Thursday, December 20, 2007

Portraits with the Piglets

December 20, 2007 1:15 PM

10-1220pigportrait1.jpgAfter Riza relayed the instructions, the housemates all got into the pigpen to get their piglets. They were all surprised to see how Peggy's littles have all grown. Ethel was even caught off guard when she tried to carry one of the piglets who have gained an unbelievable weight. The sexy-comedian, however, missed the company of her godpiglet Don who was taken out of the house after losing in the PBB Olympigs. Jon, on the other hand, decided to take Biboy into his care since godmother Yayo is already out. Meanwhile, the other housemates got all excited as they will have a chance to play 10-1220pigportrait4.jpgwith the hyperactive piglets.

The boys took out the painting materials from the storage room while the girls guarded the piglets, making sure that no one will accidentally fall into the pool. Then after a while, everyone got into their comfortable places as they begin their works of art. Big Brother also played some instrumental music to inspire the housemates in coming up with their respective masterpieces. The activity also served as an outlet for Baron to show his artistry with the brush and canvass. The rest, meanwhile, also took the opportunity to enhance their 10-1220pigportrait6.jpgcreativity and imagination.

But aside from the painting, the housemates must also spend some quality time with their piglets as part of the day's task. They must properly groom their godpiglets, scratch their bellies, and play with them all throughout the day. This seemed to be a perfect time for our housemates to enjoy the fresh air and the great sunlight on the garden. But the question now is, what can we expect from our housemates' paintings? Be sure to keep locked in here to see their beautiful masterpieces. Also, watch Uber this afternoon at 5:30 for the latest happenings inside Kuya's house.

Honoring one's mother

December 20, 2007 12:00 AM

PinoyBogBrotherA fun line-up of activities were in store for the housemates yesterday which includes the continuation of their impersonation task, the “Walk to Bethlehem” and the rewarding seafood feast for the girls who won the underwater charades. But all these took a backseat as Yayo received the news of her mom’s critical condition, rushed to the hospital to visit her, only to find her gone forever. Her plans to show her love to Mrs. Helen Racelis by giving her all the good things in life were taken away. And now, she has no way of telling her that she’s one of the reasons why she sacrificed a lot to make it to the Big Win.

It was heart-breaking to see Yayo break down when she arrived in her mom’s hospital bed with a white sheet covering the dead body. Amidst her sobs, she asked her relatives if her mother felt bad for not hearing from her for so long and the fact that she failed to talk to her about her stint in PBB. But when she finally calmed down, she decided to return on Kuya’s home, thinking that her mom would want her to. Much later, this was what she explained to Big Brother.

PinoyBogBrotherHowever, the Big Brother advised that it’s more important for her to be at her mother’s side to oversee the funeral as a tribute to her. He further noted that bagging the million-peso prize from the show is nothing compared to the opportunity to show her worth as a daughter to her parent. “Para makabawi ka din sa nawalang oras sa inyong dalawang mag-ina. It is time to honor your mother.” With that said, Yayo was enlightened as to the best option for her to pursue.

This paved the way for another momentous voluntary exit in this edition’s history. But as PBB Host Toni Gonzaga clarified, the profits from the voting for this week’s canceled eviction would all go to Yayo as part of the program’s condolences for her family.

In the meantime, life goes on in the famous yellow house. Tune in to the celebrity housemates’ latest adventures and mishaps on PBB Uber and Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2.

Flowers from the housemates

December 19, 2007 6:58 PM

PinoyBigBrotherMourning filled the famous yellow house as our celebrity housemates faced the day without their beloved Mommy Yayo. While thinking of a way to extend financial support to Yayo and her family, the housemates got the chance to do their first good deed for their "mommy housemate." Everyone worked together on a flower arrangement that they will offer to the wake as a symbol of love and respect for Yayo's departed mother.

While arranging the flowers, the housemates talked about the happy and unforgettable times they had with Yayo inside the house. It seemed that everybody missed the way Yayo would prepare breakfast, and of course, remind them to clean the table after eating. They also gave their personal messages, wishing Yayo the best during this trying time PinoyBigBrotherin her life.

Also, Uber host Bianca visited the wake early this afternoon and got the chance to talk to Yayo. After getting enough sleep and moral support from family and friends, Yayo is now feeling a bit better compared to yesterday. She remains strong by keeping her faith in the Lord, believing that everything happens for a reason. Yayo reminisced how her mother was such a happy and optimistic woman. Yayo also shared the premonition she had early this week when, for no clear reason, she felt uneasy and sick. She confessed how devastated she was for on the way to the hospital, she hoped that her mother was in a better condition to talk to her. Unfortunately, all was too late for Yayo, and now that her mother has already joined our Creator, all that Yayo could do for her is to leave Kuya's house and bring her to her final resting place.

Watch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 tonight right after Ysabella for Yayo's tearful farewell to the other celebrity housemates.

Yayo speaks of her pains

December 19, 2007 2:15 PM

10-1219rizarubenwill.jpgThe deafening silence inside the Big Brother house was disturbed when a video was played on the plasma screen in the living room. Big Brother showed to all the housemates the video of Yayo in the confession room when she made her bitter decision of leaving the house for good. She confessed to Kuya how frustrated she was that she never got the chance to talk to her mom two months before she became a celebrity housemate and that she was not able to inform her of her plans to join PBB. But the truth was that it was her mother and her children who were the reasons she decided to be in the top-rating reality show. Yayo intended to use the money she would earn not only to support her family but also to pay for her mother's medication. She even shared how she had been dreaming of buying her mother a cellphone with a camera, some new clothes and nice shoes. Unfortunately, Yayo and her family don't have enough money to indulge in those luxuries. Yayo found herself caught between her 10-1219baronruben.jpgduties as a daughter and her responsibilities as a mother.

Since her mother was one of the reasons she decided to become a celebrity housemates, Yayo bears the pain in knowing that one of the driving forces in surviving every day inside Kuya's house had passed away. In her nine week sacrifice filled stay inside the house, Yayo had been looking forward to seeing her mother, but now that is all impossible, much more as Christmas is just a few days away. As she spends her Christmas grieving over the tragic loss, her beloved housemates are beginning to think of a way to help her out.

10-1219jonmariel.jpgAfter being moved by the video, Mariel told Baron of how convinced she is that Yayo was destined to be in the Big Four, but now that Yayo's gone, another housemate will take her well-deserved slot. The pretty houseguest thought that whoever the Big Four will be, they must at least share a portion of their cash prize to Yayo. Having seen Yayo and her family in the hospital, Mariel now knows how Yayo loves her family so much, and whatever financial support they can give her will be for the benefit of her children's education. However, Mariel felt that she is not in the position to impose her suggestions since she is just a houseguest. Baron, on the other hand, agreed that the Big Four should extend help to Yayo. Ruben also supported the idea without any hesitation since, being a parent himself, he knew how important it is for a mother to see her kids finish school.

What will be the other ways in which our celebrity housemates can help Yayo during this difficult time? How will Big Brother extend his condolences to the housemate who became a big part of his abode? Watch Uber this afternoon at 5:30 for more updates on Yayo and the other housemates.

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