Friday, November 30, 2007

Meet Chuchay's new friend!

December 01, 2007 12:34 AM

PBBCE2_chuchay1130.jpgThe Reyna ng Patawa didn’t waste time making her presence felt in the big yellow house. Armed with her loads of hilarious hirits as Chuchay, she easily endeared her way to the housemates’ hearts. Her feeling of being out of place would soon diminish with the way things are going now. Even Mariel, whom she’s awkward with, was obviously amused by her funny antics, which proves that there’s no reason for her to be shy around them.

Her friendly chemistry with Ruben however certainly reminds us how it was between him and the latter’s partner in laughter Ethel Booba. Seeing how the two hit it off from the very beginning, Big Brother dressed the comicalPBBCE2_balls1130.jpg duo in kiddie colorful costumes after their Velcro war game this afternoon. It was also a result of Gladys’ characterization of Chuchay – a role she had created way back during her gigs as a stand-up comedienne.

It was a nice gimmick really, except that there were miscalculations on the jumpers’ sizes. Gladys’ voluptuous upper body made it impossible for her to tie the straps to her back. As such, Mariel helped her knot them on her neck instead. On the other hand, Ruben’s was extra tight, making him uncomfortable with himself. Yayo even had to ask him why he had to cover his lap with a cushion. Apparently, his 'balls' kept going to the left side, hence, Big Brother’s teasing music of Beyonce’s Irreplaceable.

Gladys really had a big laugh towards her kid-friend’s discomfiture while she strictly taught him the proper inflection of a little boy’s voice. As it was, she was asking his help to convey Big Brother’s message about playing some games for fun. Later, she finally announced that they have to PBBCE2_puzzle1130.jpgcomplete a jigsaw puzzle featuring a picturesque lake scene. Finishing it though was quite uneventful for everyone, especially after a tiring day. But within three hours, the puzzle was done. Then they carefully placed it on a chopping board for Big Brother's inspection.

Will this entail another surprise treat from Kuya just like their ultimate experience with Akon? Let’s wait and see. But more important now is their reaction once they learn that their beloved houseguest is leaving them few hours from now! How will Jon fare without Mariel? And how will Mariel face her confusing feelings about him when she’s finally back in the outside world? Don’t miss another chair-gripping eviction night on Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2’s Saturday special!

Kuya declares Velcro War in Uber

November 30, 2007 6:28 PM

PinoyBigBrotherIn line with yesterday's Makati standoff, Big Brother decided to make his own war inside the famous yellow house. This afternoon in Uber, the boys and the girls fought in the fun game of Velcro war. All the players wore their velcro vests, and the opposing teams must hit each other with velcro balls. Once a player is hit, he or she will be the other team's prisoner. The two teams must also penetrate the base of the other to steal the team flag. The team who steals the flag of the opponent will win.

Each team has a protector armed with an ABS-CBN shield. The PinoyBigBrotherprotector must only cover his of her team and not throw any velcro ball. In the first round, numerous velcro balls came flying across the living room. Mariel and Ruben, however, became prisoners after being hit. The pretty houseguest was hit in the face, while Gaby suffered a cut in her hand. Too bad for these girls, the boys owned the first round.

Then in the second round, Kuya ordered that once a player is hit, the ball throwing must stop as the team reclaims their prisoner. Only by then can the game resume. But it seems that the boys were masters of the game as once again, they were able to grab PinoyBigBrotherthe girls' flag. As consequence of their defeat, the girls were ordered to form a firing squad as the boys threw balls at them. The girls must also wear the velcro vests until the time Kuya tells them to take them off.

This afternoon, we also saw why Riza and Victor left Kuya's house yesterday. The two nominees went to Batangas to beat each other out in a wakeboarding competition. Whoever wins between the Lonely Dreamboy and the Desirable Diva will win a 100-second phone call with a loved one. Be sure to catch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 tonight right after Lastikman to see who will win in this tough game. But as of now, you may still vote for the celebrity housemate who you want to save from tomorrow's eviction. You may vote by texting in BB 3 for Riza, BB 5 for Victor, or BB 7 for Baron to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular, and Bayan Wireless subscribers and 231 for Smart and Talk N Text subscribers.

Akon meets the housemates!

November 30, 2007 12:59 PM

07-1130akonwatch.jpgIn the middle of a boring morning, the housemates were surprised when Kuya played Akon's "Smack That!" music video on the monitor. Everyone gathered in the living room to watch the video, and to their shock, Akon greeted them from the confession room! The housemates screamed and jumped up and down the floor upon being starstruck by the famous music artist. They tried to greet Akon over the monitor, but at first, they were unsure if he could hear them. The, Big Brother announced that the winning team of yesterday's charade game will have the chance to meet Akon face to face!

Mariel, Gladys, Donnie, Jon, and Victor screamed as they rushed to the confession room. 07-1130akontakbo.jpgThere, they shook hands with the RnB artist while big bodyguards were around standing with watchful eyes. Akon asked why the housemates were not in his concert yesterday, but Mariel and Jon said that as housemates, they are not allowed to go out or have any contact with the outside world. Mariel asked Akon for a song, but it seemed that the artist was still exhausted from the concert. Meanwhile, Yayo, Riza, Gaby, Will, and Baron could only watch with envy over the monitor. Baron even complained how come Kuya placed them in such a poor predicament. After the short encounter of the winning team with Akon went by, they came out of the confession room like nuts! But of course, Kuya wanted to be fair will all the housemates, so he gave the second team a 10-second encounter with Akon in the confession room.

07-1130akondance.jpgYayo and the rest went berserk like regular fans. They shook Akon's hands and expressed how they appreciate his music very much. All of them wanted to take Akon's autograph and have a picture with him, but unfortunately, the RnB artist was on tight schedule for today. After the encounter, Big Brother thanked Akon for taking some time in performing in the country and meeting the celebrity housemates. On the other hand, Akon thanked all his Filipino fans for being a great audience to his concert and expressed his desire of coming back for yet another performance. Akon then bid the housemates goodbye, and from then on, the Akon fever ruled the house and sent the housemates into a dancing mood to the tune of "Smack That!"

Be sure to get the sneal peek on this remarkable PBB event later in Uber at 5:30 PM. But for the full story on Akon's visit inside the famous yellow house, watch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 on Primetime Bida right after Lastikman.

An Uber Fun Day For All

November 30, 2007 11:17 PM

PBBCE2_victor1130.jpgYesterday, it was Victor and Riza’s turn to shine as they were both hand-picked by Big Brother to embark on a weight-boarding challenge at Lago de Oro resort in Calatagan, Batangas. The two were off to their destination even before the sun was up, leaving the housemates unsuspecting as to their latest endeavor As soon as they arrived, their trainor Beyan Modrigo prepared them for the sport by letting them ride the boards on their knees, all the while being dragged around the beach. Only after they mastered that were they able to try it in a standing position. Victor however managed to execute it perfectly on the first shot! Hence, he was rewarded a phone call with his baby brother JM Basa for winning this task.

Back on the big yellow house, Jon and Mariel were having their kilig moments on the sofa. Opting to sleep, the lovebirds shared the comforters that Riza and Victor left. Big Brother intervened however, claiming that using those was tantamount to moving his property without his permission – which is not allowed in his rule book.PBBCE2_jonNma1128.jpg Later, the English Outcast was called in the confession room again, where he became privy regarding Mariel’s impending ‘eviction’ tomorrow! He can’t tell her this though or else, he would face an automatic nomination. With that breaking news in mind, he used the remaining time to spend quality time with his bestfriend in the PBB world. Unknown to him, Baron was also given this information. The only difference is that the Wild Child can’t be as sweet as Jon can be towards Mariel.

Meanwhile, all their worries in effect of the Makati standoff were set aside as they played an informative game in connection with the World AIDS Day friendly reminder to practice safe sex through abstinence, loyalty to a partner and the use of protection. Anyway, Team A boasted of Baron, Gaby, Ruben, Riza and Will while Team B comprised Donnie, Jon, Mariel, Victor and Yayo with Gladys as host. Each member of the group simply had to move fast in answering the questions which were divided into three categories: general, personal and naughty. As such, the housemates’ wildest acts were revealed to everyone. Baron for instance had his first sexual encounter PBBCE2_safesex1130.jpgwhen he was only 12 years old. On the other hand, Jon did it at the park at the age of 15 while Riza was busted about educating herself through a Kamasutra book for her to be ready when the right time comes. Team A won with 5 points, leaving their opponents on the losing end with only 2 points.

No doubt about it, the celebrity housemates are definitely keeping us all entertained with their escapades. However, three of them are in danger of being evicted tomorrow! Who among the Wild Child, the Lonely Dreamboy and the Desirable Diva deserve an extended stint? If you want to save your bets, just key in BB 3 for Riza, BB 5 for Victor and BB 7 for Baron then send it to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless subscribers and 231 for Smart and Talk N Text subscribers.

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