Sunday, December 9, 2007

Decision making the Big Brother way

December 10, 2007 12:52 AM

PinoyBigBrotherMommy Yayo placed the housemates in a predicament when she broke a bowl just after they won their anime-dubbing weekly task. She volunteered to have it taken out of her allowance but Big Brother would hear none of it. He later called in Head of Household Jon and told him that he's willing to keep their budget intact if he can take something out of their grocery list. Since the cigarettes were the only non-edible item on the list, it made sense that the item should be the one taken off it. When Jon brought up the subject to the other HMs, Yayo vehemently told them that she'd rather take on Big Brother's punishment than have them involved with the incident. Baron, who the housemates felt will be greatly affected by this, just shrugged his shoulders and said he'd be OK with whatever they decide on. Yayo, however insisted with her plea so Jon gave in with her decision. "Mas mahalaga ang yosi sa inyo?" was Kuya's incredilous answer PinoyBigBrotherwhen Jon told him what they wanted. The big man of the house ultimately let Jon make the final decision and the HOH agreed that the practical thing to do was get rid of the yosi.

Baron though was pretty pissed the following day for being the last person to know about the news. During their "palengke day," with no cigarettes in sight, the others immediately noticed the Wild Child's foul mood. Big Brother then called Baron into the confession room. "Alam ko naman pwede ipagpalit ang tao sa sigarilyo..." Baron said, beginning his arguement with Big Brother. He pointed out that he really felt bad about not being PinoyBigBrotherconsulted on the matter when he was the main person concerned. But eventually Baron understood that Big Brother only meant well and had no intention of hurting his feelings. "Iniisip ko lang ang sarili ko." he finally said.

Ruben, on the other hand, is finally ready to make his proposal to partner Jeselle. Big Brother let Ruben make a phone call to Jeselle so he could say his piece. But instead of joyfully answering Ruben's proposal of marriage, Jeselle felt that he's just being pressured inside the house, with Angel Locsin's task and everythingPinoyBigBrother about their relationship being televised and all. The Komedyanteng Promdi explained that he has thought it over and believes this is the right time for them to do it. Still, Jeselle told him to think it over. Kuya then told Ruben that maybe Jeselle will see his sincerity if he does the proposal again once he's outside the house.

Meanwhile, Kuya's special house guest and soon-to-be Big Sister Mariel is giddily awaiting the moment she will be reunited with the other housemates. Stuck in the secret room and accompanied by Buttons the Bear, Mariel has started reviewing Kuya's guidelines to being a Big Sister. If Ma succeeds in her task, she will be giving an orphanage a very merry Christmas party. Will Mariel be a good decision maker or will she leave Kuya's house in shambles? We'll all find out this week, so stay tuned to PBB Uber week days after Pinoy Movie Hits and PBB Primetime right after Lastikman.

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