Sunday, December 9, 2007

Decision making the Big Brother way

December 10, 2007 12:52 AM

PinoyBigBrotherMommy Yayo placed the housemates in a predicament when she broke a bowl just after they won their anime-dubbing weekly task. She volunteered to have it taken out of her allowance but Big Brother would hear none of it. He later called in Head of Household Jon and told him that he's willing to keep their budget intact if he can take something out of their grocery list. Since the cigarettes were the only non-edible item on the list, it made sense that the item should be the one taken off it. When Jon brought up the subject to the other HMs, Yayo vehemently told them that she'd rather take on Big Brother's punishment than have them involved with the incident. Baron, who the housemates felt will be greatly affected by this, just shrugged his shoulders and said he'd be OK with whatever they decide on. Yayo, however insisted with her plea so Jon gave in with her decision. "Mas mahalaga ang yosi sa inyo?" was Kuya's incredilous answer PinoyBigBrotherwhen Jon told him what they wanted. The big man of the house ultimately let Jon make the final decision and the HOH agreed that the practical thing to do was get rid of the yosi.

Baron though was pretty pissed the following day for being the last person to know about the news. During their "palengke day," with no cigarettes in sight, the others immediately noticed the Wild Child's foul mood. Big Brother then called Baron into the confession room. "Alam ko naman pwede ipagpalit ang tao sa sigarilyo..." Baron said, beginning his arguement with Big Brother. He pointed out that he really felt bad about not being PinoyBigBrotherconsulted on the matter when he was the main person concerned. But eventually Baron understood that Big Brother only meant well and had no intention of hurting his feelings. "Iniisip ko lang ang sarili ko." he finally said.

Ruben, on the other hand, is finally ready to make his proposal to partner Jeselle. Big Brother let Ruben make a phone call to Jeselle so he could say his piece. But instead of joyfully answering Ruben's proposal of marriage, Jeselle felt that he's just being pressured inside the house, with Angel Locsin's task and everythingPinoyBigBrother about their relationship being televised and all. The Komedyanteng Promdi explained that he has thought it over and believes this is the right time for them to do it. Still, Jeselle told him to think it over. Kuya then told Ruben that maybe Jeselle will see his sincerity if he does the proposal again once he's outside the house.

Meanwhile, Kuya's special house guest and soon-to-be Big Sister Mariel is giddily awaiting the moment she will be reunited with the other housemates. Stuck in the secret room and accompanied by Buttons the Bear, Mariel has started reviewing Kuya's guidelines to being a Big Sister. If Ma succeeds in her task, she will be giving an orphanage a very merry Christmas party. Will Mariel be a good decision maker or will she leave Kuya's house in shambles? We'll all find out this week, so stay tuned to PBB Uber week days after Pinoy Movie Hits and PBB Primetime right after Lastikman.

Gladys wants to quit!

December 09, 2007 12:55 PM

PBBCE2_bigsis1209.jpgLast night’s primetime episode certainly kept us wanting for the latest updates on Big Brother’s successive shockers. After a week’s taste of the outside world, Mariel is now back with more extraordinary tasks as a houseguest in the big yellow house. This morning, she immediately cloaked her identity with her deeply modulated voice as Big Sister since Big Brother is out on official business. Despite her best efforts however, the celebrity housemates easily recognized her and calls her Ate Mariel instead. She goes about her important duty inside the secret room with a script on hand to guide her.

Today’s agenda proved to be a thrilling one compared to the events during the previous Sundays. They were supposed to have another rowdy tussle with the piglets but it seems Peggy’s offspring have acquired a still undetected sickness. As such, Big Sister instructed them to put the feeds in the storage room to verify if the piglets got sickPBBCE2_bigsis1209.jpg because of their food. In the meantime, the housemates continued sewing their wards’ costume for the competition while the others kept playing with them.

But another shocker came with this incident. The Queen of Patawa, who’s been giving hints about wanting to quit, exclaimed that she’s had enough of the life as a BB resident. In all honesty, Gladys expressed her disgust towards handling the piglets—a concern which she had ever since she arrived. She refused to play with ‘Babe’ in fear of catching the piglets ‘virus’ for they suddenly had a bout of diarrhea for no apparent reason. "Hindi ko kaya. Nagtatae si Babe. Maarte ako sa virus and sa germs. Gusto ko na lumabas. Ngayon nako nabuburaot,” she told the housemates.

Wound up, she tried to talk to Big Sister but when she returned PBBCE2_bigsis1209.jpgfrom the confession room, she still looked distressed. After all, Mariel can’t make pressing decisions without Big Brother’s knowledge. Who would expect that an ordinary morning could turn into something this serious? Gladys even considered the possibility of leaving now by asking how Ethel managed to do so. Yayo then told her what happened during that tension-filled night. The Queen of Patawa has made a decision to quit now instead of establishing herself as another pasaway housemate. As you know, she had declined to join several games already because of personal reasons.

Will Gladys have a change of heart after talking to Big Brother? What will she do now since the master of the most famous house in the land is not there to fix things? Will she really opt to quit? We’ll keep you posted on this!

Hello Mariel! Good-bye Donnie! Hello Ethel? Good-bye Gaby?

December 08, 2007 10:51 PM

PinoyBigBrotherA week outside the yellow house left Mariel longing for her fellow housemates, who had a very fun week with their anime and good will tasks. This evening, Kuya asked Mariel if she wanted to go back and stay with the HMs and the pretty host said yes. With Big Brother off to an official business next week, he puts Mariel in-charge of the whole household as the Big Sister. Mariel gladly accepted the task, which will begin tomorrow. How would the HMs react to her presence again plus additional authority from Kuya?

After Mariel left, Toni then got on to the eviction process and prepared Jon, Will and Donnie for the results. Will heaved a sigh of relief when he heard his name called as the first saved housemate. Jon's name was then called next which meant that Donnie is this edition's fifth evictee. PinoyBigBrotherLike the HMs before him Donnie left his footprints at the Celebrity Walk of Fame. Will walked away with 39.42% of the votes. Jon took in 33.15% while Donnie ended up with 27.43%.

Toni also broke the news of Gaby wanting to make a voluntary exit after finishing her punishment for damaging her lapel mic in the pool. Gaby explained that during her first exit, she really wanted to stay for she felt that there were a lot of things yet for PinoyBigBrotherher to experience. But after her 'come back', she suddenly just felt that she has already experienced everything there is inside. Big Brother though gave her time to re-think her decision. He in turn will also analyze the situation and give her a final answer soon.

Kuya actually has not only this to think about but another former HM's request just recently. The Ultimate Pasaway has come knocking on his door once more and is asking for a second chance. "OK na ako, OK na ang puso ko," PinoyBigBrotherwas Ethel's opening statement to Kuya. She also told him that a lot of things definitely changed for her outside his house besides her love life. "Paglabas ko wala na akong kaibigan...Nakita nila ang totoong Ethel, kaya lumayo sila...Iba na ang trato ng tao sa akin noong lumabas ako kasi may respeto. I thank you for that. Pati family ko nakilala ako." Ethel gratefully told Big Brother. She then expressed her reasons for wanting to return to his abode and finish the entire season. "Gusto ko sila samahan hanggang matapos 'to, pwede ba tayong magtulungan?"

Wow, the housemates has Kuya confused this time! Will he consider Gaby and Ethel's requests? Don't dare miss an episode of PBB Uber and PBB on Primetime Bida for Kuya announcements! Also Jon makes his automatic nomination tomorrow. Who will be this unfortunate celebrity be? Find out his vote on Pinoy Big Brother's 7th Nomination Night after "Alay ni Da King: An FPJ special".

A time to receive, a time to give

December 08, 2007 4:31 PM

08-1208market.jpgSaturday morning began inside the famous yellow house with noises from a flea market as their wake up call. Still half asleep, all the housemates started making their own "praning" theories on the significance of the wake up call. But when they got into the kitchen, they noticed two "bayong" placed on the dining table. This somehow gave them the idea that maybe they will be going to a flea market somewhere to do their weekly shopping.

Much to the housemates' surprise, however, the market was just in the activity area. There were several stalls, each selling different items like vegetables, fruits, meats, canned goods, and other stuff usually made available in every weekly shopping. Everyone was so excited not only because of their big budget for this week but also because they had the chance to experience once again what it's like to be in a public market, or 08-1208kids2.jpgsort of.

But luck did not end with our celebrity housemates because right after lunch, Big Brother told everyone about the "Santa Housemate" that happened in the week that passed. All of them got see the videos of several children who came to Kuya to ask for the gift that they want to receive this Christmas. Since this season is all about the children and the spirit of giving, Kuya wanted to grant all the wishes of these children. However, he left the decision the housemates to make a shortlist of 30 kids who they believe deserve to have their wishes granted. With the video and the list of all the children, the housemates carefully chose 30 worthy wishes. The housemates were all touched upon seeing the children make their plea to Kuya, especially those who 08-1208market.jpgrequested for toys to share to their siblings. All toys imaginable were requested, from a simple Barbie doll, to expensive play stations, and even a hard-to-find robot dancing to the Papaya tune! But the housemates prioritized those kids who asked for things they badly need like school bags, shoes, and clothes, among other things.

How will the housemates feel when they realize that because of them, 30 children will have a merry time this Christmas? Find out tonight on Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 right after 1 vs 100. But as of now, you only have a few hours left to save your favorite housemate from getting evicted from the famous yellow house. Just text in BB 1 for Will, BB 12 for Jon, or BB 14 for Donnie to to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless subscribers and 231 for Smart and Talk N Text subscribers. You can also vote using PBB vote cards available at all SM department stores nationwide. But if you want to cast an automatic 10 votes for your favorite housemate, you can download a picture message from Globe. Just text GBB 1 for Will, GBB 12 for Jon, or GBB 14 for Donnie and send it to 2366. Each download (P15 per download) gives you a chance to win P20,000 weekly and P1M in the final draw.

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