Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Get it ON!

October 18, 2007 2:01 AM

toni.jpgDay 3 has certainly been thrilling with Jon Avila and Ethel Booba as latest additions in the house plus a bonus celebrity guest who's no less than the Uber co-host Mariel Rodriguez! And to mark this extraordinary event, Big Brother treats his residents with a brief sing-along party!

Just when everyone thought that Toni Gonzaga would also be stuck inside like her friend, Big Brother allowed her to come out again to face her waiting audience. It might have been priceless to have her with them but her pressing commitments would be on her way. But maybe she will eventually change places with Mariel. Well, we never know with Kuya.

While the primetime stretch keeps us at the edge of our seats,1017_ZARA.jpg Zara Aldana is in tears as she reminisces her unmerited experience as Mutya Ng Pilipinas. Many people have despised her after she gave up her crown, saying that she only did so to become a talk of the town, when the fact is, she was overwhelmed with the cruelty of being looked down upon because of her status in life.

Megan, Yayo, Jen and Mcoy console her through their comforting words and by making her feel accepted for what she is. They stress that worse things could happen and she should simply focus on her blessings, including the opportunity to be with such star-studded company! But before everyone grows depressed, Ruben comes to the rescue as he announces that they will be having a party tonight!

1017_STYLISH.jpgOn the activity area, a greater surprise lies in waiting for this edition’s thirteenth housemate is about to face them! They had anticipated the ample food, but not Ethel Booba who arrives in style while belting a popular tune! Among them, only Mariel expected her to be there since tinseltown has been abuzz with her indecisive PBB stint for several days now. Thereafter, Ethel and Ruben take centerstage as their hosts.

The Desirable Diva begins the impromptu program by showing off her strong but sexy voice! Indeed, Riza manages to croon a performance-level-number even if it’s only an acapella! Megan comes next but she ends up crooning several songs without finishing them since she doesn’t completely know the lyrics. The Real Mcoy would have serenaded Ethel with a song. However, he quips that he is distracted by Ethel’s beauty in person!

After a while, Kuya informs the “hosts” that they can now mingle with the others and enjoy the remaining minutes of their merriment. At that time, Jen insists1017_ethel.jpg for a sample of Ethel’s signature way of speech onscreen but the latter begs off, stating that she merely wants some time to adjust herself. With that, Kuya asks them to go back inside the house where they can continue their little chats.

Hmm… Things are looking well now, minus the usual clashes, fights or even the famous back-stabbing sessions that are usually seen in the previous PBB installments. But will peace last in a house packed with different characters and perceptions? Stay tuned!

- Pinoy Big Brother

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