Saturday, December 22, 2007

Counting Kuya's coins

December 22, 2007 1:51 PM

10-1222barya1.jpgThe Christmas weekend inside the famous yellow house began with positive outcome. Fresh from their sold-out piggy painting auction, the sweet end of their 145 kilometer tread mill journey, and the indulging skin care session with Dra. Vicky Belo, our celebrity housemates are now looking forward on their preparation for their Christmas celebration. But for today, Big Brother ushered in yet another challenging task, and this time around, the housemates had to use their money skills.

Everyone was surprised to see gazillions of coins scattered all over the living room floor. All the housemates had no clue on where the coins came from and what their purpose were. But after a while, Kuya instructed them to collect all the coins and count them one by one to figure how much all the pennies are worth. Immediately, the housemates 10-1222barya2.jpgworked together in getting all the coins from the floor to the wide dining table where they counted all the money.

Although the task was not physically challenging, it required much silence and concentration so as none of them will lost count. Inspiring Christmas songs were also played on the background, and this completed the Christmas mood inside the house as all teh money that the housemates were counting seemed like "aguinaldo" for children. Meanwhile, Jon could not even believe that he would be counting that much money again since his days working in a British bank. Everyone agreed to group the coins per Php 1,000 worth so if ever Big Brother asks for the final count, they will all have an easy time counting the coins. They used all the materials available in the house, like bowls, buckets, and plastic bags, to make their job a lot easier. After putting all the counted coins in the plastic bags, they made sure that each bag is double-covered and carefully 10-1222barya3.jpgtaped so the bag will not be pierced. Mariel also got the big plastic chest where they placed all the money bags.

After a couple of hours of counting, with their fingertips all stinking of metal, the housemates placed the Php 9,443.75 worth of coins in the chest. On Kuya's signal, they helped out in carrying the heavy chest into the confession room. But up to now, the mystery still remains on who will benefit from all these coins. Keep it here for more updates on this task. Also, watch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 tonight after 1 vs 100 to get a sneak peek into what our Kuya have in plans for our celebrity housemates on Christmas day.

Unveiling Their Kris Kringle Babies

December 21, 2007 11:44 PM

PBBCE2_presents1221.jpgBig Brother finally put an end to the housemates Kris Kringle last night. But before they got their respective Christmas wishes for their loved ones, they first had to identify who their babies are. But since the “parents” were busted due to their own carelessness or their babies’ “overt curiosity”, they were required to make out each of the housemates’ monito or monita. Tinsel-wrapped chairs were laid in the garden where they have to take turns in sitting their baby beside their baby’s baby until the circle is completed. And even if Mommy Yayo wasn’t around for this final challenge of their gift-giving activity, a blank seat as intended for her. Except for the one arranging their respective positions, the rest of the housemates were blindfolded to avoid cheating.

Mariel was the first one to try it out and her nosiness certainly helped her along. With her accomplishment came an ultra fun and trendy computer game for her nephews Havey and Paco. The succeeding attempts were also successful. As such, Gaby got voice lessons from TrumpetMusicAcademy and Playshop for her sister, Riza had a Christmas food basket for a close friend whom she met here in the country and Ethel received garden statues of Snow White and the seven dwarves for her friend in Cebu.

PBBCE2_presents1221.jpgActually, most of them made requests for their pamangkins. For the boys, Jon asked for a doll with a complete set of its accessories, which was obviously for his niece. Baron picked a board game so he can bond with his little nephews. Will got a DVD compilation of his PBB experiences for his proud mom to show to their neighborhood. Then when it was time for Ruben’s turn, Big Brother almost forgot him, much to the housemates’ sudden burst of laughter. In the end though, he obtained a plane ticket for a family reunion. However, he later asked Big Brother if his gift was meant as a one-way ticket. Does this mean that he’s gonna provide for her mom’s return ticket? Let’s see what Kuya has to say to his dilemma tomorrow on Pinoy Big Brother Primetime Bida!

PBB Limited Paintings, Sold Out!

December 21, 2007 8:33 PM

PBBCE2_poshb1221.jpgA big screen outside the famous yellow house was supposed to show the masterpieces of the celebrity housemates until all their piggy paintings are sold out within 24 hours. But there's no need to do that anymore since all of master pieces are now purchased by goodhearted individuals. At first though, Baron remained in a pressing situation for no one seems to desire his quite scruffy work. He justified its condition saying that he was a little tired when he drew it. However, he announced that he’s willing to create another one for whoever will buy it. In desperation, he even called out to Donnie, their mom and even his manager to be strong enough to open their wallets. But with the help of Riza’s kiss on his painting, Rafael Jonah of Tandang Sora Quezon City later acquired it.

Up next on the auction floor was Riza with “Apollo Langit”, featuring Victor’s godpig. She even included a lightning in her design since it’s a favorite symbol of the model-actor. She explained that it may appear that she was being electrocuted because she had PBBCE2_poshb1221.jpgdrawn it in a wrong place. But in spite of her misgivings about it, her work of art was immediately bought by Mariflor Escano of Quezon City.

Another successful bid came with Will’s “Love-Hate” obra, claiming that its splashes of yellow and pink colors give it an “astig facor”. He invited everyone to take it for its simplicity. He was explaining the details of his work when Ethel suddenly came in the picture to help him advertise through her alluring dancing prowess. Then she later exclaimed while advancing in on Will, “Bibilin ko na ‘yan kasama ka for P3,000. Deal or no deal? Dali na!” She further asked her siblings to come to Kuya’s abodeand buy Will’s painting for her. Apparently, the hilarious sight that they made paid off because Ezekiel Sarapio of Sampaloc, Manila took it home!

On the other hand, Jon was lucky enough to have Mariel as his champion for she used her professional hosting skills to promote his scary depiction of Biboy. Yet it was still sold not only because the buyer was moved by Mariel’s explanation that the piglet’s tear represents his sadness PBBCE2_poshb1221.jpgfor Yayo’s sudden exit, but because April Sazon of Parañaque bought it. And she happens to be Mariel’s mom! Kuya’s bubbly houseguest was shocked to hear that her mother bided for it. But then she was glad that she did as it's for a good cause. Jon smilingly added, "Thank you mom!" much to Gaby's mirth.

Ultimately, Ethel's funny portrayal of "Swimming with the babes" was procured by Jen of Las Piñas, who's no less than their ex-housemate herself. While Ruben's long wait for his painting to be sold finally came with Riza Reyes as his savior. With this, the housemates were able to save their beloved piglets from being taken away.

Welcome to PBB Home TV Shopping!

December 21, 2007 6:57 PM

PinoyBigBrotherJust this morning, Big Brother told all the celebrity housemates that three Kapamilyas namely Aling Lydia, Mang Tomas, and Aling Mila express their desire to buy Peggy's little ones for Php 20,000, the proceeds of which will go to a non-profit organization. But the housemates were greatly affected by Kuya's decision and had a protest. However, they were given the chance to save their godpiglets by selling the paintings they made yesterday through an auction. They must be able to raise the Php 20k amount to save the piglets from being sold, and the money will be donated to a non-profit organization

After wearing their Filipiniana costumes, the housemates went straight into the garden. Through a live camera, the housemates sold their works of art to all interested buyers. Mariel was the first one to sell her "Balake Aketch" painting featuring the cute piglet Posh. The pretty houseguest put her masterpiece for sale at Php 3,000 and invited all her UpLate, Uber, and Wowowee fans to place their bids. Afterwards, Gaby stepped in front of the camera to convince all her relatives and friends to buy her impressive "Liwayway" painting featuring PinoyBigBrotherher godpiglet Porkchop for only Php 5,000. The paintings were soon snatched up by eager followers of Mariel and Gaby which made the housemates cheer with delight. It was indeed a good sign that the cute piglets are about to have a good life.

Uber host Bianca Gonzales also gave an update on the piglet's mom, Peggy. She visited Mommy Peggy in her new home in Paradizoo in Tagaytay. There, the famous housepig has been enjoying a nice life in the care of the zoo officials. The question now, however, is if Peggy's offspring will have the same fate as their mother's.

Anyone who wants to own any of the limited edition PBB masterpieces can visit the PBB house where a big screen will show the celebrity housemates in their creative sales talk. The housemates are given only 24 hours to raise the Php 20,000 amount to assure the piglets' 'future'.

Meanwhile, catch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 tonight right after Ysabella for more of the Christmas Boggle game, the exciting ending to the PBB Kris Kringle, and the tension that sparked between Ethel and Riza.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Portraits with the Piglets

December 20, 2007 1:15 PM

10-1220pigportrait1.jpgAfter Riza relayed the instructions, the housemates all got into the pigpen to get their piglets. They were all surprised to see how Peggy's littles have all grown. Ethel was even caught off guard when she tried to carry one of the piglets who have gained an unbelievable weight. The sexy-comedian, however, missed the company of her godpiglet Don who was taken out of the house after losing in the PBB Olympigs. Jon, on the other hand, decided to take Biboy into his care since godmother Yayo is already out. Meanwhile, the other housemates got all excited as they will have a chance to play 10-1220pigportrait4.jpgwith the hyperactive piglets.

The boys took out the painting materials from the storage room while the girls guarded the piglets, making sure that no one will accidentally fall into the pool. Then after a while, everyone got into their comfortable places as they begin their works of art. Big Brother also played some instrumental music to inspire the housemates in coming up with their respective masterpieces. The activity also served as an outlet for Baron to show his artistry with the brush and canvass. The rest, meanwhile, also took the opportunity to enhance their 10-1220pigportrait6.jpgcreativity and imagination.

But aside from the painting, the housemates must also spend some quality time with their piglets as part of the day's task. They must properly groom their godpiglets, scratch their bellies, and play with them all throughout the day. This seemed to be a perfect time for our housemates to enjoy the fresh air and the great sunlight on the garden. But the question now is, what can we expect from our housemates' paintings? Be sure to keep locked in here to see their beautiful masterpieces. Also, watch Uber this afternoon at 5:30 for the latest happenings inside Kuya's house.

Honoring one's mother

December 20, 2007 12:00 AM

PinoyBogBrotherA fun line-up of activities were in store for the housemates yesterday which includes the continuation of their impersonation task, the “Walk to Bethlehem” and the rewarding seafood feast for the girls who won the underwater charades. But all these took a backseat as Yayo received the news of her mom’s critical condition, rushed to the hospital to visit her, only to find her gone forever. Her plans to show her love to Mrs. Helen Racelis by giving her all the good things in life were taken away. And now, she has no way of telling her that she’s one of the reasons why she sacrificed a lot to make it to the Big Win.

It was heart-breaking to see Yayo break down when she arrived in her mom’s hospital bed with a white sheet covering the dead body. Amidst her sobs, she asked her relatives if her mother felt bad for not hearing from her for so long and the fact that she failed to talk to her about her stint in PBB. But when she finally calmed down, she decided to return on Kuya’s home, thinking that her mom would want her to. Much later, this was what she explained to Big Brother.

PinoyBogBrotherHowever, the Big Brother advised that it’s more important for her to be at her mother’s side to oversee the funeral as a tribute to her. He further noted that bagging the million-peso prize from the show is nothing compared to the opportunity to show her worth as a daughter to her parent. “Para makabawi ka din sa nawalang oras sa inyong dalawang mag-ina. It is time to honor your mother.” With that said, Yayo was enlightened as to the best option for her to pursue.

This paved the way for another momentous voluntary exit in this edition’s history. But as PBB Host Toni Gonzaga clarified, the profits from the voting for this week’s canceled eviction would all go to Yayo as part of the program’s condolences for her family.

In the meantime, life goes on in the famous yellow house. Tune in to the celebrity housemates’ latest adventures and mishaps on PBB Uber and Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2.

Flowers from the housemates

December 19, 2007 6:58 PM

PinoyBigBrotherMourning filled the famous yellow house as our celebrity housemates faced the day without their beloved Mommy Yayo. While thinking of a way to extend financial support to Yayo and her family, the housemates got the chance to do their first good deed for their "mommy housemate." Everyone worked together on a flower arrangement that they will offer to the wake as a symbol of love and respect for Yayo's departed mother.

While arranging the flowers, the housemates talked about the happy and unforgettable times they had with Yayo inside the house. It seemed that everybody missed the way Yayo would prepare breakfast, and of course, remind them to clean the table after eating. They also gave their personal messages, wishing Yayo the best during this trying time PinoyBigBrotherin her life.

Also, Uber host Bianca visited the wake early this afternoon and got the chance to talk to Yayo. After getting enough sleep and moral support from family and friends, Yayo is now feeling a bit better compared to yesterday. She remains strong by keeping her faith in the Lord, believing that everything happens for a reason. Yayo reminisced how her mother was such a happy and optimistic woman. Yayo also shared the premonition she had early this week when, for no clear reason, she felt uneasy and sick. She confessed how devastated she was for on the way to the hospital, she hoped that her mother was in a better condition to talk to her. Unfortunately, all was too late for Yayo, and now that her mother has already joined our Creator, all that Yayo could do for her is to leave Kuya's house and bring her to her final resting place.

Watch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 tonight right after Ysabella for Yayo's tearful farewell to the other celebrity housemates.

Yayo speaks of her pains

December 19, 2007 2:15 PM

10-1219rizarubenwill.jpgThe deafening silence inside the Big Brother house was disturbed when a video was played on the plasma screen in the living room. Big Brother showed to all the housemates the video of Yayo in the confession room when she made her bitter decision of leaving the house for good. She confessed to Kuya how frustrated she was that she never got the chance to talk to her mom two months before she became a celebrity housemate and that she was not able to inform her of her plans to join PBB. But the truth was that it was her mother and her children who were the reasons she decided to be in the top-rating reality show. Yayo intended to use the money she would earn not only to support her family but also to pay for her mother's medication. She even shared how she had been dreaming of buying her mother a cellphone with a camera, some new clothes and nice shoes. Unfortunately, Yayo and her family don't have enough money to indulge in those luxuries. Yayo found herself caught between her 10-1219baronruben.jpgduties as a daughter and her responsibilities as a mother.

Since her mother was one of the reasons she decided to become a celebrity housemates, Yayo bears the pain in knowing that one of the driving forces in surviving every day inside Kuya's house had passed away. In her nine week sacrifice filled stay inside the house, Yayo had been looking forward to seeing her mother, but now that is all impossible, much more as Christmas is just a few days away. As she spends her Christmas grieving over the tragic loss, her beloved housemates are beginning to think of a way to help her out.

10-1219jonmariel.jpgAfter being moved by the video, Mariel told Baron of how convinced she is that Yayo was destined to be in the Big Four, but now that Yayo's gone, another housemate will take her well-deserved slot. The pretty houseguest thought that whoever the Big Four will be, they must at least share a portion of their cash prize to Yayo. Having seen Yayo and her family in the hospital, Mariel now knows how Yayo loves her family so much, and whatever financial support they can give her will be for the benefit of her children's education. However, Mariel felt that she is not in the position to impose her suggestions since she is just a houseguest. Baron, on the other hand, agreed that the Big Four should extend help to Yayo. Ruben also supported the idea without any hesitation since, being a parent himself, he knew how important it is for a mother to see her kids finish school.

What will be the other ways in which our celebrity housemates can help Yayo during this difficult time? How will Big Brother extend his condolences to the housemate who became a big part of his abode? Watch Uber this afternoon at 5:30 for more updates on Yayo and the other housemates.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ethel is jealous of Riza

December 19, 2007 12:17 AM

PBBCE2_confusion1218.jpgFor their Kris Kringle, the assigned babies are Yayo for Mariel, Jon for Ethel, Will for Gaby, Mariel for Will, Jon for Ethel, Gaby for Ruben, Riza for Yayo, Ethel for Baron and Ruben for Jon. All of them try their best not to get caught whenever they are pulling off their good deed for the day. Inspired by this dilemma, Mariel began to confuse the housemates by prepping hilarious surprises for the guys. Baron happened to be there when she thought of her crazy idea so he later clued his roommates in about this. What’s more, he convinced them to pull of the same stunt to the girls. Unbeknownst to them, Big Brother divulged their secret plan to the girls while the latter were in the confession room! Pandemonium broke soon after that as the boys got caught in the act.

That same day, Ethel celebrated her actual birthday in an annoyed state after seeing Will kiss Riza goodnight the night before. Her jealousy seemed to be real enough for she was confessing her irritation towards Riza to Big Brother himself. Unlike her, the Canadian beauty queen didn’t have to beg Will to show her his sweet side. As it was, she confronted the couple for destroying what should have been her very special day. But the German hunk evaded her pleas for a kiss despite her persistence.

PBBCE2_respect1218.jpgTonight, we also witnessed how Big Brother asked Ethel to surprise her housemates by cooking a delicious dinner for them. To keep a mysterious effect, Ethel refused to disclose her plans when she started to set up a table for two. As such, everyone thought that she’s either having an ex-boyfriend as a visitor or she would be dining with Will. And Big Brother was also puzzled by it. But when she was finally dressed, she revealed that the romantic treat was for them after all, and the extra plate was meant for Kuya even if he couldn’t join them. Hence, he simply relayed his wish for her, Sana magtuloy-tuloy ang respeto na nakuha mo sa loob ng aking bahay,” because in truth, there’s really more to her than meets the eye.

But the question is, will she wage war against Riza in her own crafty way for trying to steal Will away from her? Catch her wild antics only in Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2.

Yayo quits tonight!

December 18, 2007 8:34 PM

PBBCE2_VE1218.jpgSilence stretched inside Big Brother’s famous home as the housemates come to terms with the grief that Yayo is going through. Each of them found their own corner to reflect on Mrs. Helen Racelis’ death, knowing that losing a loved one is always a difficult moment. And being the bonded family that they’ve become in the months that they were together, they hurt so badly for this sad news.

For an unknown reason, they were detained for a while in the boys’ bedroom while Mariel went in the confession room alone to receive a special task for this evening. Since then, she is yet to be seen by the housemates including Yayo who arrived just to get her things. Amidst her obvious pain, she tried to laugh and even remembered to ask the others to continue doing good deeds for Riza who happens to be her Kris Kringle baby.

PBBCE2_VE1218.jpgIn a serious note, she relayed that she’s still uncertain as to how long the wake for her mom would be because they have to contact Mrs. Racelis’ mother and sister in California to tell them about what happened. It appeared that no one wanted to take responsibility in passing on the bad news for Yayo’s grandmother also has a heart ailment. That was their dilemma when she left their house but the Mom in Distress claimed that maybe her relatives have fixed this by now. And if they decided to come over for the burial, then the wake would take longer since they have to wait for them.

In relation to her lost opportunity as a contender for the Big Win, Ethel advised her to think it over and see if she could get her slot back since her situation transcends the previous reasons of those who have made a voluntary exit. The sexy comedienne reminded her of this when Big Brother PBBCE2_VE1218.jpgfinally opened the huge doors on the garden for her to make her way out. But of course, this is not really of essence at this point in time so Yayo simply bid them goodbye with the thought that she will be seeing them soon in the outside world. “Thank you guys. I love you guys”, she shouted.

Will Yayo opt to become a balik-bahay housemate and swallow her claim on disliking the concept of which because it's unfair? More importantly, will Big Brother allow her the same privilege like Gaby had when she came back from her seminar abroad? For now, all that's clear is that the remaining nominated housemates for this week is saved albeit by such a tragic affair. In effect, Yayo's voluntary exit meant that the usual process for eviction is now canceled. Tune in to Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 for the full impact of this mournful episode, tomorrow on Primetime Bida.

Yayo's mother passes away

December 18, 2007 6:54 PM

PinoyBigBrotherIn this afternoon's Uber, Bianca Gonzales broke the news that Yayo's mother had passed away this afternoon. Kuya talked to Mariel in the confession room and had her relay the events that happened during her and Yayo's absence. The pretty houseguest accompanied Yayo to the hospital this noon instantly when Yayo learned of the devastating news. When Mariel and Yayo left the house a few hours ago, they were deeply hoping that they will see Yayo's mother in a better condition. Unfortunately, on their way to the hospital, Mrs. Racelis had succumbed to a cardiac arrest. Mariel shed light on Yayo's condition while dealing with the great loss. According to Mariel, Yayo was greatly affected because she never had the chance to speak to her mother before she entered Kuya's house a couple of months ago. Apparently Mrs. Racelis had already been suffering from diabetes and a serious heart ailment.

PinoyBigBrotherMariel left the confession room and personally told the other housemates about the incident. Although they don't know Mrs. Racelis that well, all the housemates knew how much pain Yayo is going through, and together, they lit some white candles and offered a solemn prayer to ask God to give Yayo strength and eternal peace for the soul of her mother. Gaby, Baron, Riza, and the other housemates, who were very close to Yayo, failed to hold their emotions knowing that the housemates they all look up to as their mom in Kuya's house is actually going through a very difficult time. It was then when silence and mourning engulfed the what used to be a loud and fun-filled house.

As of the moment, the remains of Mrs. Racelis is at the Arlington Funeral Homes in Quezon City. Dealing with deep grief at the moment, Yayo has not yet decided on her fate as a celebrity housemate. Will she return to Kuya's house or will she make a voluntary exit for her mother's funeral? Be sure to keep it locked in here for more updates on this matter.

Being Jon Avila

December 18, 2007 2:38 PM

10-1218gabypick.jpgWhen the housemates got out of the confession room, Gaby was tasked to pick a name from the fishbowl. She then picked Jon's name, and all of them immediately wore the colorful boardshorts that Big Brother gave for them to have a more "Jon" feel. They also improvised their sandos, the sexy wifebeater being the signature outfit of the Fil-British hunk. Of course, the housemates all spoke in a deep voice with a matching English accent.

The other housemates also thought of holding a coffee mug and nibbling on the stirrer while relaxing in the garden. Incidentally, they frequently catch Jon in this familiar pose. However, Yayo was puzzled on how could one find pleasure in biting a piece of plastic since after a few minutes of doing so brought a strain on her jaw. On the other hand, while Jon was busy grilling seafood for lunch, he could only laugh as he watched his good friends turn into a bunch of copycats. Ethel even carried the oven toaster with 10-1218yayoethel.jpgher because apparently, Jon was given by his Kris Kringle "parent" last night some special french toasts kept inside the toaster. The sexy-comediane even shouted "I am not a user!" probably to make a joke out of the "user" accusation that she once made against Jon over a month ago.

Another thing that made Jon laugh was watching his close friend Mariel copy his moves. The pretty houseguest, however, found it hard to act manly and tough for she is a true-blue kikay. But Big Brother's real challenge for the housemates was for them to write a short rap song in honor of Jon. The hunky housemate had indeed earned a reputation with his knack in songwriting and hidden fantasy of becoming a rap icon. Will the housemates impress Jon with their music?

10-1218girlswritesong.jpgCatch Uber later this afternoon at 5:30 for another exciting game with the celebrity housemates. But as of now, you may still vote for the housemate who you want to save from eviction. Text BB Riza, BB Gaby, BB Baron or BB Yayo then send it to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless subscribers and 231 for Smart and Talk N Text subscribers. You can also vote on this website or use PBB vote cards, available at all SM department stores nationwide.

You can also save your favorite housemate from eviction and get a chance to win a million pesos with the Globe PBB Celebrity Voting promo! Text GBB (name of your nominated housemate) and send to 2366 to download a PBB picture messages (P15.00/download) and earn 10 votes for your favorite housemate. Each download also earns you 1 raffle entry, getting you 1 step closer to winning a million pesos!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Big Brother's version of "Kris Kringle"

December 18, 2007 1:14 AM

PBBCE2_monito1217.jpgBig Brother inserted a different meaning to our concept of “Kris Kringle” when he required the housemates to accomplish a good deed for their respective “monito” or “monita” in this Christmas-inspired activity which started last Friday. The only hard part is the need to tell Kuya their planned acts of kindness for it to be counted. As such, their momentum sometimes escapes them. But now, they’re becoming better at sneaking their little surprises.

The thrill of Kris Kringle comes from the secrecy of the “giftgivers” identities, whom the housemates fondly call “Mommy or Daddy”. But it seems most of them already discovered their mysterious parents during the weekend! Mariel’s penchant for unraveling secrets is partly to blame for she’s unstoppable in finding out ‘who’s doing a good deed to whom’. Tonight, she discussed the ‘secret going-ons’ to Gaby who has also learned who her Daddy is.

PBBCE2_jon1217.jpgIn the girls’ bedroom, the two talked about Ruben’s efforts in preparing his mini-gift for Gaby. The latter was so surprised how he could have known that ‘12’ is her trademark number during her car racing competitions. Mariel on the other hand complained how her Daddy is yet to give her something nice this week. As if on cue, Jon swiftly placed a small pack of marshmallows and a flower in a high candle holder by the door. It was only Yayo and Riza who saw him do it with the help of Ruben. They didn’t have to clue Mariel in for she must have known that she’s Jon’s monita all this time. Oh well

In the meantime, Ethel arranged a simple dinner for her housemates to celebrate her actual birthday tonight. As soon as her mouthwatering caldereta was cooked, she lighted some candles and sprinkled petals of roses on their special dinner table. Her continued silence made the housemates speculate that she’s having a date with a guest. Only after she wore a stunning red dress did she reveal that the romantic setup was meant for them.

PBBCE2_bdaydinner1217.jpgThis gesture merely highlighted that she is definitely a nurturer, which shows on her attitude towards her relationships. She further demonstrated her fondness for giving by bestowing the housemates her tokens of love and appreciation for making her stay a truly memorable one. But since her gifts included caps, Big Brother reminded his residents not to use them since wearing anything that will cover their faces is prohibited.

Who will stand out as the best giftgiver in their Kris Kringle? Are there those who are feeling “dissatisfied with what they’ve been receiving? Lastly, have they decided on their wishlist for Christmas day? Stay tuned to their fun festivities only in PBB Uber for your afternoon habit and Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 on Primetime Bida.

Happy birthday Ethel!

December 18, 2007 12:15 AM
PBBCE2_concertdiva1217.jpgExtending help to certain charities has become a tradition for Ethel whenever she celebrates her birthday. Being PBB’s in-house resident didn’t hinder her from accomplishing this selfless feat as Big Bother honored her with a benefit concert for the Cribs Foundation last night. But before that, she met with several representatives of the said institution in the activity area to give them their gifts—something which also marks her yearly custom. She was even surprised when she saw that the kids she has been serving in the past are now grown ups.

After their private get-together, Big Brother asked her to rehearse her song numbers in the Eviction Hall. Will heard the commotion and inquired as to who may be performing. At first, his housemates refused to reveal the singer’s identity but when he finally learned that it was Ethel, he was surprised that his naughty suitor can also be a real diva!

PBBCE2_cotillion1217.jpgDressed in her spectacular costumes, Ethel took the stage by storm with her beautiful singing voice. In her opening number, she spotted her loved ones and friends in the crowd without missing a beat. Later, she even dedicated “Love Will Lead You Back” to her ex-boyfriend, whose name she didn’t mention anymore upon seeing her mother frown at her. The latter’s disapproval towards her choice of partners was offset though by the fact that Ethel also devoted a special piece just for her.

Back inside the famous yellow house, the guys surprised the Ultimate Pasaway with a cotillion dance, which Baron spearheaded. Knowing Ethel’s weakness for hunks, they left their torso bare and simply wore their fitted maong pants for a “dishy” impact. Of course, she was charmed by the True Lover the most for he had his rose on his teeth and he let her bite it away from him! More than that, she was also touched by his birthday wish that says, “Your personality shines through PBBCE2_caught1217.jpgthe stars and I know one of these days you’ll find someone who’ll actually suit you.” Her kilig feelings dimmed however when she later caught Will kiss Riza goodnight while she had to beg him many times before just to be treated that way.

But will Ethel persistence eventually bring down the True Lover’s guard against her advances? We’ll see about that in the coming days. But for now, Big Brother is inviting everyone to complete the remaining seven mornings of the misa de gallo right before PBB’s activity area every 4:30 a.m. Breakfasts will be served by the housemates themselves after the mass, with the English Outcast at its forefront as part of his payment for the enormous bill of their Bora party. See you there!

Housemates play the underwater charade

December 17, 2007 7:00 PM

PinoyBigBrotherEach actor must go under the water while acting out the title of the song. A camera was rigged under the pool in front of the actor, and guessers were in the living room watching their teammate from the plasma TV. The actor must hold his or her breath under the water for for as long as he could because once the actor surfaces up the pool, his or her team loses their turn to guess. The rival team, however, has the chance to steal a point.

It was yet another battle of the sexes for our celebrity housemates. Since the boys were outnumbered, Yayo served as referree of the game. Since the underwater set up limited the communication between the actor and the guessers, each teams devised some arbitrary hand signals to facilitate their guessing. Jon was the first to go into the pool, but he found it hard to act out the song "We Wish You A Merry Christmas." Ethel was also unable to make a point for the song "Oh Christmas Tree". Will, on the other hand, immediately rose above the water as he failed to hold his breath for a long time.

PinoyBigBrotherThe girls got their first point when they guessed that Riza was actually acting out "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus." Jon again took his turn as the actor for the boys' team however the boys were unable to guess the song title. The girls then got lucky with a second point when they guessed Jon's "Do You Hear What I Hear?" The girls managed to lead with four points.

In the second round, Big Brother allowed the actors to get up three times to catch their breath. This was when the boys reclaimed their honor with a couple of points when they guessed Jon's "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" and Will's "Pasko Sa Pinas." The studs came close to three points behind the girls with four. What will be the outcome of this game? Will the girl's take the honor of being charade queens?

Meanwhile, be sure to catch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 later after Ysabella for the fun and entertaining Thank You So Much: Ethel's Concert For A Cause and the heartwarming surprise of the housemates for the Ultimate Pasaway on her special day.

Housemates go on a journey to Bethlehem

December 17, 2007 4:17 PM

10-1217treadmill.jpgThe story of the first Christmas tells us that Joseph brought the pregnant Mary from Nazareth to Bethlehem when she was about to give birth to Jesus. The journey was said to have have been a 145 kilometer walk on a dark and cold winter night. To better understand and appreciate the true meaning of Christmas, the housemates will each reenact this ancient sacrifice by going on the tread mill and walk the 145 kilometer distance. The tread mill walk will be done by two housemates at a time, each dressed as Joseph and Mary. The two housemates may switch turns on the tread mill, but while one is doing the walking, the other one must stay on the side. The housemates were given the option to choose who will pair for the 10-1217walk2.jpgtask, however, they all must make sure that when doing their turn, the pair must be wearing the costumes and walk together or else their efforts won't be counted.

Realizing that since Christmas is due next week and that they need the money to have a grand celebration, the housemates once again made a 100% bet, believing that the tread mill weekly task is going to be another walk in the park. Gaby was even excited that because of the task, all of them may even shed some extra pounds by Christmas. Ruben and Will went straight into the tread mill to check it's distance-metering system. Mariel and Yayo, on 10-1217walk3.jpgthe other hand, became concerned of the costume. The two girls remembered the time when they all had to dance the cotillion for 18 hours with only a pair of costumes provided. Since they will all be sweating from walking on the tread mill, more likely that costume will stink after a couple of hours.

Will our celebrity housemates see a fruitful reward at the end of this journey, or will they have a not-so-merry Christmas?

Catch Uber later at 5:30pm for yet another exciting game inside Kuya's house.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Who is Riza?

December 16, 2007 10:38 PM

PinoyBigBrotherLast Friday Kuya took the girl housemates to an unusual field trip. He let Yayo, Gaby, Mariel, Ethel and Riza witness this year's Oblation run, an event done annually by the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity for almost a hundred years as an act to express freedom. The excited buzz of the students gave away their location to the Racing Goddess and once the blindfolds were taken away the women could only scream 'Oh my God! Oh my God!'when naked guys started running in front of them. The students gave them roses, a tradition that is part of the run. Riza, the admitted virgin, was speechless while receiving the flowers. Ethel, who was taken aback by the first pass got ready on the guy's second lap. "Oy, ang liit naman niyan!" Ethel jeered and got a lot of laughs not only from the HMs but from the Oblation Run participants as well. "Tingin ba nila nanay nila ako?" was Yayo's incredolous reaction after receiving the least flowers. PinoyBigBrotherRiza was actually still a bit shocked when they all got back to the house. "First sa akin na makita na putoytoy ng lalaki." she told Kuya and the girls, who found her statement hilarious.

After Ethel and Mariel's prodding the other day, seems like the Ultimate Pasaway took her task to discover the true Riza up another notch when she started courting Will openly in front of the Desirable Diva. During a midnight snack last night, Kuya suddenly played the song "I Finally Found Someone" and the words 'This is it!' pushed Ethel to bring out her Christmas present for Will. She gave him a dog tag necklace similar to the one she is wearing. "This is Janvier's before!" Will joked. Ethel tried to PinoyBigBrotherkiss Will but the True Lover emphasized that 'This is not it!'Ethel felt Will's hesitation to "make patol" was due to the fact that Riza was standing in the corner quietly drinking her coffee. She told Riza to go to sleep and everyone laughed at Ethel's crazy antics.

However, this was not the end of Ethel's "pangungulit" when Will suddenly found her lying on his bed. Will felt very helpless and he stomped over to the girls's bedroom to ask Mariel to 'get her friend.' Mariel though placed the bunch of roses from the Oblation Run in Ethel's hands to make the atmosphere more romantic. The other housemates were laughing so hard, there were tears in their eyes. Riza, then made an appearance in the boys's bedroom, pretending to carry Ethel off as a drastic measure.

With Ethel's provoking, will Riza really come out of her shell this time? Also where will Ethel's courting of the True Lover lead to? This triangle is yet to be solved, so stick around for you surely don't want to miss the answer to this equation!

Pamisa Sa Bahay Ni Kuya

December 16, 2007 3:30 PM

PBBCE2_pamisa1216.jpgSpending the holiday season inside the four corners of the big yellow house is truly a hard thing for the housemates will miss out being with their loved ones. To compensate for their isolation, Big Brother brought in several Christmas traditions to cheer them up since last week. And what could be more inspiring than completing 9 mornings for the misa de gallo held right here in his famous abode! That's right. People from all walks of life were invited to join the daily dawn masses starting today. Better than that, the housemates even prepared casseroles of hot choco to match the sumptuous porridge from Goodah that they served to all church goers through a secluded partition in the activity area. After all the frenzied activity at such an ungodly hour, the HMs soon went back to sleep again.

A late wake up call was sounded near noontime with Ethel feeling a bit worn out. In fact, she wasn’t able to attend the mass, claiming that she needed a long rest, perhaps for her very own solo performance tonight! In the meantime, her housemates also took their day at a slow pace starting with their exercise routines, crispy tapa lunch, a relaxing dip in the hot tub and attending to some light household chores. Curiously, Riza picked up after the boys’ mess in their bedroom, telling Will to keepPBBCE2_pamisa1216.jpg quiet about it when he caught her in the act. Most of them however went back to slumber.

For now, the housemates’ surprise birthday bash for the Ultimate Pasaway is yet to unfold. What did Riza prepare for her closest rival to Will’s heart? And what’s in store for them for the rest of the day? Tune in to the latest happenings tonight on the PBB Multiply Site and on PBB Celebrity Edition 2's Primetime Special later after That's My Doc. In the meantime, save your favorite celebs who’s in the nominated block this week by texting BB Riza, BB Gaby, BB Baron or BB Yayo then send it to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless subscribers and 231 for Smart and Talk N Text subscribers. You can also vote here or use PBB vote cards, available at all SM department stores nationwide.

A face-to-face 7th nomination night

December 15, 2007 10:32 PM

PinoyBigBrotherBaron was first called to reveal his nominees this afternoon. The Wild Child gave Yayo 2 points for he felt that she is a lovable HM and his vote won't affect her chances for the big win. Baron gave his remaining point to Ruben, whom he felt too was a very likable HM and wouldn't be in danger for eviction.

The Racing Goddess followed and she gave Baron 2 points for being such a negative thinker. Gaby's 1 point went to Riza for she felt the young woman got stressed when Ethel entered the picture once more.

Riza, on the other hand, gave Gaby 2 points too for she thinks someone else would benefit from her stay, having an established racing career already. Riza's next vote went to Yayo for she heard PinoyBigBrotherthe Mommy in Distress say she has fulfilled her mission inside the house.

Will also gave a point to Yayo for the same reason. His two points went to Baron for he felt the Wild Child should prove he has changed to the outside world.

Yayo "returned the favor" to Riza and gave her 2 points. She believed that the beauty queen already has a stable life outside and that she will already benefit outside from her stint inside the house. Her 1 point went to Gaby because of the simple reason that she has already quit and has seen the outside world.

Ruben felt that Baron is already longing to see his family so he gave the Wild Child 2 points. Riza received Ruben's last point for being a perfectionist.

PinoyBigBrotherJon was the last one to cast his vote being the Head of Household. He automatically nominated Gaby for the same reason Yayo did.

The nominees then gave their pleas on why they should remain and spend Christmas with the others.

"Kayo na po ang bahala," Baron wistfully said to the camera. "I know I can be a better person here."

Riza was also on the verge of tears while asking everyone to support her. "Lumalabas na po ang totoong Riza, that's why I want to stay."

PinoyBigBrotherYayo didn't stop the tears from over flowing and said that she's doing everything for the sake of her children. "Ngayon lang po ako nahiwalay sa aking mga anak...Gusto ko pong matupad ang mga pangarap ko sa kanila."

Gaby, who thought of exiting voluntarily last week, now feels that she still has to experience a lot inside the house. "Gusto ko mag-Christmas dito kasama ang bago kong pamilya."

Kuya is giving you the chance to decide which housemate deserves to stay inside his house. Text BB Riza, BB Gaby, BB Baron or BB Yayo then send it to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless subscribers and 231 for Smart and Talk N Text subscribers. You can also vote here or use PBB vote cards, available at all SM department stores nationwide.

You can also save your favorite housemate from eviction and get a chance to win a million pesos with the Globe PBB Celebrity Voting promo! Text GBB (name of your nominated housemate) and send to 2366 to download PBB picture messages (P15.00/download) and earn 10 votes for your favorite housemate. Each download also earns you 1 raffle entry, getting you 1 step closer to winning a million pesos!

Tomorrow, don't miss Ethel's Birthday Concert for a Cause, live at the PBB eviciton hall. Tickets cost P300 each and for inquiries call Jem Velches at 4152272 loc 6368. Proceeds from the concert will benefit the children of Cribs Philippines Incorporated.

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