Sunday, December 2, 2007

HM's prep for a serious game

December 01, 2007 4:35 PM

07-1201practice1.jpgIn the first round of practice, Coach Noel divided the housemates in two teams and allowed them to compete in a real halfcourt challenge without the wheelchairs. In this way, those who are not very much familiar with basketball will get the hang of the real ball game experience. The girls, particularly, learned several things like passing ans stealing the ball, guarding an opponent, and of course, shooting from the outside. The boys, of course, found it easy to play along without the wheelchairs. But because of too much enthusiasm with the game, Baron tripped while attempting to make a shot, and the Wild Child slighly sprained his right ankle. Coach Noel advised Baron to take a rest on the sideline and put ice on his aching ankle.

The other housemates carried on with the game. Among the girls, Gaby showed impressive skills in moving around the court and especially in guarding the ball. Gladys even made a joke on how the Racing Goddess was owning up the game like a guy. Riza, on the other hand, proved that she survived the boot camp for nothing and showed no fear as the big guys surrounded her. Meanwhile, Mariel did what does best and decided to act as game 07-1201practice2.jpgcommentator, calling on the housemates who had possession of the ball.

Then in the second part of the practice, Coach Noel instructed the housemates to get on the wheelchair to learn how they will move around the halfcourt as a team. They must all learn how to get the ball started from the sideline and how they will move in the inside as they attempt to make a shot. However, it seemed that most of the housemates got all exhausted after the first round of practice as they found it hard to follow on Coach Noel's instruction. Will our celebrity housemates be able to defeat the national team in tomorrow's final game? Keep it here for the culmination of this weekly task.

Meanwhile, be sure to catch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 tonight right after 1 vs 100 to see who among Baron, Riza, or Victor will get evicted from the famous yellow house. Also, watch as Mariel bids the other celebrity housemates goodbye, and international RnB artist Akon says hello to Kuya and the housemates.

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