Friday, November 2, 2007


November 03, 2007 1:51 AM

PBBCE2_surprisemcoy1102.jpgFor five long days, the housemates fought the urge to sleep just to win their hundred percent bet for the Gising Na Gising weekly task. Most of us have seen how several of them breached the group’s agreement to stay awake unless they decided to take a nap together. But of course that was just part of the whole struggle. Tonight though, Big Brother gathered them inside the confession room where they have been finally granted a reprieve from this tedious task, the whole story of which you will soon learn on the live stretch later tonight on Primetime Bida.

In the meantime, the housemates stirred from their hard-earned slumber earlier to prepare a midnight birthday bash for the Real Mcoy! It was all sudden actually with Riza breaking thePBBCE2_housemates1102.jpg news to Will and Victor minutes after she bade them goodnight. Someone seemed to have instructed her about it as she explained that they were advised to give the celebrant some personal tokens as their gifts. Donni soon joined them and even suggested to make an improvised cake using their stock pancakes.

As if on cue, Ethel was already mixing a bowl of it when they returned inside the house. The impromptu celebration was kept hush hush as they proceeded to complete their individual surprises. When everything was set, they quietly gathered around the coach where Mcoy happened to doze off! Shocked, the Musikerong Daddy woke up thinking that the timer had ticked because of him. It was funny since they’ve been successful in their PBBCE2_ethel_thong1102.jpg25-Hours Task already and there was no reason for him to be worried at all.

Soon after that, they presented him their gifts which varied from a deodorant, Taekwondo outfit, a pricey key to a thong panties marked by Ethel’s kiss! What’s more surprising and heartwarming though was the fact that Mcoy straightened them out about all the admiration he’d been receiving from them. It may be his birthday but he took the opportunity not to honor himself but to give credit to each of his housemates’ commendable attributes. Lastly, he asked Jon to dedicate a prayer for Yayo’s health before feasting over the hotdogs, chips and pancakes that were cooked for this occasion.

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