Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Dad's Gesture of Love

October 24, 2007 12:36 AM

PBBCE2_mcoy2PT1023.jpgOverwhelming emotions ran high last night after Mcoy surpassed his personal tasks to make his little girl’s birthday extra special even when he couldn’t be there to personally greet her with hugs and kisses. All the housemates who saw his efforts to become a life-sized Barbie doll couldn’t help but admire him for the touching sacrifice that he did.

As usual, Big Brother created an opportunity for the Musikerong Daddy in an indirect manner. What started as a source of laughter for his residents turned out to be an emotional incident. Megan soon realized that it’s wrong to put Mcoy in a condition which he’s obviously not comfortable with. As such, she asked Kuya to stop the game and even apologized to Mcoy who remained sweet about it.

However, the burden of acting like a doll didn’t end there. Assembling the broken barbies made him think aboutPBBCE2_mcoy3PT1023.jpg his daughter who celebrated her birthday last Sunday. He further shared his fondest memory of her which was when he first heard her cry in the hospital nursery. He even described it as the best music he had ever come across.

With that, Big Brother told him that he could give Maggie several presents for her birthday, but only if he would stay on a huge doll box for a time. Together with Yayo, Gab and Donald, Mcoy made his girl happy by helping each other out. The experience certainly taught them that the best things in life are not easy to achieve, but the sense of fulfillment that comes after it is also the best feeling in the world.

PBBCE2_mariel1023.jpgMeanwhile, Mariel acted confusingly when a recorded voice message was played for them to hear just before they went to bed. And the person behind it was no less than Zanjoe Marudo who sweetly bade the housemates’ goodnight! Looks like Mariel’s previous claims that she’s so over him is not the whole truth? What about her attraction towards the English Outcast? Hmm… A little more push from Big Brother and Mariel’s gonna spill it all! Don’t miss the thrilling stories and revelations of the celebrity housemates on Uber and Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2!

More Than Just A Sexy Body

October 23, 2007 10:58 PM
By: http://celeb2.pinoybigbrother.com

PBBCE2_ethel1023.jpgNothing will deter the girls to accomplish the necessary duties that involve their season long task. Just when everyone feels like dozing off, Big Brother asked them to protect their pet from the heavy rains earlier. Large tarpaulins were handed to them for Peggy’s shelter. With Ethel and Yayo on the lead, they proceeded to fix her roof in the middle of the stormy weather. If they weren’t warned about their lapels getting wet, they wouldn’t have brought umbrellas outside.

The others simply assisted by holding the ladder or by distracting the pig which was making it twice as hard for them to finish the job. To keep Peggy from eating the plants or destroying whatever it was inside the corral, Mariel thumped the tabo on the enclosure. But still, she reprimanded it several times as if it could really understand what she was saying. And after almost two hours, they were able to finish hanging the tarpaulins at last.

Aside from this diversion, the dullness brought about by the downpour was chased away through the Ultimate Pasaway’s hilarious antics which are usually directed to herself and Will. She never ran out of punch lines that always made the housemates laugh. Kuya even doubled the fun by not allowing her to escape punishment for whispering to Baron before.

As it happens, being Head of Household didn’t include the benefit of immunity from violation penalties. With that,PBBCE2_big ears21023.jpg Ethel later emerged from the confession room, wearing huge elephant ears plus a megaphone on her hand. Similar to Will’s microphone last week, she has to have this with her at all times. This didn’t stop her from teasing the True Lover though, “Will kailangan halikan mo ko para maging tao ulit ako. Will, don’t get out. I’m so disgusting tonight.”

Indeed, Ethel doesn’t only proves her worth by actively participating on the various challenges of Kuya, she adds an interesting twist in everything just by being her wonderful self and not the pasaway actress that she’s known for. What’s next on Big Brother’s peculiar orders? Pick up on the latest experiences of his fascinating residents on your favorite afternoon habit and on primetime bida!

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Kuy Gives Theri Wishes!

October 23, 2007 4:27 PM
By: http://celeb2.pinoybigbrother.com

week021023wish.jpgIt 's a very gloomy, rainy day and the housemates are close to dozing off because of boredom. They have already submitted the list of props and costumes they will be using for their Shadow Play weekly task. Then, after taking their lunch, Mariel came out of the confession room with good news that perked all the housemates up. Big Brother gave them a very rare chance to wish for anything that they want to have inside the house. Our celebrity housemates have six wishes to make, and Kuya will consider if he can fulfill each of those wishes.

The unanimous wish among our housemates was for a 24/7 supply of running water. It seemed that everybody was having a difficult time with the schedule of water supply. In addition, the housemates requested for a party package of complete food, music, and liquor. On the other hand, Baron and the other smokers clamored for a few cigarette sticks. A couple of packages were also requested, namely a beautification package complete with hair cut, foot spa, manicure, pedicure, and entertainment week021023wish1.jpgshowcase with movies, pop corn, and soda. Lastly, to keep our housemates company during boring times, they requested for some board games.

With an accomplished list, Mariel went back to the confession room. A few minutes later, Big Brother also called Ruben, Victor, Mcoy, and Jon to the confession room followed by Megan, Yayo, Zara, Ethel, and Riza. Will Kuya grant the wishes of our celebrity housemates? Watch Uber this afternoon at 5:30 PM to find out what Big Brother's decision will be, and for the latest happenings inside the house, keep watching Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 every night on ABS-CBN.

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