Friday, November 2, 2007

Find it: Right Balance

November 03, 2007 1:50 PM

031103glass.jpgThey may have survived the 25-hour sleep task, but in their cranky state, can our celebrity housemates still keep their grounds steady for another challenge? This morning, Big Brother ordered another task that tested our housemates' patience, teamwork, and strategy. In the activity area, Baron, Donnie, Will, and Ruben must work together in building a pyramid using crystal water goblets. But the twist in this task was that they must the pyramid on an unstable beam and the pyramid must stand for at least 10 minutes.

Ruben and Baron took charge of building the pyramid, but the difficult part was that they have inflatable buoys on their body which kept them from moving freely. Meanwhile, Donnie and Will stood on the each sides of the wooden beam placed on top of a tin drum. Donnie and Will must work with one another in keeping the beam as steady as they can while Ruben and Baron placed the goblet pyramid. During the task, the pyramid fell down several times, and this almost pushed Baron off the edge of his 031103tripodsticks.jpgpatience. Good thing Ruben always reminded his mates that they can do the task for as long as they stick together. On the other hand, Donnie and Will felt the strain on their legs as they tried to keep their feet on the unstable beam. But after several minutes of painstakingly trying to build the balanced goblet pyramid, Kuya called off the task, and the four guys left the activity area in disappointment. Nevertheless, they assured each other that they all gave their best shot to make the pyramid work.

Meanwhile, in the garden, the other housemates were ordered to build the new table that they will be using inside the house. As materials, they were given the large colorful wooden sticks that they used in yesterday's Pick Up Sticks game. To keep the sticks together, the housemates only had ropes to tie around the sticks. Everyone thought of the perfect structure in building a table, ensuring its stability and strength. Mcoy figured that making a tripod leg for the table would be the most stable feature. Riza, on the other hand, helped putting the sticks together with her knowledge in making knots. Everyone helped out the best they can to build the table, because if worst comes to worst, they will have no table to use inside the house.

031103sticksknots.jpgWill they succeed in building their own table? What will happen now that the four guys failed in their goblet pyramid task? Keep it here on the PBB Official Website for more developments about this task. Also, watch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Editon 2 tonight right after XXX to find out if Mommy Yayo will be able to come back in time before the 24-hour deadline expires.


Toni Gonzaga before abduction!
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November 03, 2007 1:51 AM

PBBCE2_surprisemcoy1102.jpgFor five long days, the housemates fought the urge to sleep just to win their hundred percent bet for the Gising Na Gising weekly task. Most of us have seen how several of them breached the group’s agreement to stay awake unless they decided to take a nap together. But of course that was just part of the whole struggle. Tonight though, Big Brother gathered them inside the confession room where they have been finally granted a reprieve from this tedious task, the whole story of which you will soon learn on the live stretch later tonight on Primetime Bida.

In the meantime, the housemates stirred from their hard-earned slumber earlier to prepare a midnight birthday bash for the Real Mcoy! It was all sudden actually with Riza breaking thePBBCE2_housemates1102.jpg news to Will and Victor minutes after she bade them goodnight. Someone seemed to have instructed her about it as she explained that they were advised to give the celebrant some personal tokens as their gifts. Donni soon joined them and even suggested to make an improvised cake using their stock pancakes.

As if on cue, Ethel was already mixing a bowl of it when they returned inside the house. The impromptu celebration was kept hush hush as they proceeded to complete their individual surprises. When everything was set, they quietly gathered around the coach where Mcoy happened to doze off! Shocked, the Musikerong Daddy woke up thinking that the timer had ticked because of him. It was funny since they’ve been successful in their PBBCE2_ethel_thong1102.jpg25-Hours Task already and there was no reason for him to be worried at all.

Soon after that, they presented him their gifts which varied from a deodorant, Taekwondo outfit, a pricey key to a thong panties marked by Ethel’s kiss! What’s more surprising and heartwarming though was the fact that Mcoy straightened them out about all the admiration he’d been receiving from them. It may be his birthday but he took the opportunity not to honor himself but to give credit to each of his housemates’ commendable attributes. Lastly, he asked Jon to dedicate a prayer for Yayo’s health before feasting over the hotdogs, chips and pancakes that were cooked for this occasion.

Symbolic Goodbye

November 02, 2007 10:30 PM

PBBCE2_rizarite1102.jpgOn All Souls Day, Big Brother found a way for some of his residents to ease the pain of losing the chance to be with their loved ones when they passed away from this world. Through the fax machine, he sent blank obituaries for Baron, Donni, Victor and Riza to as part of the symbolic ritual of letting go that they were about to do.

At the same time, they were given some time to do artworks in remembrance of the deceased’s legacy to them, which they later presented to the housemates. First off was Rizza who lost her nineteen-year-old nephew just before she entered the prestigious yellow house. Behind all her poise is a grieving heart for failing to attend his wake in Canada. Together with Toni, she made her goodbye ritualPBBCE2_gbyerite1101.jpg at the rooftop of ELJTower where she freed two balloons as a symbol of coming to terms with his violent death.

Coming from his father’s second family, Victor regretted not trying his best to see him before his life support was unplugged way back in 2002. At La Mesa Ecopark, she was aided by Mariel as he uttered the words of forgiveness to a dad who wasn’t there when he was growing up. And so he threw the ashes of his obituary onto the woods with a lighter heart.

Meanwhile, Baron and Donni’s rite involved dropping their message-in-a-bottle by the river. In their case, they were both busy with a taping and a Taekwondo competition in Japan when their father died of multiple organ PBBCE2_lamesa1102.jpgfailure. Though the Wild Child consistently visited his remains on the columbarium, he confessed that he goes there drunk most of the time. As such, this was the only time he was sober as he paid his respects to him.

Day 18 was certainly a time of goodbyes as Toni Gonzaga also made her heartbreaking exit as a celebrity house guest. And by tomorrow, she may be back on her hosting job again! Like what she said to Big Brother, she really learned so much from her extraordinary experience inside his abode, in the same way that she had shared a lot by just being who she really is.

In the meantime, did the housemates succeed in their Gising Na Gising task this week? We’ll see about that in just a little while!

Picking Up The Large Sticks

November 02, 2007 7:33 PM

PinoyBigBrotherBig Brother introduced another exciting game in this afternoon's Uber. Our celebrity housemates had the chance to compete this time in the kiddie game of pick-up sticks. For this challenge, the housemates just need to follow the rule of getting a stick without moving the rest of the bunch. But since this is the grown-up version of the game, instead of small sticks, a housemate must remove meter long sticks while being carried by 2 teammates. Will the players be able to do this game the right way?

The two teams who battled it out in yesterday's Wet Basketball game again faced each other for another match. The Red Team of Mcoy, Victor, Gaby, Jon, Ethel, Mariel, and Riza stepped up to reclaim the glory from the Blue Team of Baron, Ruben, Will, Zara, and Megan. The two teams tried their best to beat each other for the price of an extra hour of sleep. But probably because of their PinoyBigBrotherhunger for victory, the Red Team got the high pointer black stick and won the game. They no longer have to be envious of the Blue Team who got their soothing massages last night because now, they can sleep for an hour without tipping the clock. In addition to that, the winning team was given a free 15-minute showering time so they can fully enjoy their sleep.

However, one housemate had to miss this fun game. Early this afternoon, Yayo was brought to the hospital because apprently, the Mom in Distress had not been feeling well for the day. Will Yayo be able to make it back to the house within 24 hours? Stay tuned to the PBB Official Website for more developments on this story. Tonight, watch Toni's heartbreaking farewell to the housemates as she formally leaves the famous yellow house as one of its celebrity houseguests.

Girls vs boys!

November 02, 2007 5:17 PM

week031102jailboys.jpgIt's like the "Hati-House" rule of Season 2 rose from the grave. Although all our celebrity housemates can freely talk to each others, the boys and the girls had their own crosses to bear for the day, and the pressure seems to be taking its toll on their friendship. All these suspicions and connivances were further worsened by the housemates' cranky state because of the 25-hour sleep weekly task.

Like the housemates' have not done enough so far, just this morning, they accidentally broke the glass chandelier in the boys' bedroom while they were perking themselves up with a pillow fight. As expected, Big Brother was very disappointed as it seemed that no one had learned their lesson. Kuya then ordered all the boys to stay in the punishment room until further instruction. The gate of the cell was padlocked to keep them all in detention for the whole day or so.

week031102girlssearch.jpgBut just when they thought they were off the hook, the girls went frantic as Riza's purity ring went missing. Big Brother then told them to search in their room for the Desirable Diva's precious possession because he did not order anyone to get the ring as part of a task. Kuya said that they must find the ring as soon as possible. Although the girls wanted to suspect that there's a kleptomaniac was in the house, such might be impossible since who in their right mind would steal something knowing that there are 40 live cameras all over the house. They can't even ask the boys to help them in turning over furniture to find the ring because obviously, the boys are preoccupied at the moment. Maybe brought about by despair and lack of sleep, the girls thought of searching in the boys' bedroom in hopes that the ring was misplaced there.

But when Megan went to the punishment room to ask for permission, she heard one guy telling the girls to speed up their week031102marielkama.jpgsearch so all the boys can be released. This aggravated the theory that maybe, the boys were playing a prank on them. However, they figured that if Big Brother said that there was no task whatsoever, they have no choice but to keep looking. Will they be able to find the ring in time? If so, where could the ring be? For how long will the boys stay in detention? Keep watching Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 weeknights after Lastikman.

Also, keep on voting for the housemate who you want to save from tomorrow's eviction. Just text in BB 2 for Megan, BB 11 for Zara, or BB 7 for Baron and Donald and send it to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless subscribers or 231 for Smart and Talk N Text subscribers.

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