Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Big Brother breaks the ice for Gladys

November 28, 2007 10:56 PM

PBBCE2_gladysdiscovered1128.jpgOn her first night inside the big yellow house, Gladys felt surreal as she took in her new home -- not only as a housemate but as a Kapamilya to boot! Mariel understood her initial shyness, remembering how the housemates have already bonded for three days when she first joined the gang. Hence, Mariel tried her best to make her feel welcome by sharing bits of advices that will make her stay easier.

But of course some of the housemates will feel threatened particularly now that the stakes were doubled for those who are vying for the Big Four slate. Baron was the most outspoken of them all regarding this matter. For him, fairness is not really an issue. It's just that his game plan was already set when he received a second chance as a housemate. And now his chances of winning are getting slimmer with
PBBCE2_game1128.jpg more contenders eyeing the big win, he confided to Mariel.

However, he easily got over his negative musings with the help of his ultimate crush's extra boost of support. Mariel even explained that if Gladys makes it to the 'top', she will only get half of the prize since her stint is shorter compared to the original set of housemates. With that, the Wild Child put up a welcoming front towards Gladys and grabbed the opportunity to know more about her instead. In their interesting conversation, the Queen of Laughter shared that Boy Abunda discovered her on a small sing-along bar back in the 90's. Unfortunately, her group known as 'The Boxers', didn't immediately hit it off since OPM bands were the craze at that time.

Much later however, Big Brother asked them to play a game where everyone would learn a thing or two about theirPBBCE2_baileys_1128.jpg newest housemate. First, Gladys would have to share some clues about herself, which all fit a certain category that each housemate had to guess. The one who answered correctly was rewarded with a glass of Gladys’ favorite alcoholic drink! The whole thing was definitely an entertaining highlight of their day since they seldom down liquor in the house.

At least, that was a nice ice-breaker for Gladys to shed her awkwardness for being a newbie. Will she able to form lasting friendships with her housemates? More importantly, how will they assess her in the coming days? Find out the whole story of her arrival on Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 at Primetime Bida. Also, catch their latest adventures on your daily afternoon habit only at PBB Uber.

Gladys Guevarra is Kuya's new celebrity housemate

November 28, 2007 7:10 PM


After tirelessly singing with a band in several sing-along bars, Gladys successfully crossed over to TV and showcased her talent both in singing and stand-up comedy. For her perseverance and determination, this funnygirl was able to provide for her beloved family. But with great success came big controversies, and she had no other choice but to leave the country to take a breather. And now, a new Gladys is back to shed fun and laughter to all kapamilyas.

PinoyBigBrotherGladys stepped out of the limousine with Bianca and greeted all the Kuyanatics. Upon Toni's request, the comedienne did her hilarious "Mahal" and "Annabelle Rama" impersonations. Gladys said that she is very excited as she begins a new chapter in her life and career, not just as a celebrity housemate but as a Kapamilya. Gladys then headed straight to the confession room where Kuya warmly welcomed her. For her first task, Gladys must judge the other celebrity housemates' performances on the karaoke.

How will the housemates react once they learn that their singing judge will also be their new housemate? Don't miss crucial updates on Glady's stay on PBB Uber and PBB primetime.

Expert coach tunes up the housemates

November 28, 2007 1:42 PM

07-1128basketball1.jpgOur celebrity housemates only have a few days left to practice for the Wheelchair Basketball weekly task. To help the housemates in getting ready for the big ball game, Big Brother brought in Coach Noel to teach the basics and guidelines of wheelchair basketball. The expert trainer then shocked the housemates with the news that by the end of this week, they will have to face the national wheelchair basketball team in a 3-on-3 game.

07-1128coachnoel.jpgAccording to Coach Noel, the same rules of regular basketball also apply in the wheelchair basketball. However, some of the time guidelines were modified to give the players more time in pushing the wheelchairs. Coach Noel emphasized to the housemates that they can only push their chairs twice, and after that, they have to dribble the ball on their sides. Should they push thrice, they will be charged with a traveling violation. It is also important for our housemates to make sure that no part of the lower-half of their body will touch the floor. The final game will be held in the activity area and given the limited space, the housemates will only play in a 3-on-3 halfcourt game. The housemates, however, became concerned of the injuries that they might sustain while playing 07-1128basketball2.jpgthe game. Coach Noel then reminded everyone to be careful in pushing the chairs as their fingers might get caught in the wheels.

All the players then immediately got on the wheelchairs to get the hang of the real game. But after some time of shooting the ball on the ring, most of them began feeling the strain on their upper bodies as their waist and legs remained stationary all throughout the game. Will our celebrity housemates adjust to the game in time to win over their rival national team? Meanwhile, be sure to catch Uber this afternoon at 5:30pm to see who Kuya's newest celebrity housemate will be.

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