Monday, November 12, 2007

Megan and Mariel Do The Sudoku

November 13, 2007 1:46 AM

PBBCE2_goodgame1112.jpgIs this a night of reliving some of the memorable happenings in PBB Season 2? Not really. It just happens that Megan’s background and traits are somehow similar to the much-loved Cheering Chick. Both are mainstays in the nomination block, they are not used to doing chores and they both have a penchant for sudoku puzzles. Perhaps that’s why Kuya also made her wash a giant PBB shirt few days ago – to expand her experience in life just like Gee-Ann.

This time, Big Brother had something different in store for the Princess of Charm. He gave her a mentally-stimulating task to accomplish this afternoon. Instead of the usual Sudoku booklet, she was given an illustration board where a 9x9 partially completed grid was drawn. But instead of numbers, pictures of her loved ones, friends and crushes were used in this game. The objective is to fill the rows and columns using the given photos just once.


With the help of Mariel who got a crash course on Sudoku, Megan was trying to finish it since this late afternoon. But they were distracted by witty conversations and of course the various challenges for the day. Many times she had to start from scratch, which happens to be her technique before she can actually complete everything, she confided to Victor. But it simply wasn’t working this time, she added.

After eight hours or so, she and Mariel finally made it! They pointed out that all they had to do was take a break from the strenuous activity. Guessing a bit also helped, Megan cheerfully uttered.

PBBCE2_barrondonnie1112.jpgIn the meantime, 2-in-1 housemate Barron and Donnie are currently making up for the former’s violation yesterday. The Wild Child continued to sleep on the bedroom long after the wake up call was sounded.As their punishment, Baron has to sleep on a hard bench with Donni fanning him like a slave the whole night! In addition to that, the Good Brother has to carry him on his back whenever they have to move around. Uh-oh… Let’s hope the two won’t get eaten up by the mosquitoes outside.

In turn, what penalties will be bestowed on the others for their respective violations? Be sure to keep abreast of all the happenings inside the house on Uber at 5:30 p.m. and on Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 at Primetime Bida.


Ethel Goes Berserk

November 13, 2007 12:06 AM

PBBCE2_violations1112.jpgTonight we have glimpsed the drama behind Ethel’s impulsive decision to leave the big yellow house hours before their concert. As it happens, Big Brother warned them about the violations they have committed, zeroing in on the fact that they should look presentable at all times as part of their obligation to the viewing public. Hearing this immediately sparked Ethel’s temper.

Back to the girls’ bedroom, Mariel and Gaby were shocked to see her packing her things. Furious, she told them that she plans to show Kuya how 'pasaway' she can be by jumping over the wall to escape the house. She was seething on how she’s a part of a reality show which refrained her from being who she really is. Mariel got worried and tried to make her see things, but Ethel was already deaf to all logic by then.

As such, she quickly talked to Big Brother about this sudden dilemma. Well aware of his rules on evictions,MarielPBBCE2_packing1112.jpg stated that it’s impossible for Ethel to go out without any valid reason. Big Brother agreed and asked her to make sure that the Pasaway Actress would avoid hurting herself or anyone else. As an added safety measure, he also warned Mcoy about Ethel’s razor which she was holding at that time. And it was the True Lover who was elected to calm her down.

The Ultimate Pasaway was preparing to slash her wrist when Will suddenly came out. Acting as if he was just checking on her, the latter tried to keep their conversation on safe ground. After a while, Donnie and Mcoy joined them. The Musikerong Daddy reasoned that her ploy to make the people hate her by breaking the rules won’t work because they simply like rebels particularly her to-hell-with-everyone attitude, which only proves that she’s not a pretender.

PBBCE2_blade1112.jpgIn the end, they were able to persuade her to thresh things out with Kuya. Will even grabbed the threatening razor from her before they went inside the house. After she had her lunch, everyone accompanied her to the confession room. However, Kuya insisted that he wanted to hear her reasons for leaving with her alone. As soon as the others left, Ethel asserted that she was mad at him for embarrassing her when he threw her violations to her face and for treating her like a petulant child in the process.

On his part, Kuya claimed that it wasn’t his intention to hurt her. But being the adult who’s looked upon by most of the housemates, she has to be a role model to them, just like when it comes to her family. As Kuya touched a ‘sensitive chord’, the Ultimate Pasaway spilled the root of her stubbornness. Being their family’s breadwinner at an early age made her tough. And having the roles reversed (being reprimanded for instance) simply brings back her pain and burdens as an acting-parent in their family.PBBCE2_ethelcries1112.jpg

As such, she ended up apologizing to him instead for her reckless actions. She even claimed that she feels ashamed and grateful to the master of the house at the same time for tolerating her moods. Then after that heart-to-heart talk, she happily shared to everyone that she’s not going anymore. (Sigh) That certainly kept us at the edge of our seats… Meantime, what is this thing, this sacrifice that Ethel’s willing to do just to save Ruben? Is she making a voluntary exit to cancel the eviction process this week?

Don’t miss all the excitement by tuning in to Uber for their daily adventures and Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 for the complete drama and intrigues that will keep you in the loop!


Housemates Go Fishing

November 12, 2007 7:06 PM

PinoyBigBrotherIn this afternoon's episode of Uber, Big Brother treated our celebrity housemates to a fishing getaway -- well, sort of. In a game called See Saw Fishing, the Blue Team of Ruben, Riza, Ethel, Megan, and Will and the Red Team of Donnie, Baron, Jon, Mariel, and Yayo competed in getting the most number of floating rubber duckies from the swimming pool. But as an added twist, the fishers of both teams were made to sit on one side of the see-saw over the edge of the pool while their teammates made the see saw up and down. Mcoy served as the scorer for the game while Victor helped in sweeping the rubber duckies in the water.

PinoyBigBrotherDonnie and Ruben were the first to serve as fishermen for their respective team, and with their fishing rods, they strived to hook as many rubber duckies as they can while the see saw moved continuously. The eventually figured that by pulling the hook to the tip of the rod, the hook would be much manageable. But when Kuya noticed that the players have gotten an easy way with the game, he made the game more interesting by assigning the fishermen to the see-saw of the opposing team. Riza and Baron traded see-saws, and there, they found a hard time fishing since the opponents on the edge of the see-saw were distracting them. PinoyBigBrotherAfter a few minutes, Jon and Ethel took their turn as fishermen.

Big Brother then called off the game, the Red Team took home the game with the most number of ducks on their side. As a prize, the winners will get to eat a roasted Pecking duck and shark's fin siomai dinner. The Blue Team, on the other hand, just decided to amuse themselves when Kuya agreed to leave the see-saws by the pool for them to play with.

In tonight's primetime episode, don't miss Ethel's 'tantrum' -- packing her things and her attempt to jump over the walls of the famous yellow house. Witness the HMs all get alarmed when the Ultimate Pasaway threatened to hurt herself with a razor.

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