Sunday, December 9, 2007

Gladys wants to quit!

December 09, 2007 12:55 PM

PBBCE2_bigsis1209.jpgLast night’s primetime episode certainly kept us wanting for the latest updates on Big Brother’s successive shockers. After a week’s taste of the outside world, Mariel is now back with more extraordinary tasks as a houseguest in the big yellow house. This morning, she immediately cloaked her identity with her deeply modulated voice as Big Sister since Big Brother is out on official business. Despite her best efforts however, the celebrity housemates easily recognized her and calls her Ate Mariel instead. She goes about her important duty inside the secret room with a script on hand to guide her.

Today’s agenda proved to be a thrilling one compared to the events during the previous Sundays. They were supposed to have another rowdy tussle with the piglets but it seems Peggy’s offspring have acquired a still undetected sickness. As such, Big Sister instructed them to put the feeds in the storage room to verify if the piglets got sickPBBCE2_bigsis1209.jpg because of their food. In the meantime, the housemates continued sewing their wards’ costume for the competition while the others kept playing with them.

But another shocker came with this incident. The Queen of Patawa, who’s been giving hints about wanting to quit, exclaimed that she’s had enough of the life as a BB resident. In all honesty, Gladys expressed her disgust towards handling the piglets—a concern which she had ever since she arrived. She refused to play with ‘Babe’ in fear of catching the piglets ‘virus’ for they suddenly had a bout of diarrhea for no apparent reason. "Hindi ko kaya. Nagtatae si Babe. Maarte ako sa virus and sa germs. Gusto ko na lumabas. Ngayon nako nabuburaot,” she told the housemates.

Wound up, she tried to talk to Big Sister but when she returned PBBCE2_bigsis1209.jpgfrom the confession room, she still looked distressed. After all, Mariel can’t make pressing decisions without Big Brother’s knowledge. Who would expect that an ordinary morning could turn into something this serious? Gladys even considered the possibility of leaving now by asking how Ethel managed to do so. Yayo then told her what happened during that tension-filled night. The Queen of Patawa has made a decision to quit now instead of establishing herself as another pasaway housemate. As you know, she had declined to join several games already because of personal reasons.

Will Gladys have a change of heart after talking to Big Brother? What will she do now since the master of the most famous house in the land is not there to fix things? Will she really opt to quit? We’ll keep you posted on this!

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