Friday, November 30, 2007

Akon meets the housemates!

November 30, 2007 12:59 PM

07-1130akonwatch.jpgIn the middle of a boring morning, the housemates were surprised when Kuya played Akon's "Smack That!" music video on the monitor. Everyone gathered in the living room to watch the video, and to their shock, Akon greeted them from the confession room! The housemates screamed and jumped up and down the floor upon being starstruck by the famous music artist. They tried to greet Akon over the monitor, but at first, they were unsure if he could hear them. The, Big Brother announced that the winning team of yesterday's charade game will have the chance to meet Akon face to face!

Mariel, Gladys, Donnie, Jon, and Victor screamed as they rushed to the confession room. 07-1130akontakbo.jpgThere, they shook hands with the RnB artist while big bodyguards were around standing with watchful eyes. Akon asked why the housemates were not in his concert yesterday, but Mariel and Jon said that as housemates, they are not allowed to go out or have any contact with the outside world. Mariel asked Akon for a song, but it seemed that the artist was still exhausted from the concert. Meanwhile, Yayo, Riza, Gaby, Will, and Baron could only watch with envy over the monitor. Baron even complained how come Kuya placed them in such a poor predicament. After the short encounter of the winning team with Akon went by, they came out of the confession room like nuts! But of course, Kuya wanted to be fair will all the housemates, so he gave the second team a 10-second encounter with Akon in the confession room.

07-1130akondance.jpgYayo and the rest went berserk like regular fans. They shook Akon's hands and expressed how they appreciate his music very much. All of them wanted to take Akon's autograph and have a picture with him, but unfortunately, the RnB artist was on tight schedule for today. After the encounter, Big Brother thanked Akon for taking some time in performing in the country and meeting the celebrity housemates. On the other hand, Akon thanked all his Filipino fans for being a great audience to his concert and expressed his desire of coming back for yet another performance. Akon then bid the housemates goodbye, and from then on, the Akon fever ruled the house and sent the housemates into a dancing mood to the tune of "Smack That!"

Be sure to get the sneal peek on this remarkable PBB event later in Uber at 5:30 PM. But for the full story on Akon's visit inside the famous yellow house, watch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 on Primetime Bida right after Lastikman.

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