Friday, December 14, 2007

100% Win!

December 15, 2007 12:19 AM

PBBCE2_group hug1214.jpgEven without the frenzied holiday malling experience or the presence of their loved ones, the celebrity housemates were struck by the jolly Christmas spirit this week as they were tasked to build an eight-foot tall Christmas lantern that would match those of Pampanga’s creations. Coupled with the delightful Christmas jingles that were played these past few days, the housemates certainly gained the inspiration to make this a sure win with their 100% stake on it.

As they worked hard to complete the giant display, a lot of shocking events occurred that tested their long string of patience. There was Glady’s fits of temper, Big Sister’s rocky rule, the Patawa Queen’s voluntary exit and Mariel and Ethel’s homecoming. On the other hand, their overexcitement towards their colorful materials for their task led five housemates into violating Kuya’s rule on scribbling. Then ultimately, we have seen Baron’s outrageous exhibitions during their beach clubbing experience, in which the drinks were billed to the English Outcast.

PBBCE2_yey1214.jpgThrough it all, the celebrity housemates remained calm and collected enough to extend support and understanding when any of their “siblings” were at their weakest. At the same time, they unfailingly continued what they were assigned to do, that is, to finish their glowing work of art. And tonight, amidst the spectacular ABS-CBN concert-party right in front of the famous yellow house, they lighted the first PBB Christmas lantern for Big Brother’s inspection. It was clear that a positive remark was forthcoming since their finish product really stood out in all its flashing glory. All Big Brother could say was “Housemates, Merry Christmas!” And there goes their hard-earned budget worth P9,000!

To be sure, more surprises are in store for them this coming week. In the meantime, tune in for Ethel’s grand birthday party for a cause on December 16.

Baron is in Denial!

December 14, 2007 11:09 PM

PBBCE2_pbbcam1214.jpgBaron refused to behave himself for he was deaf to Big Brother’s reprimands. As such, Will, Ruben and Jon were assigned to sober him up by joining him in the secret room. They were explaining to him the reason why they were there when the Wild Child sneaked past the door. Still, his crazy protests to be freed were unheard. What he did next was quite repulsive though for he dangled his own briefs to the camera then his head. With that, Big Brother finally gave him one stick of cigarette on the condition that he would take his sleep right after smoking it. Just when everyone thought he was clear-headed at last, Baron lighted his cigarette on the storage room and continued his outrageous behavior. Ruben got really annoyed with his actions but the Komedyanteng Promdi thankfully got hold of his feelings.

The next morning, the Wild Child was in denial of his disgraceful manners. He claimed that he couldn’t remember anything that happened anymore for he was totally smashed with the alcohol he’d consumed. Luckily for him, the girls were easily forgive his transgressions and treated the whole thing as a fun experience. However, Big Brother’s all-knowing cameras recorded every shameful act he made. And the video of which was shown to him so he would hopefully realize the mistake of downing too much long island and something even stronger than that. He himself was disgusted with his actions to the point that he was denying any responsibility of all that kissing and touching. Only then did he grasp how naughty he can be when drunk.PBBCE2_lakastama1214.jpg

PBB Host Toni Gonzaga that the show sends its apologies to viewers who were appalled by this spectacle. She emphasized that Big Brother didn’t merely revealed this on TV for entertainment but he also wanted people to learn from Baron’s experience. For the Wild Child sincerely regretted making a fool of himself. “Pakiramdam ko nabura lahat ng magandang ginawa ko. I’ll make it up to you guys, sa mga tao sa labas, sa mom ko, kay kuya Donnie. Sorry talaga. Ampanget-panget talaga.” Big Brother accepted his humble admission of his mistakes. But of course, Baron still has to prove his sincerity. How will make amends for his misdeed? Stay tuned!

Barney's Surprise!

December 14, 2007 6:50 PM

PinoyBigBrotherKuya gathered the housemates in the living room and intructed them to wear their blindfolds. After a while, Barney walked into the living room and made his signature "I Love You, You Love Me!" dance song. But it seemed that some of the housemates were familiar with the song, and when Barney shook the hands of each of the housemates, it became clear to everyone on who the mysterious visitor was. When Kuya gave the signal to remove the blinds, the housemates got all excited to see Barney inside the house. Barney then taught them his favorite dance steps, and the whole living room suddenly became like a kindergarten classroom.

Barney got a warm group hug from all the housemates who seem to be very touched to have him as a houseguest. They even PinoyBigBrotherjoked that Kuya might lock Barney in the house forever. Unfortunately, the adorable purple dinosaur was on a tight schedule, hence, Barney made his short visit in the BB house all worthwhile. But before saying goodbye, the housemates taught Barney their own signature choreo, the Budotz dance. Afterwards, Barney bid farewell to everyone.

However, just when all the housemates thought that Barney had left, the lovable dino reappeared on the plasma screen of the living room and shared a happy dance with a bunch of kids. Yayo, Ethel, and Riza were all overwhelmed with joy when they recognized that the children who were with Barney were actually their loved ones. Watch Uber tomorrow afternoon for more of Barney's visit and the housemates' reaction right after. But tonight on Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2, catch how Baron was mortified when Big Brother showed him the video of his drunk moments.

Also, in the tradition of the Filipino Christmas, Big Brother will have a Misa De Gallo in the activity area, from December 16th to 24th. Those who are interested may come at 4:30 AM, but only the first 200 visitors will be accommodated.

Housemates and Coke make a Christmas jingle

December 14, 2007 3:37 PM

09-1214jingle2.jpgGaby relayed the instructions of this task to the other housemates. They were given only an hour to write a one-minute Christmas jingle with the theme "hanggat may ako, ikaw, tayo, walang mag-iisa ngayong Pasko." With the help of Coke, the housemates got two cases of Coke bottles and one case of Coke cans which they will use as their musical instruments. The trick was they they must drink some of the sodas from the bottles and cans, and once all the containers had different amounts of soda in them, each will produce a unique sound once struck with a fork. As the housemates do the music with the bottles and cans, they must also sing the jingle that they have written.

09-1214jingle3.jpgKnowing that they have very limited time, the housemates hurriedly sat down together and brainstormed for their original Christmas jingle. However, song-writing proved to be a challenge for everyone, knowing that Mcoy was no longer there to help them. But the housemates squeezed their creative minds together to come up with a line or two. Kuya even suggested for Will to incorporate beat boxing into the jingle. Meanwhile, Yayo called on the help of Jon who apparently has a knack for writing. Ruben, on the other hand, tried making up some rhythm with the bottles and cans, and the Komedyanteng Promdi tried to review all the OPM Christmas songs he knows since he was a kid.

Will our celebrity housemates hit the right note on this task, or will they all sound off key to Kuya? Stay tuned to hear the special PBB Christmas jingle. Also in Uber later at 5:30 PM, purple dinosaur Barney, will be dropping by the Pinoy Big Brother house to see the HMs.

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