Sunday, December 16, 2007

Who is Riza?

December 16, 2007 10:38 PM

PinoyBigBrotherLast Friday Kuya took the girl housemates to an unusual field trip. He let Yayo, Gaby, Mariel, Ethel and Riza witness this year's Oblation run, an event done annually by the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity for almost a hundred years as an act to express freedom. The excited buzz of the students gave away their location to the Racing Goddess and once the blindfolds were taken away the women could only scream 'Oh my God! Oh my God!'when naked guys started running in front of them. The students gave them roses, a tradition that is part of the run. Riza, the admitted virgin, was speechless while receiving the flowers. Ethel, who was taken aback by the first pass got ready on the guy's second lap. "Oy, ang liit naman niyan!" Ethel jeered and got a lot of laughs not only from the HMs but from the Oblation Run participants as well. "Tingin ba nila nanay nila ako?" was Yayo's incredolous reaction after receiving the least flowers. PinoyBigBrotherRiza was actually still a bit shocked when they all got back to the house. "First sa akin na makita na putoytoy ng lalaki." she told Kuya and the girls, who found her statement hilarious.

After Ethel and Mariel's prodding the other day, seems like the Ultimate Pasaway took her task to discover the true Riza up another notch when she started courting Will openly in front of the Desirable Diva. During a midnight snack last night, Kuya suddenly played the song "I Finally Found Someone" and the words 'This is it!' pushed Ethel to bring out her Christmas present for Will. She gave him a dog tag necklace similar to the one she is wearing. "This is Janvier's before!" Will joked. Ethel tried to PinoyBigBrotherkiss Will but the True Lover emphasized that 'This is not it!'Ethel felt Will's hesitation to "make patol" was due to the fact that Riza was standing in the corner quietly drinking her coffee. She told Riza to go to sleep and everyone laughed at Ethel's crazy antics.

However, this was not the end of Ethel's "pangungulit" when Will suddenly found her lying on his bed. Will felt very helpless and he stomped over to the girls's bedroom to ask Mariel to 'get her friend.' Mariel though placed the bunch of roses from the Oblation Run in Ethel's hands to make the atmosphere more romantic. The other housemates were laughing so hard, there were tears in their eyes. Riza, then made an appearance in the boys's bedroom, pretending to carry Ethel off as a drastic measure.

With Ethel's provoking, will Riza really come out of her shell this time? Also where will Ethel's courting of the True Lover lead to? This triangle is yet to be solved, so stick around for you surely don't want to miss the answer to this equation!

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