Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Blind Househelps

November 07, 2007 1:36 PM

04-1107cleanvictor.jpgAfter the cooking show with Toni, Big Brother has another task for our celebrity housemates that requires a blindfold. This morning Kuya instructed the HMs with a new task that they have to do 'in the dark' -- clean up the boys' bedroom. It seems Kuya can no longer put up with the boys' mess in their room and it's about time they put a little effort into cleaning it.

Baron, Will, Victor, Jon, and Ethel covered their eyes as they cleaned the boys's bedroom with a broom and a dust pan. They also wiped the mirrors clean with a rag. Guides were assigned to instruct the cleaners on where to go and what to do: Megan for Baron, Riza for Will, Gaby for 04-1107cleanethel.jpgVictor, Mariel for Jon, and Mcoy for Ethel. The guides told their HMs to count their steps, where to face, and where to put the pillows, blankets, and other things inside the room. The cleaners actually had an easy time tidying things up since they were already familiar with the features of the room.

It took only half an hour for our housemates to fully clean the boys's bedroom. Right after the task, everybody went back to practicing the Rico Mambo choreo which they will be presenting at the end of this week. They carefully reviewed the instructional video which featured the Cebu inmates dancing to the 80s tune. But nobody has a clue that some of them are actually flying to 04-1107cleanwill.jpgCebu this weekend to join the inmates in dancing the Rico Mambo. Who among our celebrity housemates will be chosen to do this task? Keep watching Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 every night and Uber every afternoon to find out.

Also, watch the celebrity housemates perform live for their Celebrity Concert For A Cause this Saturday, November 10, 8PM at the activity area. Tickets are sold at Php 1,000 each for the benefit of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center. For ticket reservations, you may call 411-0015 from 10 AM to 7 PM.

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Tropical Party With A Twist

November 07, 2007 2:03 AM

PBBCE2_vic_baron1106.jpgBig Brother waited until midnight before instructing the boys regarding the consequence of losing the ‘Mary Goes in The Water’ challenge. Soon after that, they went straight to their bedroom to rehearse a sexy dance number with Ruben as choreographer. The whole thing should have been a surprise but you know Mariel… She immediately zeroed in on what’s happening when the boys suddenly locked themselves up after their talk with the master of the house.

Down on their boxer shorts, the guy-housemates simply wrapped a towel around their waists to complete their outfit for the occasion. Mcoy on the other hand took charge in preparing mango shakes and apple slices as finger foods. At the same time, he played as host for the event, welcoming the girls to the dimly-lit living room as soon as they finished doing their make-up. With his signal, his ‘professionally-trained staff’ came out one by one, much to the endless mirth of thePBBCE2_ma_jon1106.jpg girls. And as expected, the boys' ‘strip show’ increased everyone’s laughter.

On top of that, the ‘slaves’ for the night provided a luxurious massage experience for the ladies. They were given a chance to choose from the ravishing bodies before them. With Mcoy’s suggestive quips, here are the following tandems that were formed for the very special rub treat: Megan-Ruben, Riza-Will, Mariel-Jon, Gaby-Donni, Yayo-Baron and Ethel-Victor. But since the Ultimate Pasaway was the last one who picked, Mcoy announced that all the men were hers for the taking!

PBBCE2_wil_riz1106.jpgMeanwhile, time is running out and the housemates have yet to compose two original songs for PBB’s Concert For A Cause. And from where I’m seating, it looks like Big Brother is trying to outsmart them into failing again through his bizarre requirements. But of course, they have no choice but to do what he says. The problem is, Mcoy, their in-house songwriter, is feeling under the weather so Ethel owns up that responsibility.

Will they come up with the necessary line-up for their presentation? When are they going to start rehearsing for it? Unravel the hottest drama and adventures of Kuya’s fascinating residents on Uber and Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 at their designated time slots on ABS-CBN.

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Girl Power!

November 06, 2007 7:09 PM

PinoyBigBrotherSimilar to the "Mary Went To The Market" game, the two teams had to race against each other while wearing different costumes and accessories of the opposite sex. But for the twist, the housemates had to jump in the pool, swim towards the other side, and dive for an accessory hidden in the treasure chest deep in the water. After wearing the costume and swimming in the water, the player must pass on the costume to his or her teammate until all the players had taken their turn. But as the players discovered, swimming in the water with all the clothes on was one tough challenge.PinoyBigBrother

But after a couple of rounds, the girls finished first, with Ethel making sure that she had worn all the clothes and accessories. Coming in way behind, the boys just accepted their fate in the game. Upon Big Brother's announcement, the girls cheered and all together jumped in the pool to celebrate their victory. As a punishment for the losers, the boys must think of a way to entertain the girls on their special night out.

Keep it locked in here to find out what Kuya has in store for the ladies' night and what the boys will do as punishment. Also, watch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 tonight right after Lastikman as Kris Aquino goes inside the famous yellow house to bond with our celebrity housemates.

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BIG game of Pusoy Dos

November 06, 2007 3:47 PM

04-1106cards.jpgRight after their newscasting task in the confession room and before planning out their variety show for this week, our celebrity housemates all decided to have fun with the huge playing cards laid on the table. The interesting thing about the playing cards they found was that instead of the regular King, Queen, and Jack faces, the pictures of Kuya's ex-housemates were featured, from Season 1, Celebrity Edition 1, Teen Edition, and the most recent Season 2.

04-1106cards1.jpgThe housemates used the big cards to play all the card games that they could think of. Donnie initially suggested a certain card game and demonstrated it. However, the housemates found the game too complicated for their lazy minds to comprehend. They all then decided to play the popular Filipino card game of Pusoy Dos. Mariel took charge of shuffling and distributing the cards, looking like a seasoned cardplayer. When Jon appeared to be totally clueless with Pusoy Dos, Mariel volunteered to assist the English Outcast with his cards. The rest, apparently, had an easy time coming up with tactics to get the best cards in their hands.

04-1106cards2.jpgBut after a couple of games, everyone got bored and set the huge cards aside. Some settled on the couch to take power naps while the others went straight to the storage room for the materials they will be using for their weekly task. All of them were very concerned about their production number because they are determined to win this week and reclaim 100% of their budget which they bet on this task. Let's just hope that everything would turn out for the best for our celebrity housemates. If you want a sneak peek of how the day went inside the famous yellow house,

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Bump on the road

November 06, 2007 2:23 AM
PBBCE2_video1105.jpgTonight, Big Brother finally bestowed the last of the housemates' three wishes, that is, to receive a luxurious manicure treatment. As such, even those who were already fast asleep were woken up to have their nails done on the storage room. And they have been wide awake since then.

Their penchant for whiling away time on the dining table during their Gising Na Gising task overcame them now that it was finally returned to them. But the easy chats soon turned to a serious note when Gaby returned from the confession room with the news that Big Brother had asked them to change the concept that they have submitted for their weekly task due to copyright issues.

As mentioned on the previous article, they have to come up with a spectacular variety show, worthy of the fee that the audience will be paying for this upcoming PBB Celebrity Edition 2 showdown. As it happens, the proceeds of which will benefit CebuCity’s Provincial Detention and RehabilitationCenter. In fact, they were shown a video earlier of a famous dance number of its inmates that they have to include on their presentation. From the looks of it, what they’ve seen was a piece of cake.PBBCE2_copyright1105.jpg

But then again, they encountered a bump on the road with this latest instruction from Kuya. They were a little confused though since they weren’t questioned regarding exclusive rights before. Suspicious, Ethel said that maybe they are being challenged this way because they betted hundred percent of their budget for the second time around. Whatever Big Brother’s reasons are, the reality is, they have to create a new idea fast so they can begin their rehearsals. If not that, then they should take their complaints to Kuya himself.

Will they be changing their agreed theme “The Housemates Go Wild”? Or will they stick to it and simply alter some of the songs they have in mind?

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