Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Two-in-one No More!

November 20, 2007 11:00 PM

PBBCE2_fournom1120.jpgPerhaps the day of the week made a whole lot of difference in this make-believe eviction, making it easier for the housemates to passively accept their fate – from the moment they heard the heart-stopping news in Uber leading to tonight’s episode. First, Toni Gonzaga revealed a hilariously empty Eviction Hall before checking out on Riza, Jon, Baron and Donnie. But instead of seeing agony in their eyes, all four seem to be in high spirits. At the same time, each of them similarly claims that they are ready for anything. The English Outcast even quips, “Medyo chaka ang feeling.”

Then the next thing we see is how Baron asked Big Brother’s permission to date Mariel. And it turns out that it was the reason behind his selfless sacrifice yesterday to keep the whole house spic and span! What’s more surprising however is his decision to offer his hard-earned privilege to Jon, explaining that it was very obvious that Mariel likes the latter a lot. “Mukhang malabo kuya. Wala akong nakikitang magic from her”, he reasons out. More than that however, he is happier to see the floors in its polishedPBBCE2_emptyhall1120.jpg glory. Ultimately, he treats it as a good deed done for his beloved housemates.

Unbeknownst to him, his ability to sacrifice will be put to a great test twenty four hours from now. Riza is first to step down from the danger block tonight followed by Jon, leaving the Geislers in a tough spot. Relief seems to flood their whole being after being kept in suspense for so long. Mariel on the other hand becomes emotional as she bids the two her last farewell. Then they immediately make their way out. There they learn from Toni that they are yet to hear the full details of their sudden exit from Big Brother himself.

Back on the confession room through a secret entry, Big Brother reveals the most shocking news this season. After five weeks in the big yellow house, he finally breaks the 2-in-1 set-up, which he merely created to see how far their brotherhood will take them despite their complicated status. The two has yet to absorb that they are not really evicted when another twist is PBBCE2_twoinoneshock1120.jpglanded upon them. Though they can now fully get hold of their respective identities, only one of them can return as housemate! They are given 24 hours to reach a common decision without speaking to each other until Big Brother allows them to do so.

Will Donnie give way to Baron like he always does? Or will Baron choose his brother to fight for the two of them? Who will go back alone by tomorrow and how will the housemates react once they see one of them again? Don’t dare miss this exciting tangle of events in another live stretch tomorrow on Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity edition 2 at Primetime Bida!

Will the fake nomination lead to a real eviction?

November 20, 2007 7:00 PM

PinoyBigBrotherLast week, we saw the very first 'mock nomination' in PBB history which placed Jon, Riza, and 2-in-1 housemates's Donnie and Baron on the danger list. As announced, there will be no voting for this week as Big Brother only wanted to test the characters of these four celebrity housemates, making them believe that one of them will leave at the end of the week. But in this afternoon's Uber, Kuya made the biggest shock of the season by telling all the housemates that one nominee will get evicted tonight.

PinoyBigBrotherBased on PBB tradition, evictions are held a week after each nomination. But since it was just a couple of days after the last 'nomination,' everyone was left speechless in the confession room when Big Brother announced that one of the nominees will be evicted tonight. Riza lightly accepted the news with a smile, while Jon was unable to put on yet another funny antic like he did last Sunday. After the announcement, all nominees were instructed to get their luggages in the storage room and start packing. They only have a few hours to say goodbye to their peers before they face their PinoyBigBrothertwisted fate. The rest, meanwhile, still could not believe that an eviction could happen this early.

Baron and Donnie instantly packed their things, but it seemed that the Wild Child was already expecting that tonight will be his last. Meanwhile, Riza decided to put on her best dress as if she was about to take a farewell walk. Jon, on the other hand, tried to keep his composure in spite of his numbered hours as a celebrity housemate.

Now, the biggest mystery is who among the bogus nominees will become the victim of this untimely eviction?

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