Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Scribbling housemates face their punishments

December 12, 2007 1:26 PM

09-1212facepaint4.jpgLast night, Jon, Riza, Will, Baron, and Ruben were called into the confession room. There, Kuya reminded them about the strict house rule that prohibits any form of drawing or writing. Apparently, these five housemates got carried away by their weekly task of designing their giant Christmas lantern. With the papers, pencils, and coloring materials, Jon, Riza, Will, Baron, and Ruben made some scribbles which were not related to the task. Since Kuya does not tolerate any violation inside his house, he warned the five that a punishment was being "drawn" for them.

09-1212facepaint3.jpgThen this morning, the five were given small brushes, make-up and face paints and were instructed that their faces will be their canvases. Apart from expressing their creativity, this punishment will also serve as a lesson since every time they will catch a glimpse of themselves in the mirror, they will be reminded of the major house rule that they all violated.

After getting all the materials, the five started painting their faces. Ruben enjoyed painting his face, for his design compliments his new shaved look. On the other hand, the True Lover ended up looking like a member of the band KISS with all 09-1212facepaint1.jpgthe dark colorings on his face. Meanwhile, Baron and Riza decided to put on a scary look like it's Halloween, and Jon settled for a black and red face.

As per Big Brother's instruction, Jon, Riza, Will, Baron, and Ruben must each maintain their make-up until the time Kuya lifts the punishment. This means that once they notice that their make up is wearing off, they must immediately retouch their face paints. But the bigger question the five violators have at the moment is when will their punishment end and what's else does Kuya have in mind for them? For the funny and scary faces of the housemates, be sure to catch Uber this afternoon at 5:30.

Mariel's Happy Return

December 11, 2007 11:53 PM

PBBCE2_santa1211.jpgTonight, we have glimpsed the conclusion of Gladys’ voluntary exit which weighed heavily on Big Sister. Big Brother checked in on her twice to make sure that everything’s going smoothly despite Gladys’ protests to come out. Her depression lasted throughout day 57 and reached its climax when she burst into tears just when they were about to carry out their gift-giving activity. As such, everyone gathered in the girls’ bedroom to comfort her, leaving the 30 chosen kids waiting for the merry event to start. After the Queen of Patawa’s sobs died down, she then told them to proceed with the task without her.

The experience certainly brought in the spirit of Christmas for the Santa Housemates met the kids in person andPBBCE2_confessionrm1211.jpg even gave them a sleigh ride in the garden. Baron acted as Santa Claus while the rest of the guys played as his reindeers. They later reflected on the blessing of becoming instruments in bestowing joy through such simple endeavors. For them, seeing the young ones brighten up upon receiving their gifts was truly a priceless experience.

The next morning proved to be a better one for both Gladys and Big Sister. Though the Queen of Patawa was still unyielding towards her decision to leave, she’s calm enough to wait for Big Brother’s return. Hearing his voice in the middle of their afternoon game immediately lightened her mood, knowing that the time had finally arrived for her to leave. Together with the housemates, she found the consent she’s been asking for and left without the grandeur that usually marked a Saturday Eviction Night.

Not long after that, Big Brother called Jon in the confession room for the PBBCE2_bighug1211.jpgexclusive privilege of unraveling Big Sister’s location in the secret room. In true PBB fashion, Mariel’s homecoming was kept in suspense for sometime as the English Outcast fooled around by trying to emulate Big Brother’s voice. Baron later joined them but he quickly went out to give the ‘lovebirds’ their privacy. Then finally, everyone sought Mariel in her hideout to give her warm hugs for her happy return.

Now that Gaby dropped her earlier decision to leave and both Mariel and Ethel are back as houseguests with a mission, what adventures and mishaps can we expect from Kuya’s stellar residents? Catch the full-blown hilarity and drama of their lives in PBB Uber and Pinoy Big Brother Primetime Bida!

Ethel's Pursuit of Will

December 11, 2007 10:00 PM

PBBCE2_cheers1211.jpgThree weeks in the outside world made Ethel long for her colorful life in the big yellow house. Though she refused to dwell on her bitter parting with her ex-boyfriend, this obviously spurred her on to continue her PBB stint although as a mere guest this time. The housemates were certainly giddy with excitement upon seeing their beloved ex-housemate with two hunk alalays in tow. The Ultimate Pasaway was bursting with stories to share but of course she refrained from giving them too much clues about the hottest happenings in Tinseltown.

Ruben noticed a big change in her disposition now despite not being privy with the closure of her recent flame. As it was, she smilingly revealed that she will not only spend the holidays with them but she will be staying until the last day of the show’s season. To celebrate her homecoming, the housemates even decided to open their bottle of wine amidst their thrilled chitchats. Once in a while, Ethel lets it slip how she had learned interesting bits about Gaby. However, the two opted to discuss it later in private. What’s clear is the fact that Ethel kept on admiring Gaby’s blooming beauty these days.

Her significant missions though temporarily took a backseat as she began her pursuit of the True Lover. Like her statements in an interview on TV Patrol, she is deadset to win Will’s affection before Christmas. Perhaps, this is the reason why she kept on asking the housemates if Will and Riza's already an official couple. Later, she cornered Will to fish for the real score between them. And sadly for the Will-Riza fans, the True Lover admitted that he truly likes the Desirable Diva but the difference of their personalities is holding him back. “Mahirap magrelate with her. PBBCE2_welcomehug1211.jpgIba ang mundo niya. We don’t have much in common,” he stated. Ethel seemed to be encouraged by this and Will’s admission that he’s happy to have her back.

Their conversation was cut short though by Big Brother’s request to talk to all his residents except for Mariel and Ethel. As if on cue, Will got the hint that the exclusion of the two confirmed his belief that the Ultimate Pasaway is also a houseguest. But Ethel simply led them on to nothing in particular. With their return came Will’s task of shaving Ruben’s head. Whether it is a sacrifice or just a crazy scheme remains to be seen. But will the True Lover really gain a reward for it like he said? Also, will he accept Ethel’s advances in the long run? Keep it here for the latest happenings in Kuya’s abode!

Ethel Returns...

December 11, 2007 6:57 PM

PinoyBigBrotherPrior to her entrance, Ethel had a short interview with Uber host Bianca Gonzales. The Ultimate Pasaway said that she is coming back into the house as an act of gratitude towards Kuya and the housemates. Ethel is not bothered though that now she is just a houseguest. More than the competition and the prize, Ethel looks forward to being with the housemates this Holiday season. Also, Ethel confessed that she misses Will and Ruben so much. Ever since before, the singer-comedienne had been vocal about her crush for the True Lover and her fun friendship with the Komedyanteng Promdi. Ethel joked that she is now ready to win Will away from Riza. Also, Ethel is returning to begin her journey of self discovery, of giving joy to the housemates, of helping three chosen families from the outside world, and to assist Big Brother in finding out who truly deserves to be this season's Celebrity Big Winner. PinoyBigBrother

Bianca handed Ethel her French maid outfit, and two hunk slaves named Jan and Vier carried the Ultimate Pasaway into the confession room where Big Brother gave her her first assignment as the Posh Chambermaid of the famous yellow house. Kuya then wished his "prodigal boarder" good luck and signaled her entrance to the house. As Ethel set foot in the kitchen, all the celebrity housemates screamed with excitement upon knowing that their friend is back. Will was even the first one to give the new houseguest a warm hug.

What can we expect with Ethel's return inside Kuya's house? Will she succeed in her mission or will she still end up as the "Ultimate Pasaway?" Keep it here for more updates! Also don't forget to watch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 later after Ysabella to see Gladys' last few hours as a celebrity housemate.

Kuya teaches Tagalog 101

December 11, 2007 1:43 PM

09-1211tagalogwill.jpgRuben called Will for the start of their morning Tagalog lesson. The Komedyanteng Promdi showed the True Lover a stack of cards, each having a Tagalog word written on them. All the word meanings ranged from basic to profound, like the words "karagatan," "palikuran," and "humahalimuyak." For every flash card, Ruben first gave sample sentences to give Will an idea on the meaning of each word. After that, Will had to come up with his own sentence using the given word. Ruben had to make sure though that Will is using the word in the right context and tense. Will went through a tough lecture, especially when he encountered the words "paglaganap," "himpapawid," and "pakikipagtunggali."

09-1211tagalogriza.jpgBut after giving all his best efforst and noticing that his student had made a little progress, Ruben decided to take a lunch break. The time then came for Will to put his learning to the test as he had to pass on the lessons to Riza. The True Lover was caught off guard, however, since he could barely recall all the Tagalog words and their exact meanings. It was impressive to hear that the Desirable Diva can speak some comprehensive Tagalog, but the challenge for her was to get familiar with the words as profound as "bumabagabag," "nagbabadya," and "nakagayak." Riza had her share of lapses, but since Will was still a fresh learner, the smalls errors remained uncorrected.

09-1211tagalogjon.jpgThen came Riza's turn to teach the words to Jon. Unfortunately, all the words escaped the mind of the Desirable Diva like dusts in the wind, hence, Riza hastily went back to the flash cards and the dictionary for a refresher. When the time came for Riza to explain the words one by one, she had her own interpretation of the words, different from what Ruben originally taught to Will. Riza came to Ruben and the other housemates for help a number of times, and Kuya had to remind her that she was not allowed to get help anymore. This resulted in Jon becoming more confused with the words on the cards. In one instance, it was even the English Outcast who reminded the Canadian beauty of the meaning of "nakagayak."

Will this Tagalog lesson pay off, or will we see another harsh punishment for Will, Riza, and Jon? Stay tune to find out what Big Brother has in store for these three students. Meanwhile, catch Uber this afternoon at 5:30 to get a glimpse of Glady's tearful exit and Mariel's surprising return inside the Big Brother house.

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