Friday, November 30, 2007

Meet Chuchay's new friend!

December 01, 2007 12:34 AM

PBBCE2_chuchay1130.jpgThe Reyna ng Patawa didn’t waste time making her presence felt in the big yellow house. Armed with her loads of hilarious hirits as Chuchay, she easily endeared her way to the housemates’ hearts. Her feeling of being out of place would soon diminish with the way things are going now. Even Mariel, whom she’s awkward with, was obviously amused by her funny antics, which proves that there’s no reason for her to be shy around them.

Her friendly chemistry with Ruben however certainly reminds us how it was between him and the latter’s partner in laughter Ethel Booba. Seeing how the two hit it off from the very beginning, Big Brother dressed the comicalPBBCE2_balls1130.jpg duo in kiddie colorful costumes after their Velcro war game this afternoon. It was also a result of Gladys’ characterization of Chuchay – a role she had created way back during her gigs as a stand-up comedienne.

It was a nice gimmick really, except that there were miscalculations on the jumpers’ sizes. Gladys’ voluptuous upper body made it impossible for her to tie the straps to her back. As such, Mariel helped her knot them on her neck instead. On the other hand, Ruben’s was extra tight, making him uncomfortable with himself. Yayo even had to ask him why he had to cover his lap with a cushion. Apparently, his 'balls' kept going to the left side, hence, Big Brother’s teasing music of Beyonce’s Irreplaceable.

Gladys really had a big laugh towards her kid-friend’s discomfiture while she strictly taught him the proper inflection of a little boy’s voice. As it was, she was asking his help to convey Big Brother’s message about playing some games for fun. Later, she finally announced that they have to PBBCE2_puzzle1130.jpgcomplete a jigsaw puzzle featuring a picturesque lake scene. Finishing it though was quite uneventful for everyone, especially after a tiring day. But within three hours, the puzzle was done. Then they carefully placed it on a chopping board for Big Brother's inspection.

Will this entail another surprise treat from Kuya just like their ultimate experience with Akon? Let’s wait and see. But more important now is their reaction once they learn that their beloved houseguest is leaving them few hours from now! How will Jon fare without Mariel? And how will Mariel face her confusing feelings about him when she’s finally back in the outside world? Don’t miss another chair-gripping eviction night on Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2’s Saturday special!

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