Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Special Moments

October 30, 2007 11:54 PM
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PBBCE2_swim1030.jpgBringing the PBB hosts inside the big yellow house enabled Mariel and Toni to fully grasp the magnitude of the housemates’ one-of-a-kind experience. As the latter noted, she has come to appreciate each of them knowing the struggles they have to go through just to make it, hopefully throughout this term. As such, she began her first mission to teach the parent-housemates Yayo and Mcoy how to swim. In exchange of which is a rewarding special moment with their loved ones.

It was fortunate that the two were obliging to join her on the pool. After all, they were clueless on the stipulation behind their sudden swimming lesson. Mcoy was the hardest to train though since he has a fear of deep waters! But the Musikerong Daddy has nothing to be worried about because actually, Toni is the perfect instructor for them for she had been taking lessons since she was six years old! With that edge, she succeeded in persuading herPBBCE2_adam1030.jpg “students” to complete one lap!

To Big Brother, Toni admitted how difficult the task was for her, knowing that she’s impatient by nature. However, all her efforts became worthwhile after she witnessed the emotional reunion of the Mom in Distress and her son Adam Martinez. Unable to believe Kuya’s surprise, Yayo refused to move towards him at first. Then with Toni’s urging, Adam tightly hugged Yayo, who burst into tears. Later, she stressed that there’s nothing more satisfying than sharing precious minutes with a loved one.

Mcoy in turn have seen a video of his wife together with Maggie, who's unwrapping the presents that he sent her for her birthday. Also in the clip, Helina tearfully uttered that she appreciated his sacrifices for the sake of their family. “Kung hindi mo na kaya at nahihirapan ka, nandito lang kami. Sobrang thank you sa binigay mong gift. PBBCE2_helina1030.jpgYun ang pinaka-special na regalong binigay mo sa kanya kasi pinaghirapan mo talaga.”

Just look how generous Kuya can be especially when the housemates act accordingly! However, worse things could happen given their tedious Gising Gising task. As Mariel once said, they might be tearing at each other’s hair by the end of the week because of their lack of sleep and all. Loneliness will set in for some just like Ethel who grows more depressed with the thought of her recent break-up. How will the celebrity housemates fight through such obstacles? We’ll keep you posted on their exciting misadventures inside the most famous abode in the land!

Trick or Treat

October 30, 2007 6:38 PM
By: http://celeb2.pinoybigbrother.com

PinoyBigBrotherAlthough the HMs have no news of the outside world, Big Brother still wanted his celebrity housemates to feel the spirit of Halloween. Hence, he brought the Halloween tradition of Trick or Treat inside his famous yellow house! Not only that, a hundred lucky children were also given the chance to visit the spooky cemetery set-up in the PBB garden and got free candies from the elaborately made-up and costume wearing housemates.

Aside from the celebration of Halloween, the creepy looks of our housemates also has a purpose that's yet to be revealed. Gaby and Ruben assumed the characters of St. Michael The Archangel and The Devil, respectively. The two had to stand on top of a prop grave like true statues, unable to move until Kuya says so. The rest also had their own costumes -- Jon played Frankenstein with Toni as his bride, Yayo as the Hunchback, Mariel the Evil Witch, Will the Skeleton Man, Megan and Zara the dwarfs, Ethel as the Manananggal, Baron as an PinoyBigBrotherAngel, and Donnie as Dracula. Upon Kuya's signal, they welcomed the kids for Big Brother's special Trick or Treat. At first, however, the kids were scared to approach the housemates because of their scary costumes. But our celebrity housemates were kind enough to hand the cute kids their bags of candies and chocolates.

But three other housemates were missing from the celebration. Nobody knows that Mcoy, Riza, and Victor are out somewhere doing their "greatest sacrifice." Where could the three be, and what's the end result of all these sacrifices? Be sure to catch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 tonight after Lastikman to learn more about this task.

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