Monday, October 22, 2007

Musikerong Daddy!

October 23, 2007 12:47 AM

PBBCE2_gift wrap1022.jpgMegan kept on torturing herself about Barbie Mcoy’s plight and the bizarre tasks that Big Brother had thrown upon him. First, he had to re-assemble a box of broken Barbie dolls. Then he was trapped inside a display box on the garden. If Riza did not happen to see him there, the famous lead vocalist would have spent the night in that hot and uncomfortable standing position.

It all started with the Princess of Charm’s fondness for such girly playthings when she was a kid. Eventually, it became clear to everyone that there was more to Mcoy’s unusual challenges than pleasing the nominated young star. After shedding more tears tonight, Megan saw in his eyes that he’s undergoing an emotional moment while trying to stand still in his enclosed spot.

Moreover, Gab, Yayo and Jon were called in the confession room for some instructions. And when they came out,PBBCE2_barbie_gab1022.jpg they quietly proceeded to wrap the toys that were given to them. They then showed the presents to Mcoy who chose the Mommy in Distress’ finish product. As such, she was given the responsibility to wrap the rest of the Barbie accessories which were meant for Mcoy’s daughters!

This transpired without clear explanations on the part of the housemates involved. As you know, Big Brother is big on secrecy unless his assigned duties are already finished. However, the whole thing became evident when Mcoy began crying silently because of homesickness perhaps, or the touching gesture of the housemates who were willing to help him out.

PBBCE2_mcoy&yayo1022.jpgAnd now, Barbie Mcoy is finally free from his literally breath-taking challenge. As soon as he got out, he had to suck air several times, speechless from his experience. All that was left for him to do was to hug each of his PBB friends. Aww… So that was it. Just when everybody thought that it was all for the sake of a laugh trip. Gab even grew mad about it since imprisoning Mcoy inside that box was like going overboard already.

What will Mcoy say to his housemates once he is able to find his bearings? And who will be the next celebrity who’ll do a similar selfless duty? Stay tuned!

Megan Plays With Her Barbie Mcoy

October 22, 2007 9:43 PM

PBBCE2_ken1022.jpgThere are days when grown-ups long for the time when they used to think that fairytales do come true and when their world simply revolves around barbies and cars. Whether this is what Big Brother has in mind or not, he provides a little diversion for his housemates tonight.

Inspired by their activity earlier, he calls Megan inside the confession room in the middle of his residents’ after-dinner chat. And when she emerges again, she has a lovely guest in tow whom she introduces as Barbie Mcoy! Gab and Mariel then leave the table to see what the fuss is all about. Meg announces that her doll should have
friends and a “Ken” with her!

They then gather on the living room to get to know the “new beauty” inside the house who happens to speak twoPBBCE2_barbie trip1022.jpg lines only: “I’m pretty” and “You’re ugly”. When Baron inquires if they can touch her though, the Barbie suddenly says, “I have a special feature” and gives him the bad sign!

Seeing him in that state, Jen can hardly control her giggles. She even goes in front of Mcoy to make him laugh. But Mcoy merely emulates the famous half-smile of a Barbie doll! As such, the others also express their admiration towards the Musikerong Daddy for doing a perfect characterization of his feminine role.

With this task, Mariel reminisces her own childhood memories. Far from her girly attitude at present, she recounts how she used to wear her lolo’s big shirts and a gun around her neck. This attire gained her the macho nickname “Rambo”! And to this day, some of his granny’s friends still call her that!

PBBCE2_megancrying1022.jpgBut the merriment suddenly stops when Megan asks Big Brother to put this role-playing to a halt. The Princess of Charm later explains that she doesn’t want others to shoulder even this kind of burden just to relive her happy memories. Much to the girl-housemates’ surprise, they see her crying because of this. And to add to her worries, Megan soon learns that Big Brother involves Mcoy into another task because of her!

As such, Mariel and Jen offer some words of comfort to a troubled Megan. They rationalize that she didn’t ask for the Barbie task in the first place and it was Kuya who assigned Mcoy to do the job. What’s the whole story behind this incident? How come Mcoy is asked to assemble a box of broken dolls? Don’t miss this extraordinary happening on Uber and on the Primetime stretch of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2.

Riza Santos

  • Real Name: Riza Raquel Santos
  • Nickname: Riza
  • Origin: Canada
  • Age: 21
  • Birthdate: August 30
  • Nationality: Filipino
  • Occupation: Model, Artist
  • Sport: Track and Field
  • Ambition: To become a doctor
  • Claim to Fame: Miss Earth - Canada
  • Achievements: Filipina that represented Canada in the Ms. Earth beauty pageant
  • Charity: Bantay Bata 163

  • Riza Raquel Santos is a Filipino-Canadian beauty queen and soldier. She mentioned that her military career is influenced by a grandparents, her grandmother was commended by the US Armed Forces while her grandfather was a fan of war movies. She competed under the Canadian flag in Miss Earth 2006.
  • Award Winners: Miss Photogenic: Riza Raquel Santos (Canada)
  • She maybe Canadian but Riza is pure pinay, her parents hailing from Bulacan and Bataan. Both engineers, her parents jobs took them to Canada as immigrants. And although she has lived in North America all her life, Riza is raised with Filipino values and has very close family ties. She admits though to breaking the rules and sneaking out to party with the popular kids one night when she was 16. She returned home to find her sister enraged for her parents were still out looking for her. Riza then vowed never to do it again.

  • Riza began concentrating on charity work and community service. She even joined the military as a medic. She also a counselor at a crisis center for pregnant women and has vowed to save her self for the man she loves on her wedding day. Riza even wears a ring on her engagement finger to seal this promise.
  • Riza, like most of her family, is an achiever. Aside from her military career and vocations, she studied Biology in college. Quite talented, she has also designed some of the gowns she has worn on pageants. Riza dreams of having a singing and acting career someday too.


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