Monday, January 7, 2008

Can the Big 4 finish their tower?

January 04, 2008 10:42 PM

PBBCE2_defend0104.jpgTill the last minute, Big Brother really wanted to test the limits of his strongly-bonded residents. It's all about the money this time--that is--the pails of coins that they have been trying to pile up for two days now. The challenge is its height should be ten times the span of the tip of one's thumb to pinky finger. It was practically an impossible feat as the Celebrity Big Four strived to stack the coins that will fit Big Brother’s requirements. They succeeded in building approximately five “dangkal-long” of coins but it kept on crashing down for various reasons.

Last night, they resigned to simply restart the project early this morning since Big Brother was determined to sabotage their hard-earned efforts. And as you saw in Uber, Bianca was able to make her escape in time for her needed preparations for the Big Night after extending a hand to the Big Four. However, Gaby, Will, PBBCE2_defend0104.jpgRuben and Riza continued the task with Big Brother’s warning that they can no longer put it off to evade his schemes to hit the tower. As such, the four proceeded to build the “high-rise” slimmer as it went higher. To do this, they surrounded four heaps of centavo coins with two piles of one-peso coins.

Then when it became clear that they slowly but surely raised the desired height, the housemates suddenly heard a commotion behind the giant doors in the garden! They quickly did a defensive stance for this was when the balls started to be thrown last night. They also put up some improvised walls to guard their work. But Big Brother kept on distracting them by asking Will and Riza to drain the hot tub. And as if such interruptions weren’t enough, the unnerving heartbeat was sounded to signal the 24-hour countdown until the much-awaited night at the Big Dome!

But before the Celebrity Big Four forget their promise to share part of their winnings to Mommy Yayo, Big Brother conveyed his clever suggestion how they can equally divide their share. Instead of PBBCE2_defend0104.jpgwhat they have planned before, he told them that perhaps they could just give ten percent of their prize to their ex-housemate. Meaning, the 1st Placer will give P200,000, P100,000 from the 2nd Placer, 3rd Placer will dole out P60,000 and P40,000 will come from the 4th Placer. And all of them agreed that this is certainly a better idea.

In the meantime, can they taste one last triumph as one unit tonight? Keep it locked in here for the latest updates on Pinoy Big Brother Primetime Bida!

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