Sunday, November 4, 2007

Kuya's version of ASAP, the Celebrity Edition

November 05, 2007 2:01 PM

04-1105groupplanning.jpgFor their task this week, our celebrity housemates will take the stage in their very own musical variety program. Everybody was excited in planning this weekly task as they can finally mix their creative ideas into one show which will also highlight their talents. Considering that some of our housemates are known performers, it will be interesting to see them encourage the others in shedding off their inhibitions and putting on the best performance they can. This is also their chance to redeem themselves after the heartbreaking loss they suffered in last week's "wide awake" task.

Their musical-variety show must consist of five production numbers. But instead of having Big Brother as they lone audience, our housemates will be performing in front of a crowd. The audience will be paying a fee to get a seat for this show, that's why the housemates must make sure that the fans will get something worth their money. For the theme of their show, the housemates agreed to do a "jungle" set up, inspired by Peggy and her piglets. They figured to use some songs from the musical "The Lion King" since it was also set in the jungle. There were also other Broadway Musicals that were suggested, but most housemates thought that their presentation must suit everyone's tastes in music.

Mcoy and Ethel helped out in writing down every suggested song and dance number, and from there, they all formed their program line-up. For their opening act, all of them will do an upbeat all-star number and for their closing act, they will all be singing to 04-1105ethelmeganwill.jpg"Can You Feel The Love Tonight?" by Elton John. There will also be a showdown between the guys and the girls, and a sweet song with the known "loveteams" in the house. Since they will be doing a jungle theme, the housemates decided to have primitive attires, props, and background for their numbers to make their show a complete blast.

Keep it locked in here for more develoments regarding this task. Also, watch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 tonight after Lastikman to learn what Gaby's "Big Decision" will be. Tune in to this afternoon's episode of Uber at 5:30 PM for another exciting game to find out who will be the new Head of Household for the week is.

Peggy has 9 Babes!

November 04, 2007 12:26 PM

PBBCE2_nytwatch1104.jpgWhat is a house without a pet? This season-long task of the housemates is definitely an interesting touch in their life inside the famous abode of Big Brother because like what they say, having an adoring pet doesn’t only liven things up. It also brings out the nurturer in them and cultivates their sense of responsibility.

Not that Peggy is your typical choice of a ‘man’s bestfriend’. But you can’t deny the fact that the posh and preggy pig has endeared her way to the girls’ hearts. And after the not-so-long wait, she finally went into labor last night and triumphantly gave birth to nine cutie piglets! With this momentous event, the guys began to be involved in taking care of Peggy’s offsprings.

Right. Just when they thought they could now slack off after their sleeplessPBBCE2_wilriza1104.jpg nights in lieu of the 25 Hours Task, not to mention the recent tension-inducing eviction night; they were asked yet again to take strict shifts in monitoring this crucial stage of the piglets’ health. A makeshift farrowing pen was provided for the litter to keep them on a controlled temperature while they regain strength of their own.

Among the celebs, it looked like Mariel and Mcoy had the least sleep as they were the first ones to take charge on the task at hand together with Victor. But this morning, Mariel is already saying how the Lonely Dreamboy had dozed off awhile ago and has no plans of rousing at any rate. Will and Riza came next. And it doesn’t take a genius for us to realize why the True Lover seems to have the time of his life as he patiently assists in feeding the babies despite Peggy’s loud protests!

PBBCE2_ethelnpig1104.jpgMeanwhile, Ethel raises her desire to get evicted now that their beloved pet had delivered her babies into the world. As it happens, this is her appointed time to make a grand exit. But of course, Mariel, Mcoy, Yayo, Gabby and Jon argued her point. The latter even went out of his way just to say that she is his surefire bet who will make it to the big win. And that even if she got nominated, she would remain saved by the people’s votes, they all added. With her jovial personality, you can’t really fault their faith in the Ultimate Pasaway’s potentials.

Final walk for Zara

November 04, 2007 12:22 AM

PinoyBigBrotherThe second eviction night didn't start off with all doom and gloom for today is Mcoy's birthday. Kuya has a lot of surprises for the Musikerong Dad, starting off with his wine and cheese party to match the simple 'asalto' the housemates had for him last night. The HMs kind gesture had Mcoy emotional but Big Brother had something more tear-enducing for him.

Before giving Mcoy a chance to start his wine and cheese party, Kuya invited him inside the confession room to offer his HMs a song number. But Mcoy was shocked when he heard another PinoyBigBrothervoice singing along with him. It was actually his wife, singing "How Did You Know" on stage at the eviction hall. And as if that wasn't a tearjerking enough experience, Big Brother also gave Mcoy the first 100 second encounter for this edition and he was able to talk to his two daughters too.

After Mcoy's birthday celebration, it's back to business again as Megan, Zara, Baron and Donald awaited judgement time. With instructions for saved housemates to leave their medallions on a PinoyBigBrotherred cushion, Toni came to the much awaited though loathed event of the night. Megan was off the hook first, receiving 50% of the total votes. Second to throw in their medallions were the Geisler brothers with 31.94% of the votes. Zara tried hard to fight back the tears but it was not that easy for the beauty queen who has become quite fond of her other housemates. Toni, who had become close with Zara during her short stint in the house, came in to fetch her. Bianca then introduced Zara into the Walk of Fame.

The Poor Beauty Queen has ended her reign inside Kuya's house. Who will be the next celebrity to follow in her footsteps? Catch another crucial nomination night tomorrow on Pinoy Big Brother Sunday. Tomorrow's episode will also show how the housemates won Big Brother's 25 hour sleeping challenge. Don't miss it!

Different 3rd nomination night

November 04, 2007 11:38 PM

PinoyBigBrotherThe Housemates had a very busy day today for Peggy the Pig has given birth to 9 piglets last night. After saying farewell to Zara, they were all shocked to find the pig in labor and soon everyone was occupied. Although they have no budget for this week, after Baron, Ruben, Will and Donnie lost the chance to redeem themselves from breaking Kuya's table and chandelier, the HMs are optimistic that they will survive. "Di kami natalo, may binayaran lang kaming atraso." Mcoy even cheerfully said when Toni asked them how they felt about losing the weekly task PinoyBigBrotherfor the first time.

Then Toni went on to announcing the nominees and two-in-one housemates Baron and Donald were the first ones on the line. Victor and former HOH Ethel then followed. Riza, who is the current HOH chose Gaby as her automatic nominee. The Desirable Diva felt that she has yet to get to know Gaby. She also then realized how hard it is to be the Head of Household and that having power is equivalent to PinoyBigBrotherhaving a lot of responsibility.

However, Gaby had something to resolve with Big Brother regarding the outside world. She had an upcoming Driver Development Program for International Racing in Arizona, USA from November 16-18 which meant she has to leave the yellow house for more than a day. Gaby now has to make a decision within 24 hours -- Will she will take the opportunity to attend a seminar abroad or continue her stay as a celebrity housemate?

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