Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Head of Household title again...

November 27, 2007 7:07 PM

07-1127wheelchairs.jpgIn a wet and fun game of Dizzy Beam Crossing, the objective in today's HOH game is that each HM must strive to walk across the beam on top of the pool after being spun 10x on a rotating platform. They must cross in the shortest amount of time to win. Surprisingly, though, most of the players managed to make it to the other side of the beam inspite of their dazed states. Mariel was the only one unable to successfully cross the beam and fall into the pool.

In the second round, the five players who perfectly crossed the beam in the fastest time was Will, Riza, Baron, Ruben, and 07-1127wheelchairs.jpgDonnie. They then had to endure the fast-spinning round platform and cross the beam again. Will was the first one to make an attempt, which he passed with flying colors. Riza, Ruben, and Donnie, however, were unable to finish their round as they all fell into the pool. Baron was the only one left to challenge Will. But in the end, Will was once again hailed as the Head of Household for this week.

Aside from immunity and power of automatic nomination, what other special privileges await Will in his second week reign as HOH? Will BB give him another date with Riza sans 'Baby Poshy'? Keep it locked in here for more developments on this story.

07-1127wheelchairs.jpgMeanwhile, Bianca had the chance to speak to Kuya's newest celebrity housemate set to enter tonight. "Basta cute ako!" were the only words the mystery celeb gave as clues on her identity. Watch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 tonight to discover who will enter the famous yellow house. Also, catch the action-packed firing activity of our housemates to see if Angel Locsin will be able to defeat Riza so Ruben will have the chance to propose to his wife. All that and more later this evening with Toni Gonzaga right after Lastikman.

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