Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Real Mcoy flares up!

November 22, 2007 2:39 AM
PBBCE2_mcoyrecounts1121.jpgShooting the scenes for their short film is currently postponed since the housemates are equally suffering the consequence of Mariel’s eight violations. Since this late afternoon, everyone has to walk on their knees if they want to move around the house. And because doing so proves to be too much of an effort, they all opted to stay put in the living room, sleeping and chatting the night away.

Hours after Donnie is back as a sole housemate, Mcoy recounted how pissed he was last night after Big Brother raised the issue of plagiarism with regards to his written script for their 15-minute film. He got offended, saying that he was stigmatized by the scandal two years ago involving the alleged rip off of Orange and Lemon’s ‘Pinoy Ako’. But he immediately calmed down when Big Brother told him that it wasn’t his intention to insult him. As it is, Kuya said that he stands by their concept but they could have done better than what they came up with.

Remembering what happened last night made him point out again that his idea was definitely different from the “The Ghost of August Mayford”, which Big Brother compared their film’s story with. At the same time, he insisted that they can hardly create scenes that's more Pinoy because the interior of the big yellow house is inspired by the Victorian era after all. He stressed that even the garden appears foreign because of the cherubim and peacock statues. These were all stated conversationally but before he knew it, Mcoy was called inside the confession room tonight. Perhaps Big Brother wants to set things straight because it’s clear that his resident isPBBCE2_mcoyflaresup1121.jpg still affected by the whole incident.

As soon as the Musikerong Daddy returned though, it became evident that their one-on-one talk did not resolve anything. On the contrary, he was fuming mad with their exchange. Adding fuel to his ire was Ethel’s own confusion with all that’s happening to them. Primed for a confrontation, she reiterated their “Praning Theory” last night regarding Mariel’s status -- whether she’s just a guest or a housemate like them. What’s more alarming however is that Ethel and Mcoy are prepared to be “kicked out” if that’s what it all boils down to. Will they really opt for a voluntary exit or will their burning emotions die a natural death now that they are talking to Big Brother again with the rest of housemates? Keep it here for the latest drama inside the most famous house in the land!

Geisler Brotherhood At Its Best

November 21, 2007 11:33 PM

PBBCE2_goodbro1121.jpgThe 24-hour limit reaches its conclusion tonight, signaling the moment of truth between Baron and Donnie’s pressing decision to make. Their mom Mrs. Grace Geisler, who’s with PBB host Toni Gonzaga tonight, shares that she’s equally distressed towards the tough spot they are in. Though we all know that Donnie usually gives in to his brother, she claims that either of her children have the capacity to be selfless in this case. And she’s right.

Way before this crucial point, Big Brother threshed things out with them in turns. For Baron, he believed that he already served his purpose by showing who he really is to the whole world. At the same time, he felt that it would be ‘less damage for himself’ if he goes now. On the other hand, Donnie was confident that he can make it to the Big Four. “I know what to do para walang masabi ang housemates. I know what it takes to get to the top.”

When they finally got the chance to speak with each other though, the Good Brother explains that staying insidePBBCE2_wildchild1121.jpg the big yellow house is Baron’s chance to shine brighter and to show everyone that he can handle things on his own. Ultimately, Donnie wants his family to be happy, “Do you wanna go back to do that pwede-na-buhay? Ayoko na ng pwede na bro,” he insists. Then the Pasaway Actor calls for a hug to seal the heartwarming moment.

Unbeknownst to Donnie, Baron completely understands what he’s trying to tell him. Perhaps, he shocks the whole viewers with his unselfish revelation about his ultimate goal in joining the most famous reality show in the land – not for himself but for Donnie to have a better life. In spite of his personal desire to stay, the Wild Child makes the greatest sacrifice tonight! Tears ran down his face during his heart-to-heart conversation with Big Brother at six-o’clock this evening.

To give them a final morale booster, Big Brother surprises the two with a 100-second encounter with their mother. Mrs. Geisler quickly assures them that everything is alright, leaving it to them to come up with their final decision. Right after she leaves the PBBCE2_geislersmom1121.jpgconfession room, Big Brother bestows the responsibility to choose to Baron for a change. And there it goes. Donnie returns alone as a housemate.

However, Barron is not evicted yet! Big Brother gives the viewers the privilege to raise their voice whether you want him in or out. If you want to save him, simply key in POLL BARON YES or POLL BARON NO if you want to bid him goodbye, then send it to 2366 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless subscribers and 231 for Smart and Talk N Text subscribers. In this latest twist of events, the Geisler brothers would not be in a 2-in-1 set-up anymore if you manage to redeem Baron 24 hours from now. The choice is yours!

The Geislers' final hours in Uber

November 21, 2007 7:15 PM

PinoyBigBrotherAs of the moment, Baron and Donnie are still in the secret room, unable to speak to each other. The two only have a few hours left to ponder if they want to go back to the outside world or be with the other housemates again. But this morning, to keep the brothers company, Big Brother allowed them to choose among three gifts: wine and cigarettes, a phone call to a loved one, or a video of the confessions of the other housemates. Baron chose the wine and cigarettes, probably to relieve himself of his worries. Meanwhile, Donnie opted for a chance to call their mother. A while ago in Uber, Baron and Donnie were called into the confession room so Donnie can have a chance to speak with their mother over the phone. But unfortunately, for some reasons, their mother failed to answer the phone.

PinoyBigBrotherA few hours before last night's mock eviction, Baron had a man-to-man talk with Big Brother in the confession room wherein the Wild Child revealed his true feelings for Mariel. Baron made a comic yet sincere rendition of "Your Body Is A Wonderland" to describe his attraction toward the pretty houseguest. He then admits to Kuya that although he is still unsure if he loves Mariel, he is certain that he likes her. However, he feels that Mariel is much happier with Jon. Baron then asked Kuya for some advice. To this, Big Brother only had a short yet inspiring answer: "Love conquers everything."

Will Baron's feelings for Mariel urge him to continue his journey inside Kuya's house, or will he fulfill his brotherly duty and give way to Donnie? Also on Primetime tonight, Mariel is transformed to Mariellita and has to be on her knees as a punishment for 8 violations. However, she has to chose 8 HMs to share this punishment with her. Will she stand by her decision to do the task alone? Don't miss these big revelations on PBB tonight after Lastikman.

The housemates rush "Pamana"

November 21, 2007 1:45 PM

06-1121shooting.jpgThe clock is ticking, hence, it's time for our celebrity housemates to begin shooting their film. As per Big Brother's instructions for this weekly task, they must submit their rough copy of the movie by tomorrow so Kuya will have enough time to edit the short film. However, the story planning and pre-production ate much of the housemates' time considering a series of script revisions and plagiarism issues. But the team is determined to finish filming all the scenes by the end of the day, or hopefully before tomorrow's deadline.

Mcoy served as the director with Mommy Yayo as the script supervisor and second-in-command. Given the heavy equipment, tricky electrical set up, and technical camera operation, the boys took charge of most of the crew work, including the location set up. The other girls helped out in any way they can, like preparing the props and handling the ID. In this film tentatively titled "Pamana," we will get to see Mcoy and Mariel play a couple who spent some time in Victor's ancestral 06-1121shooting1.jpghome, unaware of the tragic event that involved Jon and Riza, the deceased owners of the house. The housemates are still in the middle of enhancing their script, so there are more changes in the story and cast as they go along the shooting.

Will our housemates make the final cut or will they be big flops by the end of the week? Keep it here for more behind-the-scenes updates of this very first "PBB short." Also, be sure to catch Uber this afternoon at 5:30 PM and Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 on primetime to see which Geisler exits or goes back inside Kuya's house.

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