Friday, October 19, 2007

Victors & Violators!

October 19, 2007 6:37 PM

PBBCE2Our celebrity housemates tasted the sweetness of victory as they all wrap up their pilot week inside the Big Brother house. Their Celebrity Choo-Choo train went smoothly on its long and winding plastic tracks, hence, the housemates succeeded in their first weekly task. Everybody was jumping up and down in the living room as Kuya announced his satisfaction on the outcome of the activity. This means the housemates will receive a 50% raise in their budget for the following week.

However, in the middle of their victory celebration, three housemates were called into the confession room. Marylaine, PBBCE2Will, and Mariel were reprimanded by Big Brother concerning some serious violations they have committed. Each were ordered to pick a piece of paper inside a glass bowl. Marylaine picked the paper with the message "buto ng kalabasa" while Will and Mariel both had "lansones" written on theirs.

Then in Uber, Bianca Gonzalez clarified the violations that the three housemates have committed. Marylaine apparently told all the housemates that she was only allowed to borrow clothes from Jen. This task, however, was given by Kuya to Marylaine under strict confidentiality. Meanwhile, Will still has to face the PBBCE2punishment brought about by his accident in the pool that caused his lapel microphone to be damaged. Since then, Will has also made numerous violations concerning the hand-mic that was given to him as a replacement. On the other hand, Mariel accidentally divulged information about the two-in-one housemates plus she's getting a reprimand for constantly cussing inside the house.

Bianca then revealed the newest twist inside the house this season -- a punishment room where violators will be spending some time repenting in. What fate awaits Marylaine, Will, and Mariel inside the punishment room? What's the connection of the lanzones and buto ng kalabasa? Keep watching Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 on Primetime Bida and PBB Uber every 5:30 in the afternoon for Kuya's verdict.

It's Paytime!

October 19, 2007 11:02 PM

1019_mariel and will.jpgCowering from a simple punishment is not the way to go for Mariel, Marylaine and Will. In fact, they faced the worst of Big Brother’s annoyance in an instant and without much questions. And through it all, the housemates empathized with them by eating the fruits of their labor!

Having such star-studded residents under his roof doesn’t mean that Kuya would be less stern when it comes to misbehavior. Definitely, he would not tolerate disobedience since he had warned them against violating his rules after all. As such, even his “insider” did not escape paying for her offense!

This season, a small detention cell is specifically designed for those who will be committing unpardonable blunders! The trio was first to experience being prisoners of their own faults. As it happens, the consequences that they’ve drawn from the fishbowl earlier1019_seeds.jpg required Will and Mariel to peel a bowl of lansones with the use of their mouth, while Marylaine is on her own, shedding the coat of squash seeds!

For several hours, the three worked their way through the heap of produce in front of them. Later, Mariel laughingly confided to Ethel how she told Will that she could have traded her place to Riza for him to enjoy the penalty that they served. But it seems that their tandem was just perfect for they were able to finish the awkward and sticky task in a collected manner.

Soon after that, they asked the surprised housemates to consume what they have “prepared” as per Big Brother’s instructions. Jon picked one but before he could swallow it, Mariel stopped him in time, warning him about how they peeled its skin! Though the lot of them were unaffected by this, they eventually agreed to rinse the skinned fruits. Gab did the job with Baron and Victor. The pasaway actor 1019_munch.jpgeven commented how it’s alright to eat something which has a drool of a girl than a boy’s.

Meanwhile, the Brainy Babe still remained inside the improvised prison, finishing half of the bowl’s contents. Though alone on her toil, she uncomplainingly continued to bite the stuff while belting out tunes that come to her mind. To be sure, once she’s up, the housemates will have it as munchies again!

Isn’t it nice to see them bonded so much in just one week? What other trials will they come across in the coming days? See more of the celebrity housemates on Uber every 5:30p.m. and on the primetime block after Ysabella.


October 20, 2007 1:52 AM

PBBCE2_borrower1.jpgBehind the seeming peace among the housemates, a problem arises because of Marylaine’s two-in-one status. Without a luggage of her own just like Donald Geisler, she was told in secret to borrow clothes only from the other 26K Girl in the house Jen de Silva.

Indeed, the Despised Babe is generous in lending her clothes for days now, but she grew concerned with her colleague-turned-housemate’s annoying habit of using her stuff without permission! As it happens, she is not the only one who’s having that same dilemma!

Riza woke up one morning, obviously looking worried about something. When her still sleepy housemates asked what’s bugging her, she confided that she couldn’t find her black sweater, and the trouble is she only had two of which. After describing itPBBCE2_borrower2.jpg to them, the girls realized that they saw it on Marylaine.

What concerned them though is the fact that she took it without telling Riza, On top of that, Mariel pointed out that she also recognized her own shirt which was worn by the person-in-question right that moment! At first, she thought that she was being presumptuous but she really recognized it as hers.

Later, Marylaine asked for a pair of shorts from Jen again but the former answered that her bottoms were all in the laundry by then. This was the moment when Marylaine committed her first offense when Jen raised if she could only borrow from her alone. Without thinking, Marylaine let it slip that yes she’s her only hope in that sense.

As such, Big Brother didn’t waste time confronting the violator and her PBBCE2_borrower3.jpg“twin” about their respective issues. Jen explained that she pity her about her lack of wardrobe but at the same time, she felt bad since Marylaine didn't ask her consent in using her personal things.

Just when we thought that everything is smooth-sailing inside the house, something like this happens! How will this incident affect the girls’ votes during the nomination tomorrow? Does Marylaine really intend to act disrespectfully or does she have other reasons for doing so?

Don’t miss the housemates’ pressing decisions on PBB Celebrity Edition 2 Primetime Bida! Also, join the super updated events on the big yellow house on Uber at 5:30 p.m.

Housemates Get On Their Dancing Feet

October 19, 2007 1:43 PM

week011019presentation.jpgWith just a day left before their very first weekly presentation, our celebrity housemates hastily got on their feet to rehearse their dance number. They all agreed to learn the Budots dance that Ruben had been teaching most of them since day one inside the house. They all figure that Ruben's choreo is simple and very easy to master, given the limited time they have to perfect their presentation. Our celebrity housemates then gathered in the garden, and after forming a circle, they immediately got their grooves on.

Ruben started with the familiar steps of the Budots, and everybody eagerly followed. Aside from simplifying the steps, the promdi funnyman also rehashed the dance in a way that it would week011019presentation1.jpgbe more hip and modern. But to be more creative, the other housemates also gave some suggested moves which may fit in the entire choreo. Marylaine and Jen both figured to include some steps they learned from the 26K girls since they have already introduced the steps before to the other housemates, especially to the guys who did a special 7K presentation in Uber yesterday.

After being called in the confession room, Yayo announced to the housemates new instructions from Big Brother. Apparently, Kuya expects a lot from the housemates on their very first weekly presentation. Kuya told them to take the rehearsal seriously, and in return, he is willing to provide them with whatever costume and props they will be needing for their dance number. The week011019presentation2.jpghousemates were then very happy and hurriedly thought of a beautiful get up that they all would be wearing tomorrow. They then returned to their practice and thought of more steps to incorporate in their number.

How will our celebrity housemates fair on their first presentation? Will they win Big Brother's approval, or disappoint the big man of the house? Watch tomorrow's special primetime episode for the housemates' dance number. But if you want to know the latest about this task and other happenings inside the house, be sure to catch PBB Uber this afternoon at 5:30PM and Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 tonight on Primetime Bida.

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