Monday, November 5, 2007

Bump On The Road!

November 06, 2007 2:23 AM

PBBCE2_video1105.jpgTonight, Big Brother finally bestowed the last of the housemates' three wishes, that is, to receive a luxurious manicure treatment. As such, even those who were already fast asleep were woken up to have their nails done on the storage room. And they have been wide awake since then.

Their penchant for whiling away time on the dining table during their Gising Na Gising task overcame them now that it was finally returned to them. But the easy chats soon turned to a serious note when Gaby returned from the confession room with the news that Big Brother had asked them to change the concept that they have submitted for their weekly task due to copyright issues.

As mentioned on the previous article, they have to come up with a spectacular variety show, worthy of the fee that the audience will be paying for this upcoming PBB Celebrity Edition 2 showdown. As it happens, the proceeds of which will benefit CebuCity’s Provincial Detention and RehabilitationCenter. In fact, they were shown a video earlier of a famous dance number of its inmates that they have to include on their presentation. From the looks of it, what they’ve seen was a piece of cake.PBBCE2_copyright1105.jpg

But then again, they encountered a bump on the road with this latest instruction from Kuya. They were a little confused though since they weren’t questioned regarding exclusive rights before. Suspicious, Ethel said that maybe they are being challenged this way because they betted hundred percent of their budget for the second time around. Whatever Big Brother’s reasons are, the reality is, they have to create a new idea fast so they can begin their rehearsals. If not that, then they should take their complaints to Kuya himself.

Will they be changing their agreed theme “The Housemates Go Wild”? Or will they stick to it and simply alter some of the songs they have in mind? Stay tuned!


On Primetime: Gab quits PBB...

November 05, 2007 10:54 PM

PinoyBigBrotherAside from nine demanding piglets to be worried about last Sunday, mixed emotions poured from the housemates as they faced another pressing nomination night. But before that dreaded moment, they first celebrated a Baboy Shower where the piglets were christened with interesting names by their stellar ninangs and ninongs varying from Spud, Pidotz, Posh, Babe, Porkchop, Don, Apollo, Cheeky and B-boy.

Then came the announcement of those who are at risk by this week which included Gaby, Ethel, Baron, Donnie and Victor. Upon learning this news, the Ultimate Pasaway received it with pleasure since she had been raring to go back to the outside world PinoyBigBrotheranyway. To Big Brother, she explained how it would be easier for her not to get too attached to her housemates because it makes parting too difficult to bear. At the same time, she reasoned that her family needs her to be by their side.

But if she's expecting to make an exit this coming Saturday, then she and the rest of Kuya’s residents are in for a surprise for Gaby has made up her mind regarding her seminar abroad. At 9:30 p.m. tonight, she told Big Brother with finality in her voice, PinoyBigBrother"as much as it hurts, lalabas na’ko." This is a vital decision she made for herself, for the sake of a passion which she desperately wants to succeed in against all the odds.

As such, PBB’s host Ms. Toni Gonzaga announced that there would be no usual eviction process this week. And on Saturday, we will be witnessing this edition’s first voluntary exit! To date, the housemates still don’t have idea on what transpired between the Racing Godess and Big Brother. How will Mariel react once she learns that her closest friend inside the big yellow house has quit? Will Gaby weave more special moments with her housemates now that she’ll be leaving in a week’s time? Don’t miss the daily adventures of the celebrity housemates on Uber at 5:30 p.m.. Also, learn more about Kris Aquino’s surprise visit tomorrow on Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 at Primetime Bida.


Donnie and Baron As Heads of Household

November 05, 2007 8:07 PM

PinoyBigBrotherApart from reigning supreme in taekwondo competitions, Donnie had also admitted his liking for extreme sports. That's why there's no stopping this sporty dude from winning any competition, even the swinging battle for the Head of Household title. Donnie scored a perfect ten in the Pendulum Bowling challenge and shared the HOH pride with his brother Baron, who stayed in the sidelines to serve as a scorer. The Geisler brothers will be enjoying the regular HOH privileges, but this time, there will be an extra movie date and spa menu. But how can Donnie and Baron be HOH when they are both nominated this week?

Although the Geisler's are nominated for this week's eviction, PinoyBigBrotherthey were allowed by Big Brother to compete in the game together with the other nominees. But Kuya cleared that in the event that a nominee wins as HOH, and the HOH gets evicted at the end of this week, the runner up of the game will take over as HOH. In Kuya's version of bowling, each of the housemates were given the chance to ride the large pendulum ball. They had three chances to swing the pendelum to knock down as many human pins as they can, the total numbers of which will be equivalent to the final scores. For the human pins, it was very difficult to keep their balance once the ball hits them because of the huge and PinoyBigBrotherconstricting pin costume. For the player, on the other hand, sitting on the swinging ball caused pressure on their thighs.

In his second attempt, Donnie eliminated nine human pins, with Yayo the only housemate left standing. But Donnie succeded in knocking the Mommy in Distress down, and he topped the scoreboard with his perfect ten record. In the end, the final scoring declared Donnie in first place, Gaby and Yayo tied at second, and Jon in third. Baron jumped for joy for his older brother's victory, especially when Big Brother confirmed that the Pasaway Actor will share the HOH title with Donnie.

But the big question now is, will Donnie and Baron survive this week's eviction to fully exercise their HOH responsibilities to the end? Keep it here for more of the Geisler's lives as HOH this week. Also, be sure to catch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 tonight to find out if Big Brother will listen to Ethel's plea to go back to the ousideworld and if Gaby stays or not.


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