Thursday, December 13, 2007

Baron gets WILD!

December 13, 2007 11:53 PM

PBBCE2_kissethel1213.jpgThere’s a reason why liquor companies warn people to drink moderately and Baron’s wild antics during the housemates’ beach clubbing experience says it all. Initially, Big Brother brought the raving atmosphere of Bora in his abode to match Ethel’s winning summer outfit. Fruit shakes and juices were first served to them. But eventually, they were treated to an unlimited supply of alcohol mixed by a pro bartender whom the Wild Child recognized from his regular drinking sprees.

But what was supposed to be a wholesome merriment turned into a distasteful one because of Baron’s outrageous behavior. In the course of their partying, his inhibitions flew out of his head, making him more aggressive towards the girls. He kept kissing them and at one point, it seemed he even felt Ethel’s breasts! Though they were tolerant of his naughtiness, Big Brother put his foot down and detained him in the confession room. As it was, the Wild Child had too much to drink for he downed successive glasses of hard alcohol. And obviously, his insolent language towards Big Brother proved that he was not fit to be in his housemates company anymore.

PBBCE2_kissma1213.jpgBut he should have known better than that because Big Brother had his word that he won’t do anything foolish. At the time, he even requested for cigarettes, which Big Brother turned down. In spite of this, Baron pestered Joel to share his stash, putting the bartender on a hard spot. Gaby interceded though by bringing his pack of cigarettes on the confession room to take it far from her drunken housemate’s reach. What she failed to see was Baron’s sneaking moves towards the improvised bar when Joel took his break.

What other punishment awaits the Wild Child for being true to his tag name? Catch his embarrassment upon viewing his smashed state and insistent advances towards the girls tomorrow on Primetime Bida.

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Blinking Lights of Hope

December 13, 2007 10:05 PM

PBBCE2_blinking1213.jpgA huge chunk of the celebrity housemates’ efforts were dedicated to the making of their giant Christmas lantern, perhaps to atone for their laid-back attitude yesterday. Gaby and Ruben were in-charge of putting up the intricate electrical wirings of the blinking light bulbs while the others finished the cutouts of different colorful plastic strips for the frame’s trimmings. Unlike their usual energetic enthusiasm, a comfortable silence permeated throughout the house as their hands continued to create their work of art. To further inspire them, Big Brother even played various Christmas songs which they happily crooned every now and then. Just imagine their feeling of elation upon seeing the product of their labor light brilliantly, with only one defective bulb. Though this was a bit frustrating for the Racing Godess, she’ll surely find a way to fix this in no time.

Amidst their task, Big Brother called them to discuss their Kris Kringle. But instead of showering their manitos or manitas with little gifts, they are required to do a good deed for them per day until next week. But before accomplishing it, they should tell their plan first to Big Brother. This was his strict instruction to them or else, their act of kindness wouldn’t be counted. All the secrecy towards their respective “babies” were making them giddy. Mariel even noted that she’s bursting with the need to reveal her manita anytime soon.

PBBCE2_colorful1213.jpgIn the meantime, the Wild Child spent most of his time finishing earlier’s Uber challenge. Of all the housemates, he was the one who’s really encouraged to pass the end points of the PBB-looped live wire since he would benefit the most from the reward. After trying to wing it a lot of times, one wouldn’t be surprised that he finally mastered the tedious activity, which required serious control and concentration. What can we say? Baron will really move heaven and earth just to get some cigarettes. Other victors include Gaby, Ethel and we're still counting.

Will they win 100% of their bet tomorrow? What exciting surprises do the housemates have in mind for their lucky manitos and manitas? Catch these on PBB Uber for fun sneak peeks and the complete showing of their Christmas feats on the primetime episode of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2.

An Uberly electrifying game with the housemates

December 13, 2007 6:41 PM

PinoyBigBrotherEach player must pass the round electrical handle through another wire looped in the shape of PBB 2. They must avoid the wire of the handle from touching the wire of the loop because doing so will complete the circuit and the stars on the machine will all light up and a buzzer sound will go off. Every time the light and the sound are activated, the player must start all over again with his or her turn. All the housemates were given only three tries to perfectly pass the round eletrical handle to up to the end of the looped wire. Whoever finishes their round the fastest wins and gets the chance to play the cool Wii video game console for 30 minutes.

Riza was the first one to try, but unfortunately, she got grounded PinoyBigBrotherthrice. The misfortune rolled on with the succeeding players. Mariel even got grounded several times as she kept on laughing while she tried to move the handle on the live wire. However, Ethel had a hard time dealing with the live wire because of her fear of electricity. Among all the players, Gaby almost won the game when she reached past the first "B" loop of the live wire before she accidentally completed the circuit.

Too bad no one among our celebrity housemates finished the game. But as consolation prize, Big Brother offered a stick of cigarette to anyone who will get past the looped live wire. It did not come as a surprise when Baron eagerly accepted the challenge. But will the Wild Child succeed in his goal for one yosi? Catch this electrifying game in full in tomorrow's Uber, and also, get to see the lovable dinosaur Barney inside the famous yellow house. Tonight, be sure to catch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 right after Ysabella for more of Baron's totally outrageous drunken behavior during Ethel's Birthday Bora Party.

The housemates' Christmas wish list

December 13, 2007 3:39 PM

09-1213wish1.jpgYayo relayed the great announcement which sent everyone into an excited mood. According to Kuya, they have to think of someone who they want to give a gift to this season, and also, what they want to give that person. But aside from being the giver, our housemates also had the chance to make a wish for themselves. The conditions, however, was that the gifts must be something specific and doable. This means they can wish for any material things to whatever dream experience they want, but they cannot wish to be a part of the Big Four, as the Mom in Distress made as a humurous example.

All the housemates then went on their own to think of a gift they want to receive. Riza joked and said she wanted a house and lot, and not just an ordinary property, but the whole Big Brother house itself. Meanwhile, Will decided to ride along with the Desirable Diva's comic mood by coming up with his own out-of-this-world wish. The True Lover then asked to have Kuya join him in the spa, and Riza could not stop herself from laughing at his idea.

At the garden, the other housemate reflected on the what they really want to ask from Big Brother. Surprisingly, thinking for the best gift for yourself proved to be a greater challenge. Gaby, Mariel, Jon, Yayo, and Baron began thinking of some cool gadgets they want, like an iPod, a cellphone, even a laptop. But 09-1213wish2.jpgYayo figured that she doesn't need any high-tech gadget as she is not a tech savvy person. Then all of them started to think of an extraordinary experience, like going on a trip and meeting a much famous celebrity.

One by one, our celebrity housemates were called into the confession room for their Christmas wishes. But most of them only told Kuya the gift they want to give to someone else as they all still don't have an idea on what they truly want for themselves. What will they wish for this Christmas? Stay tuned for the wish lists of our housemates. Also, watch Uber later at 5:30 PM for the last part of the Limbo Rock challenge and for a sneak peek into the Big Brother Bora cocktail party.

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