Friday, November 2, 2007

Find it: Right Balance

November 03, 2007 1:50 PM

031103glass.jpgThey may have survived the 25-hour sleep task, but in their cranky state, can our celebrity housemates still keep their grounds steady for another challenge? This morning, Big Brother ordered another task that tested our housemates' patience, teamwork, and strategy. In the activity area, Baron, Donnie, Will, and Ruben must work together in building a pyramid using crystal water goblets. But the twist in this task was that they must the pyramid on an unstable beam and the pyramid must stand for at least 10 minutes.

Ruben and Baron took charge of building the pyramid, but the difficult part was that they have inflatable buoys on their body which kept them from moving freely. Meanwhile, Donnie and Will stood on the each sides of the wooden beam placed on top of a tin drum. Donnie and Will must work with one another in keeping the beam as steady as they can while Ruben and Baron placed the goblet pyramid. During the task, the pyramid fell down several times, and this almost pushed Baron off the edge of his 031103tripodsticks.jpgpatience. Good thing Ruben always reminded his mates that they can do the task for as long as they stick together. On the other hand, Donnie and Will felt the strain on their legs as they tried to keep their feet on the unstable beam. But after several minutes of painstakingly trying to build the balanced goblet pyramid, Kuya called off the task, and the four guys left the activity area in disappointment. Nevertheless, they assured each other that they all gave their best shot to make the pyramid work.

Meanwhile, in the garden, the other housemates were ordered to build the new table that they will be using inside the house. As materials, they were given the large colorful wooden sticks that they used in yesterday's Pick Up Sticks game. To keep the sticks together, the housemates only had ropes to tie around the sticks. Everyone thought of the perfect structure in building a table, ensuring its stability and strength. Mcoy figured that making a tripod leg for the table would be the most stable feature. Riza, on the other hand, helped putting the sticks together with her knowledge in making knots. Everyone helped out the best they can to build the table, because if worst comes to worst, they will have no table to use inside the house.

031103sticksknots.jpgWill they succeed in building their own table? What will happen now that the four guys failed in their goblet pyramid task? Keep it here on the PBB Official Website for more developments about this task. Also, watch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Editon 2 tonight right after XXX to find out if Mommy Yayo will be able to come back in time before the 24-hour deadline expires.

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