Thursday, October 25, 2007

Difference Between Winners and Losers

October 26, 2007 1:07 AM

PBBCE2_walking espasols1025.jpgBecoming human espasols wasn’t such a bad experience after all. After doing their personal frou-frous inside the house, Big Brother called the housemates to return at the activity area. The losing team which comprised Ethel, Ruben, Mariel, Jon, Jen, Marylaine, Mcoy and Zara dipped their faces into a bowl of flour as part of their punishment. Then with the help of the winning team, they compressed together and allowed their free housemates to roll a tarp around them to form a life-size bundle of espasol!

Those who remained positive about it were Ruben who even thanked Big Brother for the chance to have his complexion whitened and Mcoy who led their group in singing a jingle fit for their condition. On the contrary, Ethel had a serious look on her face which reflected her feelings about their cramped position. She rarely joined the girls’ laughter and teasing complaints on Mcoy’s sweaty body. After circling the place twice, the human espasols slowly walked back to the living room.

Before boredom dawned on them however, Kuya made the best out of their sentence by makingPBBCE2_stopdance1025.jpg them play a stop-dance game. The one with the best moves would be released. Ruben, Jen and Mariel didn’t waste time showing what they’ve got. Hence, they were set free immediately. Near the end of the game, only Ethel and Jon were left to continue their grooves. However, the Ultimate Pasaway didn’t enjoy dancing with the hunk from U.K. since Will is more to her liking.

At first she was merely fooling around, but she finally gained enough courage to exercise her HOH powers and commanded the True Lover to swap places with the English Outcast! Will retorted that he couldn’t since he is part of the winners. But he soon realized that he really didn’t have a choice and anyway, he can easily handle Ethel’s seductive antics without offending her.

PBBCE2_kaishou1025.jpgLater, Big Brother gave the signal for their technical dress rehearsal. With all their props done, tonight was the perfect time to practice their shadow play. Direk Mcoy and some of the housemates set the stage again and the video camera which recorded their fantastic acting onscreen. As planned, the theme synched with the coming Halloween mixed with a romantic comedy plot. Ethel and Ruben are the lead stars so you better tune in on this thrilling weekly task which will be shown tomorrow on Uber! You also have to give points for the Real Mcoy for doing a great job at guiding his flock in fulfilling their respective roles.

After going through their performance thrice, they were told to go inside their rooms again. Unknown to Ethel, she was asked to stay with the guys because the girls were preparing a surprise milk bath for her. She looked dejected until Mcoy lured him into their boys’ talk.PBBCE2_ethelboys1025.jpg For one moment, the Ultimate Pasaway was inclined to join their conversation when Victor chivalrously asked her if there was anything else that she needed. Then one of them remarked that perhaps they could have a “sausage party” or something. This led to their interesting chat about blood sausage, a popular dish in U.K before Mcoy launched into freaky ghost stories.

Then at last, the beautiful ladies tagged Ethel along inside the bathroom for the ultimate surprise. But it seems that her mind is elsewhere (thinking about her boyfriend trouble perhaps). Her simple reaction was she wasn’t a bit surprised. Nevertheless, she took pleasure on the relaxing spa treatment for her. Meanwhile, the winning team finally received their pedicure reward for their success on the Magic Carpet Ride challenge! Mariel was so envious of them but all she could do was to enjoy a nice hot coffee on the kitchen table!

Tomorrow, the much-awaited Kaishou Taishu act will reach its PBBCE2_nom1025.jpgconclusion! Will the housemates celebrate another triumph or not? On top of this, thefirst Eviction Night this season is drawing closer! Who among the nominated housemates deserve to stay? Simply key in BB 2 to vote for Megan and BB 8 for Marylaine and Jen then send it to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless subscribers or 231 for Smart and Talk N Text subscribers.

Brace yourselves for these frenzied events on Uber and Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 on the primetime block!

Magic Carpet Ride

October 25, 2007 7:52 PM

PBBCE2In the middle of their busy day, the housemates had the chance to play a very fun game in this afternoon's Uber. In a challenge called the Magic Carpet Ride, two teams out do each other in reversing a huge tarpaulin using only their feet. The first team was made up of Baron, Donnie, Gaby, Megan, Riza, Victor, Will, and Yayo. The second team was composed of Ethel, Jen, Jon, Mariel, Marylaine, Mcoy, and Zara. Whoever wins in this challenge will get to have their feet pampered with a pedicure, while the losing team will have to serve as human "espasols."

But before getting into the game, the two teams presented their respective team cheers. Baron's group, The Rugrats, claimed that they were the team to beat. Ethel's group, on the other hand, integrated humor into their cheer. Then, on Kuya's signal, the two teams stepped on their respective giant tarpaulins and tried to flip it using their feet. As their tarpaulin started to unfold, all the members held on to each other to keep themselves in place while trying to be the first to finish the task.

PBBCE2In the end, team one managed to finish the game first. Baron and company celebrated their victory as Kuya announced the pedicure treat awaiting them. However, Ethel and her team were bothered as they learn the consequence of their defeat. They must all serve as human "espasols" compete with thick powder all over their body.

The greatest reward of this task, though, was when the housemates saw big pictures of their loved ones on the flip side of their tarpaulins. Our celebrity housemates began to miss the people who they left behind upon their entrance in the famous yellow house. After the game, each housemate was given a short opportunity to greet their love ones whose pictures were in the tarpaulin. It was a very heartwarming time for everyone because they miss those people very much. If you want to see the full drama behind this task, keep watching Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2, weeknights on ABS-CBN.

Ethel Complains, Marylaine Fights Back

October 25, 2007 4:40 PM

week021025jenmay.jpgEver since her red-carpet welcome as the 13th celebrity housemate, Ethel looked like she was having a blast bonding with the other celebrities. That's why it comes as a shock that behind the loud laughter and hilarious jokes, Ethel was not happy about some things. While taking a break from their tiring Shadow Play rehearsal, Ethel confessed to Mariel that something's bothering her. The Ultimate Pasaway opened her heart out to the BB Spy about the difficult tasks and unfair punishments that are almost driving her nuts. She confidently told Mariel that she finds some of Big Brother's rules irrational and unfair. She believed that some tasks have no use but to play on the housemates' minds and feelings. Ethel mentioned the punishment that Donald got because of Baron's laziness. Ethel thought that Kuya should have punished Baron because it was his fault in the first place. week021025jen.jpgShe also brought up the issue about her punishment because of her "whisper" violation. Ethel said that when she was punished, she felt like swearing for she felt she didn't violate any rule. However, Ethel chose to let the issue pass by. But what Ethel failed to realize was that, with her lapel and the cameras around, her confession was for everyone to hear. Kuya immediately called Ethel into the confession room.

Afterwards, another woman bravely spoke her mind about a serious issue. Marylaine told Jen that she felt insulted during the rehearsal when Jen kept on pointing out her mistakes. Marylaine further accused her ex-26K mate of making a story that most of the ladies in their group despised her. But Jen justified that during the rehearsal, she was also scrutinizing the others, hence, Marylaine has no right to claim that she's a target. However, Marylaine refused to allow Jen to twist the week021025marylaine.jpgstory, and another argument later exploded between the 2-in-1 housemates. The others told them to calm down, and Jen told Marylaine to shut up. But Marylaine answered back, saying that no one except Big Brother has the right to tell her what to do.

What transpired between Ethel and Big Brother's conversation? Where will Jen and Marylaine's disagreement lead to? Be sure to catch Uber this afternoon at 5:30 PM for a sneak peak on this story. For more of the drama and intrigues involving our housemates, keep watching Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 weeknights on Primetime Bida.

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