Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A lesson on compassion

November 28, 2007 1:50 AM

PBBCE2_mariel1127.jpgMoving around on wheelchairs proved to be a great challenge to the housemates. Right after their dizzying HOH competition this afternoon, Big Brother immediately told them to go back to their ‘handicapped condition’. But his soft heart soon prevailed for he later made them play ‘Bring Me’ to free them from their tedious task for now. As the rule of the game stated, they have to race against each other in bringing what Big Brother wanted near the confession room.

With Buttons on his hands, Jon was the first successful player among them. Baron came next as he triumphantly gave his Fedora hat (a gift from Victor) to Big Brother. Victor got the third lucky slot after he produced a toasted peanut butter sandwich. Then Mariel completed the circle of winners with the help of the English Outcast. This ended her crazy complaints towards thePBBCE2_lineup1127.jpg tiresome wheels.

Much later, some of housemates were caught sleeping so Big Brother decided to stir them up by asking them to dance ‘Boom Tarat Tarat’. Mariel taught them the steps from what she can remember as one of Wowowee’s hosts. But it soon became evident that performing is quite impossible with most of them on their seats. As such, Yayo felt bad that all of them should be punished when it was only her who had dozed off. Gaby was exempted since she’s still suffering from jet lag. As it was, Big Brother even allowed the Racing Godess an early bedtime.

Finally, Big Brother gathered everyone in the living room for a serious talk. He explained how he wanted them to experience being handicapped since this weekly task is being done for a good cause. Apparently, the PBBCE2_admonished1127.jpgwheelchairs that they are using will be given to several beneficiaries. Hence, he reminded them to act with compassion just like what some of them had shown throughout the day, not play with it as if the whole thing is a laughing matter. With that, he permitted them to get up from their wheelchairs.

In the meantime, more surprises are up Big Brother’s sleeves! Will the housemates easily warm up to Big Brother’s latest additions several hours from now? How will they feel about having more competitors in their midst? And when can we expect their internationally-famed guest this week? Don’t dare miss these exciting developments on Uber and Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2!

Who's the best shot of them all?

November 27, 2007 11:43 PM

PBBCE2_rubenfires1127.jpgLooking back at Angel Locsin’s visit, she certainly didn’t waste time making her presence felt not only through her involvement in the household chores but also her successful mission to provide Ruben an engagement ring for his partner Jesell.

To make this possible, Big Brother divided the housemates into two groups with Agent Angel of Love (with Ruben, Jon and Donnie) and the Desirable Diva (with Mariel, Victor and Will) as team leaders. Right after their lunch yesterday, they were sent to an action-packed competition far from the big yellow house! In a shooting range, they received a crash course on handling a .45-caliber gun.

After proper orientation, each member was given a chance to fire eight rounds of bullets on their target. Corresponding points are assigned on their shots while a missed one meant an automatic deduction of 5 points from each team’s total score. AmongPBBCE2_obstacle1127.jpg them, it was Ruben who got the highest mark with 36 points followed by Will and Riza with 30 points and then Victor with 28 points.

Angel on the other hand redeemed herself from her disappointing firing performance when she beat Riza during a final showmanship on the obstacle course. Armed with 17 rounds in their gun this time, Angel of Love’s total score of 77 points won over the Desirable Diva’s 55 points. With that, she accomplished her goal to provide the Komedyanteng Promdi with a ring from Big Brother.

Meanwhile, Yayo and Ruben were not able to join this adventure – the price they have to pay for breaking two drinking glasses. As such, the stay-at-home duo was tasked to clean the whole house, cook the housemates’ dinner and finally wash a heavily-tinted car at the activity area. It was there where they found the Racing Godess, fresh from the States!

PBBCE2_baronyayo1127.jpgThough both of them are happy to see her, they later express their grievances towards her arrival. For Baron, he felt that he now has a slimmer chance to make it to the Big Four with Gaby back in the house. On the other hand, Mom in Distress said that it’s unfair since the Racing Godess was in touch with the outside world for a lengthy period already.

To add more spice in their life, Uber host Bianca Gonzales gives us a sneak peek of Big Brother’s two more additions in his abode! Cluing as in is a lady who seems to be impersonating Anabelle Rama’s famous Visayan accent while the other one croons her signature song Cutie Cute Cute. Who can they be? Brace yourselves for their grand entrance tomorrow!

Head of Household title again...

November 27, 2007 7:07 PM

07-1127wheelchairs.jpgIn a wet and fun game of Dizzy Beam Crossing, the objective in today's HOH game is that each HM must strive to walk across the beam on top of the pool after being spun 10x on a rotating platform. They must cross in the shortest amount of time to win. Surprisingly, though, most of the players managed to make it to the other side of the beam inspite of their dazed states. Mariel was the only one unable to successfully cross the beam and fall into the pool.

In the second round, the five players who perfectly crossed the beam in the fastest time was Will, Riza, Baron, Ruben, and 07-1127wheelchairs.jpgDonnie. They then had to endure the fast-spinning round platform and cross the beam again. Will was the first one to make an attempt, which he passed with flying colors. Riza, Ruben, and Donnie, however, were unable to finish their round as they all fell into the pool. Baron was the only one left to challenge Will. But in the end, Will was once again hailed as the Head of Household for this week.

Aside from immunity and power of automatic nomination, what other special privileges await Will in his second week reign as HOH? Will BB give him another date with Riza sans 'Baby Poshy'? Keep it locked in here for more developments on this story.

07-1127wheelchairs.jpgMeanwhile, Bianca had the chance to speak to Kuya's newest celebrity housemate set to enter tonight. "Basta cute ako!" were the only words the mystery celeb gave as clues on her identity. Watch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 tonight to discover who will enter the famous yellow house. Also, catch the action-packed firing activity of our housemates to see if Angel Locsin will be able to defeat Riza so Ruben will have the chance to propose to his wife. All that and more later this evening with Toni Gonzaga right after Lastikman.

HMs Move on wheels

November 27, 2007 4:24 PM

07-1127wheelchairs.jpgAfter the rollercoaster of events in the past week, it's now time for a new weekly task. Our celebrity housemates are in for another challenging ride with the Wheelchair Basketball weekly task. To give our housemates an idea on how playing basketball in a wheelchairl is done, Big Brother provided a video of a paralympic competition. The housemates were stunned at what they saw, hence at first, they decided on betting only 50% of their budget on this task. But Kuya, like always, challenged the housemates in pushing for a 100% bet yet again, given that the housemates still have a lot of supplies left. However, the housemates thought that the 07-1127jonwheelchair.jpgchallenge would be more difficult in the field than in the video, hence, they compromised for a 75% bet.

Next, the housemates studied the guidelines of the wheelchair basketball game. Apparently, there are some special rules and regulations in this game unlike in regular basketball. For this type of basketball, there's a more detailed point system and fouls and violations to take note of. Although most of the boys believe they could play basketball even with their eyes closed, the tough part is dribbling and 07-1127furniturewheelchair.jpgpassing the ball while maneuvering the wheelchair.

After lunch, Big Brother gave the housemates the wheelchairs they will be using for the task. All of them must begin familiarizing themselves on how life is like with their legs rendered useless. Kuya instructed the housemates to move the dining chairs and other furniture in the hallway for a while so they can all move freely inside the house. How will our housemates fair on this weekly task? Watch Uber this afternoon at 5:30pm to get a sneak peek on this task and see how Angel spent her last hours inside the famous yellow house.

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