Monday, January 7, 2008

Whew! til then...

Congratulations to all the winners of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2. Sorry I was off line during Christmas Vacation. See you guys on the next Season!

Stay Tuned Kapamilya, We will miss you!


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Ruben’s big heart makes him the Big Winner

January 06, 2008 1:26 AM

PinoyBigBrotherThe evening started with a roaring 20s themed number with Kuya, Toni, ex-celebrity housemate Mcoy Fundales and special guests Nikki Gil and Vina Morales. Toni is soon joined by Uber hosts Bianca and Mariel, looking very fabulous in their colorful evening gowns. In a back take on the happenings inside the house which started last October 14, the ex-celebrity HMs made their appearances on stage one by one.

While all these were happening, Will, Riza, Ruben and Gaby waited patiently for Kuya’s signal to leave the house. Soon, the first of Kuya’s special visitors of the night appeared. Ms. Mercy Cabrillas of Tahanang Sta. Luisa, Jon’s chosen charity’s representative, received a check worth P20,000, the coins they used for the Big Four special task converted by Big Brother to fulfill the four’s request for the ‘fifth placer’.

PinoyBigBrotherRiza gave another one of her shocking screams when her father came in next. Mr. Ruel Santos shared some encouraging words for his daughter and was also very pleased to meet the other housemates. Will, on the other hand, received a special phone call from his mother, Doris Dorman, from the States. Kuya mentioned that he had a hard time locating Will’s mom for apparently she relocated to homes. Will was so pleased to hear from his mother that he could not help but shed a tear or two. Ruben also jumped for joy upon seeing his uncle whom he affectionately calls Papa Locloc. He proudly introduced to the housemates the man who inspired him to be a comedian. Last but not the least is Gaby’s older brother, Jan. The housemates were amazed how he was so much like Gaby. He even joked a lot with them despite having a sprained leg. All of the housemates only had 100 seconds each to speak to their loved ones and these short moments left them craving to see the outside world more.

PinoyBigBrotherMeanwhile, Ethel was on a roll at the Big Night stage with her fellow comedians who were ready to give their hilarious sketches of the Big Four. Tuesday Vargas took the stage first as the Racing Goddess. The crowd could not help but laugh with her on the spot imitation of Gaby. A ‘bald’ RS Francisco transformed into Will and emphasized the Fil-German’s effort to speak tagalog in spite of his twisted tongue. He and Ethel cracked the audience up as they re-enacted the love team-that-would-just-not-be. Giselle Sanchez, who took on the role of last season’s fourth big placer Gee Ann Abrahan, became Riza. Beauty conscious like the Cheering Chick, Giselle carried a compact wherever she went. Also she went from conservative to screaming girl just like Riza when she saw her mother. The comedian from Davao was portrayed by Ricci Chan, who copied Ruben’s trademark Budotz dance and failed first marriage proposal.

PinoyBigBrotherFinally the Big Four arrive at the Araneta and were ushered in a mini confession room backstage. Jon, Victor, Baron and Mariel made a skit reminiscent of their Kaishou Taishou task to announce what the winners will be receiving. The Fourth Big Placer will be receiving P400,000 from Jack and Jill snacks and ABS-CBN while his/her chosen charity will be getting P200,000 from Globe Asiatique. The Third Big Placer in turn will be getting P600,000 from Jack and Jill snacks and ABS-CBN and his/her chosen charity will be given P300,000 from Globe Asiatique. The Second Big Placer is to receive a whopping P1,000,000 from Jack and Jill snacks and ABS-CBN and his/her chosen charity P500,000 from PinoyBigBrotherGlobe Asiatique. The Big Winner will be taking home a Sony Bravia, a Goodah business franchise worth P2,000,000, a condominium unit from Chateau Valenzuela and P2,000,000 cash from Jack and Jill snacks and ABS-CBN. His/her charity on the other hand will be receiving a million from Globe Asiatic. Toni also mentions that Gaby’s prizes will have a deduction because of her two week stay outside the house. She too reminds everyone of the Big Four’s pledge of 10% of their winnings to Mommy Yayo.

The moment of truth arrives and the envelope of the Fourth Big Placer comes out with a bang. Will is then announced to come out and receive his prizes on stage. The model could not be happier with the decision for he feels they are all winners already at that point. The True Lover took in 230,509 or 14.65% of the text PinoyBigBrothervotes. He is also announced Jag Jeans newest celebrity endorser.

The third place belonged to Gaby, garnering a total of 406,892 or 25.5% of the votes. The Racing Goddess cheerfully waved to her supporters after emerging from below the stage. She thanked everyone for making her stint inside one big life changing experience.

The tension was definitely off the charts when the Second Big Placer was announced. Riza, the Desirable Diva, took in 430,135 votes or 27.335 of the total tally. She was ecstatic to see not only her family but also her supporters.

PinoyBigBrotherRuben could only shed tears of joy as he relished victory in the confession room alone. He soon emerged on a throne in the middle of a fire works filled stage. The Komedyanteng Promdi could not help but jump up and down. He was met on stage tearfully by his wife, Jesselle. The other housemates crowded him too with their congratulatory hugs and kisses. Ruben could only utter endless thanks to those who helped him bag the most coveted prize of all. "Para sa lahat ng sumuporta , pangrarap ng buong bayan natupad nap o. Maraming, maraming salamat po!"

Another celebrity edition has ended but we still have a lot of surprises in store for 2008! A number with PBB Teen housemates’s Kim, Gerald, Mikee, Clare and the whole gang, Pinoy Dream Academy Grand Star Dreamer Yeng Constantino and Pinoy Dream Academy’s new head master Ryan Cayabyab heralded what’s soon to come on ABS-CBN. Watch out for PBB Teen Edition 2 this summer and Pinoy Dream Academy 2 in the latter part of the year. Another round of auditions are set to commence here and around the world, so Kapamilyas, see you there!

Last few hours to the Big Night

January 05, 2008 5:04 PM

12-0105lunch.jpgThis is what all Kuyanatics have been waiting for, the night to end all nights! After 12 weeks, four celebrity housemates will compete for the much coveted spot in this edition. A few hours from now, Will, Riza, Gaby, and Ruben will be at the Araneta Coliseum but before the main event, the formidable four must ready themselves both physically and emotionally.

To give the final four enough rest, Big Brother woke them around noon. As they came out of their rooms, they were all stunned by the beautiful and elegant clothes displayed in the living room. Ruben could not believe that he would be able to wear such a dashing tuxedo, while Gaby felt weird that she would leave the house in a fabulous gown. Bur before getting into their respective attires, the four gathered in the dining area for their last lunch inside the famous yellow house. Knowing Kuya, he saved the best for last, and the Big Four dined over some delectable treats complete with sweet desserts. However, they didn't have the appetite to take on the treats because of the nervousness brought about by tonight's final deliberation.

12-0105tower.jpgAfter lunch, the shower call was given and two girls went ahead, while the two boys started packing their stuff in their luggages. Ruben sank into a sentimental mood as he reminisced the precious time spent there with the other housemates. Up to now, the comedian from Davao still could not believe how easily he bonded with the more recognized celebrities. Meanwhile, Will expressed his gratitude for having had the chance to stay in the house where he found the home and family he never had growing up. But shying away from the drama, the hunk model just teased his best pal about his upcoming "pulot gata" with his wife Jessell.

However, the tower of coins task was still on going, and the Big Four were yet to reach Big Bro's expected tower height. Right after their turn in the shower, Will and Ruben worked to finish the tower. Gaby also helped out for a while, until she was called to join Riza to have their make up and hair done. Ruben and Will managed to finish the task and carefully guarded the tower as they sensed that Kuya was out to destroy the tower again.

This is really it! Who among Will, Riza, Gaby, and Ruben will prevail as this season's Celebrity Big Winner? Keep those votes coming as you only have a few hours left to write the ending of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2. Just text in BB Ruben, BB Will, BB Riza, or BB Gaby to 2331 for Globe, Touch Mobile, and Sun Cellular subscribers or 231 for Smart and Talk N Text subscribers. You may also vote here on the website or through Vote Cards available at all SM department stores nationwide. Be sure to catch the Big Night live from the Araneta Coliseum on ABS-CBN right after TV Patrol Sabado.

The Countdown Begins

January 05, 2008 12:28 AM

PBBCE2_coins0104.jpgThe celebrity housemates could only sigh when the Kung Fu Kids accomplished their mission to sabotage the coin tower that they have tediously rebuilt over and over again. With that done, the hyper-active children spent the remaining hours playing around with them—until Bianca swapped places with the bulilits. Unknown to the former boarder of Kuya, her "return pass" to the outside world depended on whether the celebrity Big Four can create a tower which stands three dangkal-long.

It was an attainable feat but they were worried about possible intruders who can attack them anytime. Big Brother’s plan of destruction came in full swing right after he tricked his residents into changing their lapel batteries. That was when the unknown ninjas entered in a rush just to frighten them with the basketballs they have hurled near the delicate structure on the plastic table. The four instantly prepared for the next attack as they were barraged with more distractions. And in a split second, they failed to see the ninja who made a perfect aimed for the “target”. Though giving up was far from their thoughts, they were simply too tired to give it another try that evening. But at least, they managed to give Bianca her freedom earlier in Uber.


Aside from their continuous efforts for their difficult construction project, each of the Big Four presented their gimmick in promoting their bet for the Big Win. First off was Riza who sported a fisherman’s attire to campaign for herself through her vision of environmental progress. Ruben advertised Gaby’s admirable talents while wearing a car-racer’s suit. On the other hand, both Will and Gaby predictably asked the viewers to choose the comedian from Davao for he truly deserves to land the much-coveted first spot.

But of course, the final decision lies in your hands! And as PBB Host Toni Gonzaga mentioned tonight, the tally of votes remains unpredictable by the hour. To date, Housemate#1 got 26.88%, Housemate#2 got 25.90%, Housemate#3 got 26.21% and Housemate#4 got 21.01%. So just keep on voting for your favorite housemates by keying in BB (name of housemate) and send it to 2331 for Globe, TM and Sun Cellular subscribers or 231 for Smart and Talk N Text subscribers. Of PBBCE2_coins0104.jpgcourse you may still give them automatic 10 votes through Globe PBB Celebrity Voting Promo. Just text GBB (name of housemate) and send it to 2366.

For those who will make it at the Big Dome tomorrow night, be sure to check out the booths where you can buy the limited 2008 PBB Celebrity Edition 2 Calendar, available at the Araneta Coliseum by 7PM. And for the Kuyanatics who are raring to be there for the much-awaited event, please be reminded that children below 6 years old will not be admitted and that professional cameras are strictly prohibited. See you there!

Can the Big 4 finish their tower?

January 04, 2008 10:42 PM

PBBCE2_defend0104.jpgTill the last minute, Big Brother really wanted to test the limits of his strongly-bonded residents. It's all about the money this time--that is--the pails of coins that they have been trying to pile up for two days now. The challenge is its height should be ten times the span of the tip of one's thumb to pinky finger. It was practically an impossible feat as the Celebrity Big Four strived to stack the coins that will fit Big Brother’s requirements. They succeeded in building approximately five “dangkal-long” of coins but it kept on crashing down for various reasons.

Last night, they resigned to simply restart the project early this morning since Big Brother was determined to sabotage their hard-earned efforts. And as you saw in Uber, Bianca was able to make her escape in time for her needed preparations for the Big Night after extending a hand to the Big Four. However, Gaby, Will, PBBCE2_defend0104.jpgRuben and Riza continued the task with Big Brother’s warning that they can no longer put it off to evade his schemes to hit the tower. As such, the four proceeded to build the “high-rise” slimmer as it went higher. To do this, they surrounded four heaps of centavo coins with two piles of one-peso coins.

Then when it became clear that they slowly but surely raised the desired height, the housemates suddenly heard a commotion behind the giant doors in the garden! They quickly did a defensive stance for this was when the balls started to be thrown last night. They also put up some improvised walls to guard their work. But Big Brother kept on distracting them by asking Will and Riza to drain the hot tub. And as if such interruptions weren’t enough, the unnerving heartbeat was sounded to signal the 24-hour countdown until the much-awaited night at the Big Dome!

But before the Celebrity Big Four forget their promise to share part of their winnings to Mommy Yayo, Big Brother conveyed his clever suggestion how they can equally divide their share. Instead of PBBCE2_defend0104.jpgwhat they have planned before, he told them that perhaps they could just give ten percent of their prize to their ex-housemate. Meaning, the 1st Placer will give P200,000, P100,000 from the 2nd Placer, 3rd Placer will dole out P60,000 and P40,000 will come from the 4th Placer. And all of them agreed that this is certainly a better idea.

In the meantime, can they taste one last triumph as one unit tonight? Keep it locked in here for the latest updates on Pinoy Big Brother Primetime Bida!

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