Thursday, November 15, 2007

Punishment Week

November 15, 2007 11:14 PM

PBBCE2_human stirrer1115.jpgAs this is Punishment Week, Big Brother revealed a violation where everyone is guilty: failing to use their lapel mics when speaking. To keep them from breaking the rule, thick and heavy chains were provided for them to put on their waists. After which, Mcoy and Victor’s role as human stirrers were rehashed to us once more. The ‘curse’ was only broken when they succeeded in making the housemates individually dance with them everytime Wowowee’s ‘IyugyogMo’ was played.

Last night, our curiosity towards Riza’s violation was finally eased. She turned into G.I. Jane because she told Gaby how she bestowed an automatic nomination to her, thinking that it was alright since she’s having a voluntary exit anyway. However, anPBBCE2_militarycrawl1115.jpg additional penalty was given to her after she took a two-hour sleep while she was ‘on duty’. With that, she didn’t only enact a commando voice, she also portrayed various types of military crawls around the house and in the garden! Thanfully, Big Brother was happy with her performance, thus relieving her of her 24-hour suffering.

Finally, Ethel was called to pay the price of her multiple violations including ‘whispering, speaking without a lapel as well as blatantly removing it and her act of violence involving her razor’. And Big Brother that it was only fitting for her to experience being taken care of as she’s too used in heading her own family and even the housemates here in the big yellow house. As it happens, her only say in the matter is choosing her baby name and her parents for the duration of her baby task.

PBBCE2_donnie1115.jpgIn the meantime, Donnie had finally expressed his wish to write a letter for his son whom he hadn’t seen before his stint on PBB. To Megan and Ethel, he shared how proud he is for producing an adorable kid. But to Big Brother, he wasn’t able to contain her emotions as he pleaded for a chance to tell him how he missed everything about him. Will the master of the house gave in to Donnie’s longings? And who will be next on Kuya’s ‘wanted list’?

The Iron Kings

November 15, 2007 7:01 PM

PinoyBigBrotherThe two hunks of the housefaced off in this "hot" episode of Uber. Jon and Will battled to see who reigns supreme ironing as many clothes as they can. They must ensure that all clothes are perfectly pressed without a single fold or crumple. But having been both raised abroad, Jon in UK and Will in US, will the two easily learn how to use the native "plantsang de uling?"

Jon had help from Yayo, Mcoy, and Donnie, while Will had Ruben, Baron, and Megan by his side. In Round 1, Jon and Will competed to iron out as many clothes as they can, but they had to use the old-fashioned "planstang de uling." On Big Brother's signal, the two "plansta" hunks started the chore. Will took some time to learn how to iron a shirt, but Jon, on the other hand, had an easy time since, as he told PinoyBigBrotherKuya, he had been ironing his own clothes since he was young. Because of this advantage, Jon managed to win the round after ironing out three shirts compared to Will who only finished two.

But in Round 2, the competition became more physical as Jon and Will ironed the clothes while on the housemates' body. Even though the two houseboys used an electric flat iron, the hard part was to carefully pressed the clothes without burning their mates's skin. Good thing that pads were placed underneath the clothing to protect the housemates from the hot flat iron. The other team PinoyBigBrothermembers, despite being scared, willingly helped Jon and Will in accomplishing this task. But after a few minutes, Big Brother called off the game and took the clothes to see which ones were perfectly pressed. Who will rule in this game and own the title of Kuya's "Plantsa King?" Stay tune to Uber tomorrow afternoon to find out.

Meanwhile, watch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 tonight right after Lastikman to see the punishments that await the housemates for their violations. Also, get to know Daddy Will and his new bundle of joy, Baby Posh. As of the meantime, you can still vote for the housemate you want to save from this Saturday's eviction. You may text BB 2 for Megan, BB 4 for Ruben, or BB 13 for Ethel and send it to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless subscribers or 231 for Smart and Talk N Text subscribers.

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