Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Yayo's mother passes away

December 18, 2007 6:54 PM

PinoyBigBrotherIn this afternoon's Uber, Bianca Gonzales broke the news that Yayo's mother had passed away this afternoon. Kuya talked to Mariel in the confession room and had her relay the events that happened during her and Yayo's absence. The pretty houseguest accompanied Yayo to the hospital this noon instantly when Yayo learned of the devastating news. When Mariel and Yayo left the house a few hours ago, they were deeply hoping that they will see Yayo's mother in a better condition. Unfortunately, on their way to the hospital, Mrs. Racelis had succumbed to a cardiac arrest. Mariel shed light on Yayo's condition while dealing with the great loss. According to Mariel, Yayo was greatly affected because she never had the chance to speak to her mother before she entered Kuya's house a couple of months ago. Apparently Mrs. Racelis had already been suffering from diabetes and a serious heart ailment.

PinoyBigBrotherMariel left the confession room and personally told the other housemates about the incident. Although they don't know Mrs. Racelis that well, all the housemates knew how much pain Yayo is going through, and together, they lit some white candles and offered a solemn prayer to ask God to give Yayo strength and eternal peace for the soul of her mother. Gaby, Baron, Riza, and the other housemates, who were very close to Yayo, failed to hold their emotions knowing that the housemates they all look up to as their mom in Kuya's house is actually going through a very difficult time. It was then when silence and mourning engulfed the what used to be a loud and fun-filled house.

As of the moment, the remains of Mrs. Racelis is at the Arlington Funeral Homes in Quezon City. Dealing with deep grief at the moment, Yayo has not yet decided on her fate as a celebrity housemate. Will she return to Kuya's house or will she make a voluntary exit for her mother's funeral? Be sure to keep it locked in here for more updates on this matter.

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