Thursday, December 13, 2007

Baron gets WILD!

December 13, 2007 11:53 PM

PBBCE2_kissethel1213.jpgThere’s a reason why liquor companies warn people to drink moderately and Baron’s wild antics during the housemates’ beach clubbing experience says it all. Initially, Big Brother brought the raving atmosphere of Bora in his abode to match Ethel’s winning summer outfit. Fruit shakes and juices were first served to them. But eventually, they were treated to an unlimited supply of alcohol mixed by a pro bartender whom the Wild Child recognized from his regular drinking sprees.

But what was supposed to be a wholesome merriment turned into a distasteful one because of Baron’s outrageous behavior. In the course of their partying, his inhibitions flew out of his head, making him more aggressive towards the girls. He kept kissing them and at one point, it seemed he even felt Ethel’s breasts! Though they were tolerant of his naughtiness, Big Brother put his foot down and detained him in the confession room. As it was, the Wild Child had too much to drink for he downed successive glasses of hard alcohol. And obviously, his insolent language towards Big Brother proved that he was not fit to be in his housemates company anymore.

PBBCE2_kissma1213.jpgBut he should have known better than that because Big Brother had his word that he won’t do anything foolish. At the time, he even requested for cigarettes, which Big Brother turned down. In spite of this, Baron pestered Joel to share his stash, putting the bartender on a hard spot. Gaby interceded though by bringing his pack of cigarettes on the confession room to take it far from her drunken housemate’s reach. What she failed to see was Baron’s sneaking moves towards the improvised bar when Joel took his break.

What other punishment awaits the Wild Child for being true to his tag name? Catch his embarrassment upon viewing his smashed state and insistent advances towards the girls tomorrow on Primetime Bida.

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