Friday, November 2, 2007

Picking Up The Large Sticks

November 02, 2007 7:33 PM

PinoyBigBrotherBig Brother introduced another exciting game in this afternoon's Uber. Our celebrity housemates had the chance to compete this time in the kiddie game of pick-up sticks. For this challenge, the housemates just need to follow the rule of getting a stick without moving the rest of the bunch. But since this is the grown-up version of the game, instead of small sticks, a housemate must remove meter long sticks while being carried by 2 teammates. Will the players be able to do this game the right way?

The two teams who battled it out in yesterday's Wet Basketball game again faced each other for another match. The Red Team of Mcoy, Victor, Gaby, Jon, Ethel, Mariel, and Riza stepped up to reclaim the glory from the Blue Team of Baron, Ruben, Will, Zara, and Megan. The two teams tried their best to beat each other for the price of an extra hour of sleep. But probably because of their PinoyBigBrotherhunger for victory, the Red Team got the high pointer black stick and won the game. They no longer have to be envious of the Blue Team who got their soothing massages last night because now, they can sleep for an hour without tipping the clock. In addition to that, the winning team was given a free 15-minute showering time so they can fully enjoy their sleep.

However, one housemate had to miss this fun game. Early this afternoon, Yayo was brought to the hospital because apprently, the Mom in Distress had not been feeling well for the day. Will Yayo be able to make it back to the house within 24 hours? Stay tuned to the PBB Official Website for more developments on this story. Tonight, watch Toni's heartbreaking farewell to the housemates as she formally leaves the famous yellow house as one of its celebrity houseguests.

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