’re all curious as to this guy’s identity butPBBCE2_jeselle1119.jpg unfortunately, he still remained an enigma tonight. Based on Mariel’s reactions however, one would think that their relationship bordered beyond simple friendship. Bliss was totally reflected on Mariel’s face and body language, making their parting very difficult for her. For the first time after she became a certified housemate, she sadly exclaimed, “Oh god I want to go na…”

Meanwhile, Ruben also experienced his own touching moment when he received a freshly-cooked adobo from his wife yesterday. Jesselle, who flew from Davao for last Saturday's eviction night, contented herself by preparing the Komedyanteng Promdi’s favorite dish. Once again, the comical housemate was induced to tears, knowing that it was as close as he can getswith his beloved other half. Indeed, theirs was a kind of simple love that only grows stronger despite life’s tough trials.

Equally poignant is Riza’s break down right after the dreaded nomination last night. As mentioned PBBCE2_jonriza1119.jpgby PBB Host Toni Gonzaga, it was all a mock nomination with a twist, but the Desirable Diva didn’t know that. Just thinking about making an exit sent her into a frenzied state, saying that she can’t be thrown out after all her sacrifices just to be here in the country for the reality competition. But the big question amidst this drama was the fact that it was Jon who was at her side in her moment of weakness instead of Will!

Is Mariel right in doubting his true feelings for Riza? Stay tuned to Big Brother’s ultimate test of faith among his nominated residents only here on Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2.

Team Baliw as the winner!

November 19, 2007 7:29 PM

PinoyBigBrotherTeam Baliw (Riza, Ethel, Will, Baron, and Donnie) faced tough competition from Team Praning (Mcoy, Jon, Yayo, Ruben, and Victor) with both teams all revved up to climb. Mariel this time served as game referee. All the players had helmets, elbow and knee pads to protect themselves from the strenous game. The two teams have to work together so all of their members can make it to the top within the shortest span of time. There was a rope suspended near the top of the wall that will help the players step up the ledge. Then on Kuya's signal, the two teams positioned themselves on the steep incline, each member standing on the shoulder of the other. All of Team Baliw managed to reach the top ledge, while Victor of the Team Praning was left on the ground trying to climb on his own. However, Big Brother announced that Baron, on his way up, grabbed on the tarpaulin cover. Having committed a violation, the Wild Child was ordered to go down and climb again. This gave Victor a chance to catch up. But in the end, Baron still got to the top first, making Team Baliw the winner for round 1.

PinoyBigBrotherBut in the second round, the two teams were left to climb the wall without the help of the rope. This urged both Team Baliw and Team Praning to each make a ladder formation to aid all their members to make their way up. Ethel was the first one to climb in Team Baliw, but committing the same violation as that of Baron, the Ultimate Pasaway was ordered to repeat her climb. Meanwhile, Team Praning began to feel the weight each other, and their formation eventually broke down. This finally gave Team Baliw the opportunity to take the lead and in the end declared as this activity's champs.

As a prize, Team Baliw will get to enjoy a shower privilege tonight plus a special Japanese dinner. Will they share these privileges with Team Praning? Keep it locked in here for more on this story. Tonight on PBB Primetime, see how Riza was shaken up by her nomination and how Mariel was overwhelmed with delight upon seeing her "special friend" in the confession room. It's another exciting episode of PBB so don't dare change the channel!

PBB Celebrity Edition the Movie

November 19, 2007 1:09 PM

06-1119movie.jpgThere's only one place for a true celebrity to be, and that is in front of the camera. For this week, our celebrity housemates will have the chance to star in movie! In a task called "Lights, Camera, Action!" the housemates must all work together in making a short independent movie. They will be the ones in charge of the story and the concept for props and costumes. However, the housemates are all encouraged to improvise and maximize all the things found inside the house. Some of the housemates will be actors, while the rest will have to work behind the camera. The movie must be 10 to 15 minutes long and all scenes must be shot inside the house.

The housemates must work out the pre-production and production phase, but Big Brother will be in charge of the post-production. This means that the housemates must be able to submit their final draft by Thursday afternoon so Kuya will have the time to edit the movie in time for the premiere by the end of the week. Everyone agreed to bet 75% of their budget. Knowing that a film production takes time, a luxury that they all don't have, the housemates immediately got down to business and brainstormed for their script.

06-1119movie1.jpgAt first, Mcoy told some creepy horror stories, but the rest figured that a horror movie might require a lot of bloodwork and might be too morbid for some viewers. The housemates then thought of making a movie in time for the holidays, hence, they chose a "Christmas-themed" movie. Mcoy also suggested that their story should have a lesson that will inspire viewers. Given the leadership credentials inside the house of the Musikerong Daddy, Mcoy was once again chosen to lead the task. Mcoy also figured to make this week's nominees, Baron, Donnie, Jon, and Riza to be the lead actors and give the four the limelight on what may be their last week in the house.

What can we expect in this very first "PBB film production?" Keep it here for more updates on the housemates' shooting process. Meanwhile, watch Uber this afternoon at 5:30 PM for another exciting game between the HMs.

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