Thursday, November 8, 2007

Unexpected Turns

November 08, 2007 11:21 PM

PBBCE2_gab1108.jpgRooted on day 24 are several missions that marked an emotional journey for several of the celebrity housemates. First off was Gaby who was tasked to do a final sacrifice before she finally leave the big yellow house for good. Water is scarce in their abode and a luxurious supply of which will only be provided after she succeeds in filling a large drum with water from the pool! Determined to do this one last thing for the group, she tried various strategies just to accomplish Big Brother’s challenge.

Meanwhile, the master of the house confided to Mariel, Riza, Donni, Will and Ruben regarding the impending departure of the Racing Godess from his abode. He pointed that she wanted out to pursue a great opportunity abroad to improve her racing skills. Upon hearing this however, Mariel started to cry, explaining that she really wanted Gaby to stay. But since that is not possible, she simply agreed to Kuya’s plan to give her a special farewell party if they finish a 24-hour task playing as checkered skaters (see related article for more details).

PBBCE2_train1108.jpgIn their roller blades, they roamed around the living room showing off their clever attire. Of course, Gaby couldn’t help noticing that she is somehow involved in the whole thing. But one of the conditions of Kuya was to refrain from telling her about the surprise. Much later, Kuya noticed how his skaters have mastered the craft. Thus, he asked them to perform a special number which they presented in front of the others.

Ethel on the other hand went to the confession room to talk about how she’s feeling the symptoms of pregnancy lately. Her request for a pregnancy test kit was duly provided and she was hoping so much that the result would be positive. Aside from this issue, she was also given a chance to redeem the whole letter of Vice Ganda by creating a beautiful floral arrangement, which was obviously meant for a deceased person.

As soon as she was finished with it, Big Brother finally allowed her to read her bestfriend’s correspondence to her. After a tearful moment, she soon learned about the connection of her special task to the death of Jon Avila’s close aunt. By doing the flowers, she paved the way for the English Outcast to personally pay his last respects to his Tita Tancing in Ildefonso, Bulacan early this morning.

Brown Cows Win The Catapult War

November 08, 2007 7:15 PM

PinoyBigBrotherThe two teams used a mechanical catapult to throw the water balloons at each other. The Brown Cows (Will, Baron, Ruben, Gaby, Megan and Ethel) stepped up to the plate first, but for three minutes, they realized that hitting the other team is a lot of hard work. The Yellow Birds (Jon, Donnie, Mcoy, Victor, Mariel and Yayo), on the other hand, succeeded in eluding the water balloons even though they had to move as one person for they were all bound together. In the last 30 minutes, though, Kuya allowed the Brown Cows to throw the water balloons, including the cake icing, with their bare hands. This sent the Yellow Birds into confusion and panic.PinoyBigBrother

The Yellow Birds took their turn in the second round,getting the chance to freely throw the balloons and icing with their hands. Riza served as the scorer to see how many successful hits each team will make. The Yellow Birds scored 11 hits, compared to the Brown Cows's 9 points. But in the deciding third round which was a free-hit round, the Brown Cows took home the game.

But just when the Brown Cows thought that they were already in PinoyBigBrotherfor a treat, Big Brother ushered in another round. All of the players were made to write in the water balloons anything that they want, like iPod, cake, wine, pizza, a haircut, and of course, cigarettes. The Yellow Birds had to throw the balloons using the catapult and the Brown Cows must catch all the balloons without bursting them. All the balloons caught safely will represent the gifts that all our celebrity housemates will be receiving.

But the big mystery now is, what prizes did our housemates successfully win in this round? Catch Uber tomorrow for more news on Kuya's fun treat. Also don't fail to watch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 tonight to find out how some of our housemates handled the news about Gaby's voluntary exit and why Ethel requested for a pregnancy test kit from Kuya.

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