Friday, November 2, 2007

Symbolic Goodbye

November 02, 2007 10:30 PM

PBBCE2_rizarite1102.jpgOn All Souls Day, Big Brother found a way for some of his residents to ease the pain of losing the chance to be with their loved ones when they passed away from this world. Through the fax machine, he sent blank obituaries for Baron, Donni, Victor and Riza to as part of the symbolic ritual of letting go that they were about to do.

At the same time, they were given some time to do artworks in remembrance of the deceased’s legacy to them, which they later presented to the housemates. First off was Rizza who lost her nineteen-year-old nephew just before she entered the prestigious yellow house. Behind all her poise is a grieving heart for failing to attend his wake in Canada. Together with Toni, she made her goodbye ritualPBBCE2_gbyerite1101.jpg at the rooftop of ELJTower where she freed two balloons as a symbol of coming to terms with his violent death.

Coming from his father’s second family, Victor regretted not trying his best to see him before his life support was unplugged way back in 2002. At La Mesa Ecopark, she was aided by Mariel as he uttered the words of forgiveness to a dad who wasn’t there when he was growing up. And so he threw the ashes of his obituary onto the woods with a lighter heart.

Meanwhile, Baron and Donni’s rite involved dropping their message-in-a-bottle by the river. In their case, they were both busy with a taping and a Taekwondo competition in Japan when their father died of multiple organ PBBCE2_lamesa1102.jpgfailure. Though the Wild Child consistently visited his remains on the columbarium, he confessed that he goes there drunk most of the time. As such, this was the only time he was sober as he paid his respects to him.

Day 18 was certainly a time of goodbyes as Toni Gonzaga also made her heartbreaking exit as a celebrity house guest. And by tomorrow, she may be back on her hosting job again! Like what she said to Big Brother, she really learned so much from her extraordinary experience inside his abode, in the same way that she had shared a lot by just being who she really is.

In the meantime, did the housemates succeed in their Gising Na Gising task this week? We’ll see about that in just a little while!

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