Sunday, December 16, 2007

Who is Riza?

December 16, 2007 10:38 PM

PinoyBigBrotherLast Friday Kuya took the girl housemates to an unusual field trip. He let Yayo, Gaby, Mariel, Ethel and Riza witness this year's Oblation run, an event done annually by the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity for almost a hundred years as an act to express freedom. The excited buzz of the students gave away their location to the Racing Goddess and once the blindfolds were taken away the women could only scream 'Oh my God! Oh my God!'when naked guys started running in front of them. The students gave them roses, a tradition that is part of the run. Riza, the admitted virgin, was speechless while receiving the flowers. Ethel, who was taken aback by the first pass got ready on the guy's second lap. "Oy, ang liit naman niyan!" Ethel jeered and got a lot of laughs not only from the HMs but from the Oblation Run participants as well. "Tingin ba nila nanay nila ako?" was Yayo's incredolous reaction after receiving the least flowers. PinoyBigBrotherRiza was actually still a bit shocked when they all got back to the house. "First sa akin na makita na putoytoy ng lalaki." she told Kuya and the girls, who found her statement hilarious.

After Ethel and Mariel's prodding the other day, seems like the Ultimate Pasaway took her task to discover the true Riza up another notch when she started courting Will openly in front of the Desirable Diva. During a midnight snack last night, Kuya suddenly played the song "I Finally Found Someone" and the words 'This is it!' pushed Ethel to bring out her Christmas present for Will. She gave him a dog tag necklace similar to the one she is wearing. "This is Janvier's before!" Will joked. Ethel tried to PinoyBigBrotherkiss Will but the True Lover emphasized that 'This is not it!'Ethel felt Will's hesitation to "make patol" was due to the fact that Riza was standing in the corner quietly drinking her coffee. She told Riza to go to sleep and everyone laughed at Ethel's crazy antics.

However, this was not the end of Ethel's "pangungulit" when Will suddenly found her lying on his bed. Will felt very helpless and he stomped over to the girls's bedroom to ask Mariel to 'get her friend.' Mariel though placed the bunch of roses from the Oblation Run in Ethel's hands to make the atmosphere more romantic. The other housemates were laughing so hard, there were tears in their eyes. Riza, then made an appearance in the boys's bedroom, pretending to carry Ethel off as a drastic measure.

With Ethel's provoking, will Riza really come out of her shell this time? Also where will Ethel's courting of the True Lover lead to? This triangle is yet to be solved, so stick around for you surely don't want to miss the answer to this equation!

Pamisa Sa Bahay Ni Kuya

December 16, 2007 3:30 PM

PBBCE2_pamisa1216.jpgSpending the holiday season inside the four corners of the big yellow house is truly a hard thing for the housemates will miss out being with their loved ones. To compensate for their isolation, Big Brother brought in several Christmas traditions to cheer them up since last week. And what could be more inspiring than completing 9 mornings for the misa de gallo held right here in his famous abode! That's right. People from all walks of life were invited to join the daily dawn masses starting today. Better than that, the housemates even prepared casseroles of hot choco to match the sumptuous porridge from Goodah that they served to all church goers through a secluded partition in the activity area. After all the frenzied activity at such an ungodly hour, the HMs soon went back to sleep again.

A late wake up call was sounded near noontime with Ethel feeling a bit worn out. In fact, she wasn’t able to attend the mass, claiming that she needed a long rest, perhaps for her very own solo performance tonight! In the meantime, her housemates also took their day at a slow pace starting with their exercise routines, crispy tapa lunch, a relaxing dip in the hot tub and attending to some light household chores. Curiously, Riza picked up after the boys’ mess in their bedroom, telling Will to keepPBBCE2_pamisa1216.jpg quiet about it when he caught her in the act. Most of them however went back to slumber.

For now, the housemates’ surprise birthday bash for the Ultimate Pasaway is yet to unfold. What did Riza prepare for her closest rival to Will’s heart? And what’s in store for them for the rest of the day? Tune in to the latest happenings tonight on the PBB Multiply Site and on PBB Celebrity Edition 2's Primetime Special later after That's My Doc. In the meantime, save your favorite celebs who’s in the nominated block this week by texting BB Riza, BB Gaby, BB Baron or BB Yayo then send it to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless subscribers and 231 for Smart and Talk N Text subscribers. You can also vote here or use PBB vote cards, available at all SM department stores nationwide.

A face-to-face 7th nomination night

December 15, 2007 10:32 PM

PinoyBigBrotherBaron was first called to reveal his nominees this afternoon. The Wild Child gave Yayo 2 points for he felt that she is a lovable HM and his vote won't affect her chances for the big win. Baron gave his remaining point to Ruben, whom he felt too was a very likable HM and wouldn't be in danger for eviction.

The Racing Goddess followed and she gave Baron 2 points for being such a negative thinker. Gaby's 1 point went to Riza for she felt the young woman got stressed when Ethel entered the picture once more.

Riza, on the other hand, gave Gaby 2 points too for she thinks someone else would benefit from her stay, having an established racing career already. Riza's next vote went to Yayo for she heard PinoyBigBrotherthe Mommy in Distress say she has fulfilled her mission inside the house.

Will also gave a point to Yayo for the same reason. His two points went to Baron for he felt the Wild Child should prove he has changed to the outside world.

Yayo "returned the favor" to Riza and gave her 2 points. She believed that the beauty queen already has a stable life outside and that she will already benefit outside from her stint inside the house. Her 1 point went to Gaby because of the simple reason that she has already quit and has seen the outside world.

Ruben felt that Baron is already longing to see his family so he gave the Wild Child 2 points. Riza received Ruben's last point for being a perfectionist.

PinoyBigBrotherJon was the last one to cast his vote being the Head of Household. He automatically nominated Gaby for the same reason Yayo did.

The nominees then gave their pleas on why they should remain and spend Christmas with the others.

"Kayo na po ang bahala," Baron wistfully said to the camera. "I know I can be a better person here."

Riza was also on the verge of tears while asking everyone to support her. "Lumalabas na po ang totoong Riza, that's why I want to stay."

PinoyBigBrotherYayo didn't stop the tears from over flowing and said that she's doing everything for the sake of her children. "Ngayon lang po ako nahiwalay sa aking mga anak...Gusto ko pong matupad ang mga pangarap ko sa kanila."

Gaby, who thought of exiting voluntarily last week, now feels that she still has to experience a lot inside the house. "Gusto ko mag-Christmas dito kasama ang bago kong pamilya."

Kuya is giving you the chance to decide which housemate deserves to stay inside his house. Text BB Riza, BB Gaby, BB Baron or BB Yayo then send it to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless subscribers and 231 for Smart and Talk N Text subscribers. You can also vote here or use PBB vote cards, available at all SM department stores nationwide.

You can also save your favorite housemate from eviction and get a chance to win a million pesos with the Globe PBB Celebrity Voting promo! Text GBB (name of your nominated housemate) and send to 2366 to download PBB picture messages (P15.00/download) and earn 10 votes for your favorite housemate. Each download also earns you 1 raffle entry, getting you 1 step closer to winning a million pesos!

Tomorrow, don't miss Ethel's Birthday Concert for a Cause, live at the PBB eviciton hall. Tickets cost P300 each and for inquiries call Jem Velches at 4152272 loc 6368. Proceeds from the concert will benefit the children of Cribs Philippines Incorporated.

Housemates impersonate each other

December 15, 2007 4:21 PM

09-1215baronjon.jpgMariel was the first one who drew the first character but she picked her own name and had to draw again. However, Big Brother clarified the rules of the fun game. Apparently, the housemates will only pick one name at a time and everyone will impersonate that person. From then on, all the housemates started acting like they were Mariel.

The boys took the wigs from the piles of props provided by Kuya. The housemates were also advised to improvise their own costumes and props to justify the chosen character. But when Baron tried to put on the fake long hair, he thought he look like showbiz reporter Joebert Sucaldito. Ruben, on the other hand, caused the other HMs to guffaw when he put on his wig. Mariel teased the Komedyanteng Promi from having a resemblance with the long haired guy from a VCO commercial. "No special effects!" as Ruben said when he rode along the joke.

Riza took some time to find a pink top similar the one that Mariel loves wearing. Meanwhile, the other housemates started talking in Taglish like Mariel and making her frantic signature laugh. They all even made their own versions on Mariel's berserk reactions every time Big Brother would call for her. Of course, there was the usual "I'm gonna die!" "Kuya, I'm bored!" and "I so miss my friend na talaga!" expressions and the ocassional "goodnight, Jon!" greeting. The other housemates even tried flirting with Jon, and this caused Mariel to blush in embarrassment. It was Jon and Ethel, however, who had the most insights on how to be a real Mariel since they were the ones who really spent time with the beautiful TV host.

09-1215baronjon.jpg"Ang gulo pala kung ganito kadaming Mariel!" as Ethel observed when all of them went on with the task. But the Mariel-nation ended after 30 minutes, and the pretty houseguest drew a new name, and for the next half an hour, all the housemates impersonated Ruben. In an instant, everyone got on their Budotz costume and giggled like Beavis and Butthead to pay homage to the Komedyanteng Promdi. But to complete the Ruben craze, Big Brother played the Papi Chulo dance song. But when the housemates got tired of dancing, they just all sat around the garden and together sang some of the OPM ballads Ruben loves singing.

Be sure to keep it here for more of our celebrity housemates' impersonations. Surely this activity will further strengthen the bond among our celebrity housemates as Christmas and the much-awaited Big Night on January 5th. But tonight, will their friendship be crushed once the result of the nomination is announced? Be sure to catch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 right after 1 vs 100.

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